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Jagan 2009-06-17 14:11:51


Hi Guys,

Nice to meet u all,my kid is 1.11 yrs now ,wht would be the right age to admit him in playschool.


umabala 2009-06-17 14:12:22


Hi Jagan,

That depends on the kid and parents. Even now you can enroll your kid in the play school. Preschool starts after 2.10 years.


ramy 2009-06-17 14:17:26


Hi all,


This is ramya. I have newly joined in this group. I have admitted my 2.8 months boy in A school Ashok nagar branch. They opens on 19th June. one hour will be the timings till july 3rd.

will update the details next week


cheers.... ramya


Jagan 2009-06-17 14:26:35


Hi Guys,

Nice to meet u all,my kid is 1.11 yrs now ,wht would be the right age to admit him in playschool.


Jagan 2009-06-17 14:28:35



Is tht one hour will enough for kid to learn something .



Krithi 2009-06-17 14:30:08


Hi ramya

I have also admitted my son Praanesh in Ashok nagar branch. I will meet you on 19th..what is your son name ? My son is 2.1 years old..




Jagan 2009-06-17 14:33:01


Hi Uma,

Thanks for your comment,but my only hestitation is ,whn i consult with my doctor,he told me ,there is lots of chances for the kids to get infection in these ages especially below 21/2 yrs.

So its advisable to put in play school in 2 yrs.



jayabs 2009-06-17 14:39:49


Hi Jagan...wat u say is right ..but anyway kids will get settled in any school any age only after few weeks...until then they will keep getting some infection/cold or other..

so its just a passing cloud and once they get thru this initial phase..they will be alrite soon..dont worry

i put my daughter in play school when she was 2 years old..initially she got cold and fever...later she got settled and enjoyed her school..

dont worry too much...anyways all the parents/kids have to face this phase in life



Jagan 2009-06-17 14:46:23


Good ,am getting lots of good information here,Any of your kids studying in Thrivanmiyur A -school,i like to put my son by Vijayadasami.



umabala 2009-06-17 15:50:17


Ashok Nagar A School Pre Primary group would have started to function from today.

What is the update? How was it?


umabala 2009-06-17 15:52:27


Yes Maya, the building is not air - conditioned. I guess they are planning to do it only after some time. The management also did not give clear answers on this.


Krithi 2009-06-17 15:54:42


am also waiting for the update


Shobana 2009-06-17 16:06:27


Hey All....

First day at school !!!

I m wondering if I was so tensed when i joined school...I doubt...

I had sleepless night y day...excitement and tension mounting....wondering how my kid wud adjust in a new environ...

Things went on well...as usual I was impressed with the way the team dealt with the first day.It was very informal which i liked.Again the hall was filled with cakes and cookies welcoming the kids.There were lot of teachers helping us and making us feel comfortable.A small intro from the Chettinad Foundation...We were given a starter kit which consisted of Kid's id card,a calender with all holidays,a list of instructions,A school bag with A school logo on it,a coffee mug with the same logo.

We were asked to take the kids home if we wanted to ....

As far as annanagar branch is concerned the interiors are over , but all the furniture and fixtures are yet to be in place... including the books, play equipments etc....wrk is still in progress and they promised that everythg will be set in 2-3 days...including the outside play area...

Hopefully....i think we all ve been jus relyg on this.....



jayabs 2009-06-17 16:25:49


wow..very nice to hear this...am waiting for my turn of excitment tomorrow :)

thanks for the update shobana !


umabala 2009-06-17 16:34:48


Great news Shobhana!! I would not be able to witness these events because my kid would join only during vijayadasami. So these kind of info ofcourse adds a sweet flavour :)

Am more eager to hear about Velachery branch from Jayabs as well because that is where my kid will be going.

Eventhough I have nothing to do with tomorrow, excitement is mounting on me every minute.

Really hope everything turns out to be well and our kids love the schooling.


jayabs 2009-06-18 10:04:47


Update on A-School - Velachery

Today is my first day for my daughter in the A-School Velachery. We were very excited and hence went there quite early ..by 9 AM itself :)....the school is an independent bungalow type and bcoz of hte new construction and paint it looks quite good and neat..

There was not much of fan fare unlike the Anna nagar centre about which Shobana updated yesterday.. We just went in...and we were lead to the entrance of the class rooms..(one big hall with kitchen and two rooms)...typically each were called as a class room...there was one administrative officer who led us to a room where my daughter's class teacher was distributing the id cards, bag and a porcelein cup to the children who are joining in today...we just collected the stuff..

They asked us to go back home today and send the child from tomorrow from 9:30 to 10:30. So, today to my disappointment there was nothing much to talk about.

There is NO AIR CONDITIONER FACILITY. when enquired they said it will not be there...though i stressed that they mentioned earlier that they wud have the A/C facility...the admin officer just brushed off saying the children will have natural air...and no A/C..

There were no toys,activity games yet..when enquired she told it wll be arranged by afternoon and they will have it in place by tomorrow morning before the kids drop in....the teachers looked quite ok and educated+young...am happy that they cud speak proper english... :-)

I could see lot of parents and lot of kids coming in....guess the velachery is going to have a huge crowd..

We didnt have any intro session/cakes/cookies like what shobana said...so that was the end or rather start of the day :)

We were provided with a calendar with dates/holidays printed..and a printout carrying some instructions (general ones)..

Itseems there are some classrooms in first floor where the classes are goin on for ppl who joined yesterday...and i asked about the outdoor play area for which the she said there is no specific outdoor area..itseems the terrace (covered) will be used as a outdoor play area..(quite ridiculous :) ) and that too is NOT ready yet..

Itseems the building as such will be fully completed within a WEEK...and the entire space will be available for use..(which i am not sure of)

so thats the update from  my end....more on it tomorrow after the REAL SHOW begins :)



umabala 2009-06-18 10:32:52



Did you meet the other uma? No AC??!! Ridiculous!! No outdoor play area?!  Building not yet completed!! Then why are they charging us so much? This is really DISAPPOINTING!! :(


jayabs 2009-06-18 10:57:27


nopes..i didnt meet the other uma..coz there was no reply from her yesterday..so cudnt coordinate..

They are charging so much coz we are all ppl who will pay any amount of money for our kids schooling..so obviously these ppl take advantage..!!!...

Schools have become more of business minded.. :(


Shobana 2009-06-18 17:18:41



 Report of Second day at school...

My daughter went straight to the shoe rack where she left her shoes y day put  it in the same compartment...took her bag and walked in...even without sayg bye to me...( i thot she wud be thinking that amma will cme behind her)

I was waitg outside...worried and tensed...and i cud hear all cries and screams from inside the school and i was thinking one of them shd be my daughter...Time ticked ...by 10 20 am they opened the door...parents were asked to go inside in twos and pick their children up...

The mistake i did- i stood at the end of the queue...now i heard my daughter cryg...i jus rushed inside to pick herup..i was told by her teacher that "she was so... good all this while...playing on her own"..she said" your daughter was very cool and carefree"( i was really surprised!!!)

its only now when she saw other kids being picked up she started cryg...

oooh....i hope she wud be even better tomorrow...

jayabs- don worry.. the annanagar branch is also in the same state..except that we ve an outdoor play area - but all play equipments missing...we were promised as usual that it will be there soon...

we all ve been waitg for so long... lets giv ourselves and them smemore time ...and hoping that everythg will turn out accordg to our expectations.


umasworld 2009-06-18 18:26:42



I see taht Jaya has already updated the first day events - its the same from me too. Looks like we missed the cakes and  cookies taht Shobana mentioned :)

Yes, no AC, no outdoor play area - which was a concern that I raised at th very beginning. And when I asked the management during the interview, they said taht they are going to have a sand pit, water area and some plants in the covered terrace - poor substitute to the swings, ladder slides, see-saw, climbing frames etc I thought. Then they also fleetingly mentioned that the unkempt plot opposite the building has been bought and would be converted ither into a Garden or into a car park... I hope they would make it a Garden. I think all of us should appeal to the management.

Good thing is that they seemed to be quite organised and I think they will quickly set up the place with toys, etc. First impression of staff and teachers is also quite positive.

Jaya, I meant to drop you a message y'day with my phone number but was stuck in a conf throughout and got back home quite late... I'm sending you and Uma(bala) a msg with my coordinates. Let's meet tomorrow if you are dropping your kid.

Uma, my daughter is 2.10 yrs now. She seemed to like the place but I have a feeling that she would take a while to get used to the new place. She thought the ID card to be her personal Credit Card and was so happy...she wouldn't let go of it...and she wanted to go shopping :)   She was ok today since I was with her... She's under the assumption that I will also be going to school with her everyday :) well, I'd rather do that than come to office ;) ...

Let's see how the week pans out...




umasworld 2009-06-18 18:38:27


Jaya, Uma,

For some reason I am not able to open my messages or compose new messages... Can you drop me a mail with your numbers to this id: umasworld@yahoo.com. I'll check and call you back.




umabala 2009-06-19 08:46:56


I have sent an email to you. For safety reasons delete the post with your email address because there are possibilities of spam as this is a public forum


jayabs 2009-06-19 10:51:31


2-nd day update on A-School- Velachery : In a NUTSHELL "DISAPPOINTING & CHAOTIC"

Today was the actual first day in the A School for my daughter. Yesterday as i had mentioned was just the collection of id card and bag stuffs..

It was totally a chaotic environment today in hte school...We were asked to send our children to the first floor..(itseems we shud not accompany..and neither i cud see any staff accompanying..!)...since my daughter was crying..i just took her up and left her there...i was really worried coz i didnt find any teacher there too..atleast no one came to assure me that she wud be fine up there..

to my surprise..rather shock ! i cudnt find any good toys or activity games balls lying in the hall in the 1st floor..children were just roaming in there crying all around..8 out of 10 kids were crying and whining constantly...seeing one the other starts crying too..

there was only commotion everywhere..it was so damn hot..everyone were sweating...and there were only 3 to 4 ppl (teachers/admin staff) totally..and there were N number of kids....all the parents were asked to wait down to see if the child cries..so that once they start crying they cud be sent down to the respective parents..

I could clearly see that they cudnt manage the situation...and relatively the staff were very new....and young..they didnt know how to handle the show...one by one the kids were sent down within 10 to 15 mins....my kid came out by 9:45...fully crying...(though she has been to play school before...she has never ever cried once...even on the first day..) this was really different....i think becoz htere was no specific/individual attention given..and the kids were just collected in the first floor room...neither did they know what to do..nor the kids knew what cud be done..so they obviously wanted to come back crying to hte parents..

and i cudnt see any aayahs also...i dont know hwo they will manage if it is like this...generally play schools pre-schools will have some aayahs to take the children to the toilet or help them out with certain things...but here i cudnt even spot one..

next thing when my daughter came down crying..i asked them why didnt they manage there itself..coz if they are goin to send her down today then everyday it will be the same story...for which the teacher replied in a very theoritical way (am sure she wud have by hearted the sentence from some baby care book..)...she just told "u know..the situation is like this..kid is new to the environment and she will feel traumatic and distressful.."....and blah blah..

I asked her if they cudnt have any big toys games to divert or attract children..and the reply she gave was really ridiculous..itseems children will get frustrated and will throw the toys at one another..so they have LOCKED UP THE toys/games in one room itseems....Ha ha ha..have anyone heard a better joke than this ?!

both me and my husband got really irritated by the way she answered..and we just came back home...left her and came to office...she was crying constantly saying she wont go to school hereafter..

She has never hestiated to mingle in a new place/environment...she loves to explore...never been a cranky kid...! so i wonder what is goin to happne in the coming days.................................

Quite disappointed by the way they are handling things...CHAOS EVERYWHERE



umabala 2009-06-19 11:41:02


Jayabs, why don't we take it up with the management? I am sure all Velachery A School mom's would have felt the same way. We enroll the kid in the school inspite of the high fee under the impression that they will take good care and the child would feel the environment as home away from home. This is disappointing to the extreme!!


jayabs 2009-06-19 11:45:42


probably lets wait for couple of days and decide...may be by next wednesday i think it shud be good enough time to decide whether they are really capable or not..!

wat say ?


umabala 2009-06-19 12:51:49


Yeah true, but as we have decided to wait, we as well be patient till this month end. That will give ample time to witness changes, if any.

By that time I guess we will also get more updates from other moms of Velachery A School.


umasworld 2009-06-19 14:26:54



Jaya - I think we met...though we didn't quite realise...check out my message...

Yeah, Jaya has kind of summarised the events - same things happened with my daughter as well... wondering how and when she will settle down at A school...

I think the main issue was that the place was too crowded and that intimidates kids... and like Jaya said, it looked like they didn't have enough hands to manage the situation. Added to that, there was nothing attractive for the kids there...no play area, no music, no free outdoor space, too cramped and too hot and humid with all kids howling.

Hoping that  they would be better equipped in days to come. I guess we should give them enough time before really judging them...let's see.




rithu 2009-06-19 14:30:14




have u enrolled ur kid in alwarpet branch? the classes must have started.pls give ur feed back. i am also residing near the school in alwarpet and am keen on putting him from vijayadasami.





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