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ASPAChennai 2011-07-08 13:04:11


Dear Parent
We request all parents of A Schools to join the A School Parents Association Yahoo Group ID. Please give us your support there is a serious mass level fight on exploitation by the management interms of fees, in turn what parents get is nightmare with regard to their child, details are given in the following concerns, please voice out.

If your child is studying in A-School (group of schools), this group is meant for you, the intent of this group is to collectively voice out concerns and problems associated which are being faced by the parents in dealing with the school. Please read this three important post.


We intend to build and nurture the relationships between Parents and Sir Annamalai Chettair Foundation in order to ensure the child gets the best education and care in the formating years of education.

We request you to express freely and communicate to this larger forum of parents. Please avoid other topics which are not associated with this cause.

All the Best Blogging and express your thoughts for the larger good of our children.
We are with you

A School parents association


ASPAChennai 2011-07-08 13:07:21


Dear Parents please think twice if you want to put your child into A School, also please note the feedback from many children/ parents who are having trouble http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/ASchoolParentsAssn/


BrindhaMohan 2011-07-10 18:17:37


Hi Aryanmom,

My daughter is also studying in A school Velachery in UKG, the same problem for us. In the month of April itself we had paid the term fees for this academic year  but after a week from their mentioned date. We received a message that they would collect fine Rs.50 per day.There wasno message from their side about late fee , so we thought that it was all fine and we sent our daughter to the school right from the day of opening .On that day we submitted the receipt to the administator.

After 10 days my husband received a call from A school to meet them immediately, so we went in person to the main office , it was shocking for us that they are asking readmission fee 9000/- and they asked my husband to pay it immediately,otherwise they would not allow our child into the class the next day.

How it's possible to pay immediately? and we were very much frustrated to hear that she would not be allowed into her class.

Till now we haven't paid that readmission fee, and we are waiting to see what's going to happen.We talked to the administrator and also in the mainoffice  but of no use. I'm not satisfied in paying this much of fees for a UKG student without a standard , compared to other schools.Its really worthless in paying this.

Lets join a group and all together discuss /resolve about any issue in future.




BrindhaMohan 2011-07-10 18:21:16


Pls anybody tell me when is the meeting in A school velacherry branch


ppb 2011-07-10 21:33:16


 Hi BrindhaMohan,

      I am in same boat . Can you please join yahoogroup and lets discuss .

If possible do call me or let me know you cell no.  My cell no - 94442 69103




aryanmom 2011-07-11 12:30:13


Hi Brindamohan ,

Dont worry . We also didnt paid thefees & decided not to give at any cost . Just try to join to this group in yahoo aschoolparentassociation

We all together will  make a difference .

Dont lose  hopes . Feel free to call at 9444998679 in case anything to discuss .


 Former member 2011-11-25 08:56:08


 also she asked for refund as she cant put the child in unsafe school. but tey r refusing...


vinodh143 2011-12-07 17:14:11


Please dont join your kid in A school , any branches. Worse teaching and they ask money in between. I have a worse experince with them. Also they dont have any school after 2 nd std. U need to switch schools again.

The worse part is they hire a house in various parts with lease for 3 years only. So place also change in next 2 years ( 1 year gone already). The management is very worse. They use chettinad name and scap money from parents. So please dont recommend A school to any one in any branch please. Very worse experience from various parents admitted in various branches.

Poor Management and no quality in education. They dont respond to parents query also. Money motivated than education.

Hope this helps you.Sucks big time ... Waste of money and time. Worse school in chennai


Ninu 2011-12-08 08:21:26


Hello All,

  I am planning to enroll my 2 yrs old kid in A School - Anna nagar branch. It would be great help if any of you can share the Phone number for A-School.







ppb 2011-12-08 11:05:56


I can not beleive that after so many discussions and feedback you are still willing to send your kids to this so called school .

I hope you are aware of court cases filed and won by parents, issues related to prmises,curicualr, safety, hygine, transport and so many frauds .... I hope you read newspapers and watch TV .

Please check yahoo group for further details






 Former member 2011-12-08 14:48:38


 @ppb, "court cases filed and won".

They dont show much in tv...one day i saw in tv upset parents...also i heard from parents about this school...

so the parents won te case is it? 


Ninu 2011-12-08 17:51:25


Hey all my neighbour's kids are studying in A school, they said its queit good. I am really confused now.




ppb 2011-12-09 20:05:30



     Please check yahoo group .

High court clearly ordered goveremnt to CLOSE all the schools .

During court hearing these school peoples were looking so shameless and clueless and got so server scoldings by judge that no one can imagine .

Please wake up early and understand the magnitude of the problem .

If today you or one of you do not understand all above problems you are bound to face it in near future . Just one and hald year ago I was with same opinion as you had . Please visit yahoo group and check email threads in past few months you will undersatnd whats going to happen in future to your kids.




Ninu 2011-12-10 08:09:58


thanks all for your guidance . I dropped A school. i enrolled my kid in tiny toodlers (MVM School) thank you : ) 


Nagulu 2011-12-29 14:42:53


Hi Ninu

Good that you changed the school.  how did you get admission in tiny toddlers.  do they directly admit in LKG being already admitted in their school. 


Shailu 2011-12-29 19:16:59


 PPB, please enlighten me..

1. School has no basic amenities - My kid studied in 18th avenue and then i moved to Tansi because i had shift home. I have visited both the facilities. It is not that bad. Granted it does not have a school environment (No corridors and Play Grounds). But we all knew how the place looked when we admitted the kids to these schools right?

2. Affilliation to CBSE - It is no big deal. My wife is running a playschool/Preschool and she is about to apply for CBSE affiliation, so she can extend the school to teach upto 5th. Getting a CBSE affiliation is not at all difficult. The school should have certain norms met. Like Emergency evacuation options, Ventillation, Multiple Stairs, No combustible materials close to school/classes etc. Yes A School did not have that and they did not try to do that because they were about to have a main school to have all this taken care off. Tell me how many pre-school and play-school have these facilities? But their main school will have all of it.

3. Main School - This has been the bone of contention. They could have easily purchased a land, with all the money they have. But they deliberately delayed that. I do not know why this is. Govt has provisions where they allocate land for schools to be started. But that provision is hard to come by and may be that is what A School was hoping. TO buy land cheap. But atleast they have bought land in Pallikaranai for Velachery circle. Hopefully they will get for other circles.

4. High School Fees - This is an issue every where. For A School this is a big issue, since they do not have a school per se. But we knew the school fees when we joined them right. So yes it is right to fight them to reduce that, but you cannot out right make them an example. I know how difficult it is to run an institution. Especially to get a staff. Cost of education is going up for the education institutes too. They have to find a right balance.

I may have missed other points. What i want to say is, all in all, i got what i wanted from them. THeir management is not the mature management as it was hoped, but my kid is getting the education he is needing. Once they have the main school identified all the issues will fly away. 

In the mean time i feel scaring the parents to not join their wards in ASchool is the right solution. I am 100% sure A School is not going to be shut down. And for your information, i still have my kid in Aschool and he will continue to be there. Atleast for him , we know where his main school is going to be. I hope others will get this peace of mind soon.


soubee 2011-12-29 22:18:16



I like the way u explained abt ASCHOOL

for many long time i am trying to tell this but i cant

Thank you alot.

THose who want their kinds to live like a bookworm

and like a machine they pls dont join their kids in ASCHOOL

This is my humble request.

They didnt cheat anyone

initially they told the terms and fees details first u admit everything

then everyone starts to questioning them.

they know how to run a UNIVERSITY for many years but

u ppl teach them how to lead a PRESCHOOL'

Anyway thank u shylu


Shailu 2011-12-30 15:17:25


 CORRECTION...to the last para...

In the mean time i feel scaring the parents to not join their wards in ASchool is NOT the right solution. I am 100% sure A School is not going to be shut down. And for your information, i still have my kid in Aschool and he will continue to be there. Atleast for him , we know where his main school is going to be. I hope others will get this peace of mind soon.


rmanjula26 2013-01-24 13:25:58


Primary School information has been updated in the website


Fees details are also updated .


DeepuG 2013-09-27 20:32:55


 I had a very bad experience with Kidzee, annanagar west which is running by sarita. They are completely business oriented, least bothered about the kids capability. They dont have trained montissori teachers. I have joined my kid but she was forced to learn by them and i have discontinued from the school its been just a month back, every day she still scared about the school, during her sleep she woke up and say dad i dont want to go to school. SO, i request you not to put in kidzee annanagar west. Dont go by the brand name. please join the kids in reputed institutes. They are charging for LKG 48000/- and they follow the syllabus they dont want whether kids  are following are not because they are not quiified, but they say something bluff.. dont get into trouble yourse;lf and dont trouble your kid. Please



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