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nandab 2011-07-01 16:09:27


Hi all,

It is incredible that we are paying for the same services again and again but under different heads- term fees (would like to know exactly what falls under this) , administration fees ( they have given a break up which is totally ridiculous) and program fee (no comment!).

The previous year each child had an email id to which their activity reports were sent, but we had no updates after the second term and now i find that I cannot even log into the id. The management seems to come up with fresh ideas but these are abandoned later. We are not concerned about paying the fee if we can see the benefit in our child. The management should ensure that.

My child is in the 18th avenue, an inverter is a must for the small classrooms they have here, any idea how many kids are closed up in these pigeon holes?

Hope all the issues will be sorted out at the meeting.


easani 2011-07-01 18:21:35


hello parents

I think all the issues has gone to the foundation right now thats why we all got message that we will have a common hall meeting !

We would like to know how many parents still trust this "group"

They should give a justice for the "FEES"

Major draw back of the school :

  • 1.No idea of starting a main school
  • Only when infrastructure comes the school will have an CBSE affiliation and other certificates.
  • Frequent Change of teachers and admins (each new comer teacher will have to understand the old students which is diffcult for the teachers and for the kids)
  • Getting diverted from their goals .
  • Grouping of kids (4 - 5 yrs) UKG one group = mix of age how will the younger kids will cope up with elder ones when a group consists of more elder kids and vise versa?
  • They say follow NCRT - without basic infrastructure and affiliation whats the use,
  • come out with new ideas but those ideas disappear soon.
  • they claim that they follow same kind of process through out the branches but its certainly "no"
  • Power cut problems? major issue - kids get wet when they leave school?
  • New admin - doesn't follow the basic security for the kids - doesn't know which kid is coming in transport and who is not (previous admin was not like her)
  • "chettinad"  brand name ?



ppb 2011-07-02 13:44:26


Hi All,

      Myself Prashant,  my daughter Aaditi goes to Ashok nagar Branch and I have issues with schoool regarding late payment of fees .

School is asking for readmission and am in no mood of wasting my hard earned money  .

Today I handed over a complaint letter to Aschool mount road office, they accepted it but refused to provide and acknoledgement letter .

These peoples simply lotting parents on the name of CBSE .

Since already many parents have concerns, can we have a yahoo group or goggle group for all Aschool parents to communicate effectively ?

Please let me know .


Thanks & regards,



easani 2011-07-02 13:52:53


hi Prashant ,no problem we can have group discussion should be closed group.






easani 2011-07-02 13:55:08


Dear parents

i came to know that common hall meeting is on tuesday for 18 th avenue

what about other branches from foundation( not the franchise ) pls check the A school website - feedback forum



ppb 2011-07-02 14:03:20


HI Vinaya,

  you told the truth very very clearly ...

They will not have main school this year also.

Two years ago they started 1 standard in same bunglow, this year they staretd 2nd calss in same place.. next year 3rd standard......

Idea is to generate money by attracting more and more peoples on the name of CBSE in PRE KG , LKG and and they will accomdate children in same bunglows/hosue for next few years....


Main school go only knows if it will really happen .





Senthilkumar1 2011-07-03 15:15:11



Last Friday, Parents of washermenpet grouped together and they had a hard talk with the Administrator and they haven't left from the school till 1'0 clk,  press reporter also came to the A school which leads to the parents meeting on this week. 

The issue they have raised is.,

1. Too much of Fee collection from parents and no idea abt main school.

2. They haven't care about the Kids, this branch was located near the cell phone tower.

3. The CBSE was not yet approved for A school, but it says CBSE affliated.

4. The staff doesn't even have a degree.,,

5. Frequent change of STAFF.

6. Only 4 rooms in this branch but collecting more Fee amount.

7. No sports day & Annual day.,




couldn't tolerate the fee amount that they are colletcing


ram123 2011-07-03 19:50:16


Hi Senthil,

What was the feedback that you got from the foundation?

Do they reverted with any of their action plan with time frame for implementing?


rajudhika 2011-07-04 11:49:57


Hi all,

My son in lkg ashok nagar 18th ave,

Last week my son told me, that the  teacher beat him on his back (not so fast), phir be.  Reason he doesnt open her mouth.  It doesnot say lie.
Next day I complained to the administrator, she said no no the teacher will not do like that. On same day, afternoon my father went to pick him, they complaint that he doesnt open her mouth. ask him to speak in the class room.
My son is so shy, ofcourse thats what we are paying the fees.

After snacks time, he will swipe her hands in the t-shirt or shorts.  why the teachers doesnt help him to wash hands.  shirts are so dirty with mangoes, etc.

All the children will come out with wetting on AN, there is no invertors.  How the childrens will sit and learn.  They are asking so many fees like programme, abacus, A snacks, etc. but there is no certain facility for the children (playground).

We have to know what they are doing in the classhours, how they are teaching?  in PSBB they allow the parents while class hours to know what they are teaching and how the childrens response.

We will discuss all these complaints t'morrow in the hall meeting.



Senthilkumar1 2011-07-04 16:30:09



Today a founder of A school came to the Washermentpet. They call for UKG for a meeting at first but we parent all together wanted to attaend the meeting but the founder said i will response only to the LKG first. 

The founder is talking tough like that you have proved that you are from washerment area and asked the old lady to get out of the place and only the parents should be in(She came for her grand son).  

The Parents got angry and called up for the police and after the talk with the Police they allowed everyone in.,,, Media also came in for the washerment branch.

1.We ask for the cell phone tower located in the terrous of the billding, initially they told that they got got a certificate for this but latter they accept to remove the cell phone tower.

2.There are two classes going into the single class room simultaneously. Proper response for that.

3. They ask for a letter for not paying the administration Fee and Program Fee. Those who gave the letter they wont conduct any special activity for them.

The management itself not clear that what they are going to do..,, Ridiculous.


aryanmom 2011-07-05 12:15:48


Could some one let me know the timing for the hall meeting , happening today 05-07-2011 in 18th avenue ashok nagar ,


rajudhika 2011-07-05 12:44:47


today at 3.45pm to 4.45 pm at 18th avenue ashok nagar


aryanmom 2011-07-05 13:19:03


Thanks rajudhika for quick reply




KRD 2011-07-05 17:09:09


Hi ,

Any updates of the meeting held in Ashok Nagar .Today ..? Has the foundation  provided any solutions for Issues ..





easani 2011-07-05 21:43:53


Dear parents,

no solution was given from management,

we have decided not to pay the fees.

this 18 th avenue admin is worst of all th cases dosen't know how to speak to parents.

it became an issue mainly because of admin lady.

Ealier it was not like that. if we speak softly also she will not speak or answer properly.

Generally A school admins will be simling and friendly this female is totally "zero" in these things.  we don't how A school management has selected this kind of person.



dachoop 2011-07-06 20:14:48


 Hi alll............. 


        This is one of the parent who unfortunately trapped into A SCHOOL which is not a chettinad foundation rather i called it would be a stupid foundation where the adminstrator wants to collect the fees only rather no education. I would like to inform you that we had almost 23k for the first term inspite of that they ask for addtional 3500 rs which is no where its been related. they also informs that they collect it for the communications where they sent thru mobile As sms. We dont want the sms..... If any help required feelll free to contact me..... Even i want to also protest n this issue and there are few more collegueas who doesnt know wht to do.... 




Unforturnate parent.......


easani 2011-07-07 07:06:36



any updates from other branches who had common hall meeting



KRD 2011-07-07 09:32:21



No updates on commonhall meeting on other branches.It seems they cancelled that approach ..I believe now on there will be a one to one meeting with prior appointment to meet the members of the foundation.




a5h0k 2011-07-07 10:17:57



What is the outcome of School Hall Meeting happened on 6th July (3:45 PM to 4:45 PM) ?

Can any one tell me the break up of Administration Fees (Rs 6200) and Program Fees (Rs 3600) ?



nilasun 2011-07-07 13:37:04



today when i am asking for the signatures ,most of them told that they have paid the fees already and there is no point in talking to them.

My daughter told me that if we are not going to pay the fees then she will be sent out of the class.

please  do something at the earliest.



Darshan 2011-07-07 14:47:07


Dear Parents,

My Kid  is studying in Perambur branch. The meeting is 2morrow between 4 and 5. Can anyone update me what has happend in other branches,

Iam not willing to pay the program fees. Please update me and most of the perambur parents have also not paid it.


Please someone update me


easani 2011-07-07 23:01:23



hi parents

@ Darshan

meeting results in ashok nagar 18th ,valasravakkam, and today in velachery

no one is ready to pay untill it is justified .

Parents from ashok nagar   have an association have an association  you can check this following group and get registred

the group is aschoolparentassociation


Which branch you belong to ? pls check the above group and give your support this is not only for 1 kid this is for all the kids ...


lonleyuniverse 2011-07-08 01:19:41


Hi all

           To know about more updates from 18th avenue  pls visit


T & R



Manu17 2011-07-08 10:22:48


Hi Riya,

thanks for your mail. Its really has great deal of information.


My son is studying in Permabur A shcool. we are having meeting today on 8 July 2011, at 4pm ot 5pm.


Let's see what happens there. will update you all.






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