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chitra15 2010-07-06 20:53:42


 hi anura,

Very Very well said about the school and the management.According to me the school is not even suitable of 3.5 and above kids.And all the so called big shots of the school appear only during common meetings.If we ask them two three strong questions which they know they are at fault they will all group together and out smart us.This was my personal experience .Last year when i asked about the quite frequently changing teachers (my son had to face 4 different teacher in the last year) he just started raising his voice and the worst part was one parent also joined to support him(imagine how desperate the parent must be  to praise this hopeless school).They are ONLY GOOD AT ADVERTISING AND PROMISING .




Darshan 2010-07-06 22:33:40



Is there anyone who admitted your kids in Perambur.I have my kid studying there..Would like to share details


 Former member 2010-07-07 11:22:01


hey guys,

Big names are in this business of education just for timepass, money and some are here for publicity. like the chettinads of A School, YGP of Calibre foundation. Both these group of institutions are just tip of iceberg.



Sarva 2010-07-07 14:58:38


Dear all,

Since our kids would have spent 10 days in school this year, what is the general feedback you suggest?



Darshan 2010-07-07 16:24:45


 Not so great start ....still keeping the finger crossed to see what they are going to do for rest of the days in this month


vijibala 2010-07-07 16:35:47



Could see exchange of degrading views about A school.This make us worries who has put their kids in A school.

Management should take some actions on seeing these reviews otherwise it will be difficult for us to take a decision whether to continue in this A school.


Rajageetham 2010-07-07 18:13:44




i have admitted my daughter ia A school Anna nagar west branch. in my opinion the school is doing good and iam sure they will follow CBSE syallabus


sairama 2010-07-07 19:35:00


 i hve admitted my kid in dhandeeshwaram branch. For the past 10 days, I can just realize that the initial set up of classes, teachers, transport still in progress and lot of confusion is there. I have no clue about the monthly or daily calendar, the curriculum and other activities in the school. Please share any information if you have. 


Sarva 2010-07-07 19:36:49


Hello Sairama,


Its been told around July 15th some induction program with parents will happen, and things will be explained there. (This was told during the dance show). I am also keeping my fingers crossed for such event...


chitra15 2010-07-08 13:02:02


 hi ,


 i would like to join the team as well.only if we all go together they will take corrective action.It is going to be 2 full weeks the school has started i am still not aware of which environment my kid belongs to.they have had full full 3months time to split the kids into different environment but they hve not yet done it.Only if my kid is given a particular environment he will hve a permanent teacher(if the teacher doesn't quit so soon) will my child settle down and also the teacher can start accessing the kids .justing hoping that from monday all the kids will be given their environment names.just keeping my fingers crossed


soubee 2010-07-09 16:04:52


Hi ,

 I joined my daughter In A-school west mambalam branch. Tell me how about their way of teachings and their way of dealing with kids if anyone of u had an experience with the A-school.


Thank you..........


Kalyan 2010-07-09 17:44:45


It has been almost  10 months I have been waiting for their plans on Main School.  I am wondering if  the main school will start functioning from June 2011. Earlier we got a reply that "not yet decided" . Now no one is responding even after leaving the message. Really worried about my Kid's education since it might be very difficult to get admission in other schools after a stage.  


Anzer 2010-07-12 11:31:40


Their responsive ness are becoming very bad. This school is not soing upto the mark.

unless they correct themselves they are going to be a failure.

I am happy that I quit this school before itself


rmanjula26 2010-07-12 12:25:53


Hi ,

My son is going to the west mambalam branch , they had promised for transport starting today , but did n't turn up.  Is transport started for other branches ?





soubee 2010-07-12 14:55:58


Hi ,

 I am also frm west mambalam branch,

wt's ur kid name?

The travels person will call u n ask abt the transportation.

It costs too i guess........

Anyway ask the school



bindusri 2010-07-12 23:26:59



Me 2 fm west mblm brnch.M very depressed by hearing the comments of Anura. Only by the name Chettinad we were very interested in this school. ...Lets c wot happns....


Sarva 2010-07-15 12:54:38


Dear All,

My son goes to Velachery branch. He is into Ganga environment. What is it? Is it like convention A, B, C sections which we used to have?

Also, how is the overall progress in all of your kids? Any improvement?



rmanjula26 2010-07-15 13:05:21


Hi Soubee ,

My son is Tarun Ram , He is in Krishna environment.  Transport does n't seem to get through , No proper response . Luckily , there are two more kids in our neighbourhood , hence we are managing together.



sairama 2010-07-15 15:06:37


 Hi Sarva

My Kid is in Velachery Dhandeeshwaram branch. I see some activity is in progress. My kid had been doing craft project, drawing, work with numbers, rhymes this week. However I am still waiting for a monthly/daily calendar that illustrates their planned activities and progress. 


Sarva 2010-07-15 15:28:11


Thanks Sairama. Your kid is in preschool group?



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