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achus 2009-04-10 09:32:47



I have admitted my 3 year old daughter in this school. seems to be good and moreover its a montessori system..

Any more informations about this school, pls post here!!


Morgan 2009-04-12 18:10:23


Pl. tell me whats the process there and their fee structure?


umasworld 2009-04-16 21:57:43



I'm also keen on looking at this place for my 2.5 yr old... Are you talking about the velachery branch? Can you give me some more details? Are they open for admissions now? what is the process? Phone numbers? Fees? etc etc...




umabala 2009-04-22 10:59:01



I visited the place. It was very small. Is is apt for pre-school or KG classes.

But the website says that they will be having classes till 12th in the upcoming years.

I am sure that they cannot accomodate students till 12th in a bungalow. Moreover how will they also plan for sports or extra curricular activities in such a small place?

Are they planning to shift to some other place? Is it possible to get some info on this?

Have you decided to continue with this school? Also would like to know the fee structure as well





Sara Eapen 2009-04-24 12:31:04


I have admitted my 2.5 there year too. The current premises is only for preschool sections. The velacheri school is 5000 sqft and they told me there will be a play area large enough for the little ones to play. The 1st standard to 12th standard school will be somewhere close to the KG school and will start only next year. they told us that will be much bigger than this one. we just paid 24,000 fees, and that was the only fee we were asked to pay for this year.

overall, it seems pretty good.




suchi 2009-04-24 12:41:24


I too enquired about this school. People attending the phone calls were very cordial and courteous and patiently answered all my questions! My friends who had gone to the headquarters were treated to coffee and tea and snacks while they waited for the meeting!

They did tell me that the bigger school will be nearby and this centre is only for the pre primary section.

Registration fees is Rs.1800 and the annual fees is Rs. 24000.




umabala 2009-04-27 12:18:43


Thanks so very much Sara and Suchi! The information which you have provided is very useful for me to take decisions. I was so worried as I was not able to find some good schools in Velachery. I was relying upon A - school to a great extent but after i saw their premises i was not ready for it. Your reply has given a new ray of hope to me.

If you get to know some more information regarding A-school, please post it.

Also it would be helpful if you could post your personal experience with them after a few months once your kids start going to the school.




Shobana 2009-04-30 11:51:14



I have admitted my daughter in A school annanagar branch.The present premises is only for the preschool. Heard the secondary school is cmg up in Mogappair.For other locations too the secondary school will cme up near the preschool.( thats what they said ! )

I have all my apprehensions...this being a new school.But what motivated me to admit my daughter...

the management

the initial conversation with the people over there-they answered all my queries...beleive me i was callg up every other day with sme new query or the other!!

intereting methodology of teaching

the day of the interview-play area to keep the kids busy,tea coffee,milk,biscuits,chocolates to keep parents and kids busy !!! very cordial interviewers

hope evrythg cmes up well...


achus 2009-05-04 11:18:42


Hi all,

I too have admitted my daughter in A-school at Ashok nagar.

I felt good by the way they explained about the montessori system of teaching .The kids will be in the montessori till 5.5 years and after that they will be moved to 1st grade which is 2 kms from the present location. They have assured that it would not be far from the present premises. Moreover , they are following the International method of teaching and since it is the sister concern of Chettinad Vidyashram, we need not worry about the standards since Chettinad Vidyashram is one of the best schools in chennai. Overall, I liked everything about it. Also, student-teacher ratio is 1:15 which is good and annual fees is 24,000/ which is quite reasonable when you compare schools like PSBB etc which charges 1 lac for pre-kg itself.

What I felt is we will get an idea about the teaching methods and teachers in an year and if we are not satisfied by any chance, we can change it since lots of schools are coming up.

All the best to all the parents and pls update anything new about this school.

Thanks & good luck!


umabala 2009-05-11 13:36:44


hello all,

I went though the admission process last Saturday. Everything went cool.  But the only concern for me is that my daughter will complete 2 years only in the month of June. CBSE schools will take the kids in LKG only if the child completes 3.5 in the month of June. So my daughter will have one whole year wasted.

Is it better to enroll her in the Toddler section (1.5 to 2.5 age group) in A School now itself or wait for one more year? I would like have some suggestions/feedbacks from you parents to help me decide on this. I have bought some time from the school to inform my decision.

Moreover the school management clearly informed us that the school (1st to 12th std) will not be in Velachery as they are not able to find enough space to build the school. Ofcourse cost constraints also play a major role when it comes to Velachery. It will be either in Pallikarnai or Medavakkam which is also pretty far from Velachery.

Hope to see some ray of clarity from you parents.




jayabs 2009-05-12 11:26:04


I have also got admission in A School for my daughter who will be 2.5 years this June..

Can anyone please let me know if you have got any info/intimation regarding the opening of hte school and other details ? I have not got any information on these yet..

Moreover, for Velachery i heard that the school (for 1st to 12th) will be near Kamakshi hospital pallikaranai...I heard that they have started construction in some land nearby...hope it would be good..

If any of you have put your kid in velachery branch....do let me know...we can keep in touch !




umabala 2009-05-12 11:48:43


Hi Jayabs,

I will also enroll my daughter in Velachery branch today. My daughter is 2 years old but my daughter will be loosing one year because of the age criteria. I heard that the school will be open for the kids in June mid month. Will your daughter complete 2.5 on June 1st?

Moreover is it confirmed that the school from 1st to 12th std is coming near Kamakshi Hospital? Cuz i spoke with the management/trustee yesterday morning and they said that the place is yet to be finalized. I was informed that they have shortlisted 5 places in pallikarnai and medavakkam but have not yet decided.

Keep in touch Jayabs.




umabala 2009-05-13 14:26:07


Hello All,

I have enrolled my 2 year old daughter in Velachery branch. I paid only 18000 as fees cuz my daughter will commence school from Vijayadasamai [elders request at home!]. When I discussed this with the management, they respected the sentiments and agreed to it. Moreover it was also very nice of them to reduce the fees accordingly.



umasworld 2009-05-13 15:18:03




Good to see so much info about A school. I was away and didn't get to check this space last week.

Well, I had also got in touch with the A school team over phone and it is quite true that they are cordial and patient in answering all our queries. I agree with Achus on the fee part of it as well.

However, I had the same concerns as Uma had when I visited the campus. Its a relief to know that they are coming up with the high school in pallikaranai - I live in pallikaranai. So, that part is clear now.

But apart from a bigger campus, I am still a bit worried since

1. the current place (in velachery) is located in a congested residential area and there are some unkempt, empty plots around it that is water loggedand infested with insects.

2. There's no greenery/ sand ...its completely concrete - I can't imagine how the aesthetics would be...and from what I've read about the Montessori method, it places a lot of importance on large open spaces, greenery, sand and other natural elements...

3. The school is on a 20 ft road (or so it seemed)...its a dead end... if three cars get into the street at the same time, all three would be stuck!

Overall, given Chettinad Foundation's reputation etc, I definitely expected a much better campus... I'm a bit disappointed since I had placed a lot of hope on sending my daughter there... let me know if any one of you had the same concerns and how you dealt with it...I still am keen to send my daughter there...


Shobana 2009-05-13 16:04:14


I have been tryg to reach them at 64559900... to know more details abt the reopening date, transport etc... i m not able to get thru...is there any other no. to contact?


umabala 2009-05-14 09:20:37



Since yersterday was a holiday, I guess you were not able to reach them. They informed us on 12th May that the school will re - open sometime in mid June. No uniform for the kids till 1st std. Admission kit which will have all the details will be sent to our communication address by May last or June first week. 


Yes, I had the same concerns as yours but since my daughter is only 2 years old, I will still get a chance to opt for a differenct school if the current school is not upto the expectations.

I questioned the management on the same when I went for the admission process. Their answer was "The kids require a home environment till they are 5 and hence the bungalow. All amenities will be provided." The management asked me to visit the place once everything is completed and thay assured that we will like it and it will meet the Montessori standards.

So we have no other choice but to wait and watch. Lets hope it will be good as the chettinad foundation group is very good when it comes to schooling.

Do let me know if you receive any updates regarding the school.


umabala 2009-05-18 13:38:39


Hello everyone,

How are you doing? Did any of u get any updates from the school?


jayabs 2009-05-20 14:35:59


hi all,

I just called the "A School" and got information that they will be sending all the intimation regarding hte school open date and other stuff by courier by end of May.

So they asked me to wait until end of May and call them back incase i dont receive any by then.

Hi Uma, Yes, my daughter wud exactly complete 2.5 by June 19th...

Good to know that they admitted your daughter during the vijayadhasami...good luck and keep in touch




Shobana 2009-05-20 15:58:03



Even I calld them yday.They told me the same thing that the school will start by mid June.We will receive the welcomekit by may end.There will be an inaugural function and all parents will be invited...gives me sme hope !!


jayabs 2009-05-20 16:41:53


Yeah...lets see how it goes..

For all this funda they are creating, the school shud be good ! i sincerely hope for that... :)

lets keep our fingers crossed..



umabala 2009-05-21 11:53:06


Hi Jayabs and Shobana,

Good to know that something is happening!!I visited the Velachery branch day before yesterday and the house is still not completed. Was a little concerned about it!!

When i enquired with the watchman, he said that it will be completed by May end. So many things scheduled to happend this month end  for the school :)

As the saying goes let hope "all's well that ends well".


I have a question for you. Did you specifically enquire with the A school team about the age criteria? When i was talking to the management, they said that kid should have completed 5.5 years by June 1st for entering into the first grade and they will not deviate in that even if it is one day difference.

Do clarify that clearly with them else you might land up in trouble later and at that it will be difficult to get school admissions.

Just my suggestion Jayabs.



jayabs 2009-05-28 18:15:51


Hi Uma,

That sounds wierd...the school construction still goin on !??!? i really wonder if they would complete on time..and if the school would open soon...lets keep our fingers crossed..

Thanks for ur suggestion..by teh way, i might not as well continue with A school after Pre-kg...as of now since am not very specific i joined her in this school..otherwise am actually very choosy about the school for my daughter..

I am looking to put her in a convent...like Holy angels' ...i might mostly go for it from LKG..since i dont want her to be idle for 1 year..i thought A school might be lil ok for starting... and for LKG she shudnt be having problem in getting admitted in Holy angels..

Are u planning to continue in A school itself !??



Ravichand 2009-05-28 18:45:01


I heard update like the 1std-12std scholl will come in Guidy area/defence colony area for Ashok Nagar branch. Did anyone have any update on this.


umabala 2009-05-28 20:16:26


Hello Jayabs,

I have not yet decided on A School. But the only problem is that Velachery does not have much good CBSE schools except for Arsha Vidya Mandir in which admission is really very difficult. I am not ready to put my daughter in a school that is very far from home cuz the kids will get very tired by the time they reach school in the current traffic congestion.

So, i will have to wait and watch. Hoping to find some good schools. Do let me know if you get to know some good schools in Velachery.


I have a few friends who have enrolled their kids in Ashok Nagar branch but they have not received any updates on the primary and higher secondary school location. I will definitely post it here if i get any updates.


Shobana 2009-05-29 08:35:40


Hey... I got an intimation Ltr frm them stating that the school opens on 17 th June...Very excited....Initially the school is only for 1 hr


Ravichand 2009-05-29 10:18:38



What are the items you got it in welcome kit? By the way we yet to receive it.


umasworld 2009-05-29 10:47:41


Hi Everybody,

My daughter's admission is done in A School, Velachery. The process was quite smooth. The student teacher ratio seems ok - 1 montessori trained teacher + an aide under training for a batch of 15 to 20 students.

I voiced my concerns about the 'natural elements' part of it - like Uma mentioned, they said that they will have a sand pit, water area, greenery etc within the building itself.

about the empty unkempt plots - they have apparently purchased the plot opposite the school - it would either be turned into a small park or the space will be used to manage traffic - for cars to turn etc.  They are also planning to raise the compound wall to cut out the unkempt plots behind the school. That's encouraging.

The high school - we were told that it would be either in Pallikaranai or Medavakkam (for velachery). In any case it would not be more than 4 to 5 kms away from the current location.

I also heard that the school van facility will be available after one month of school opening.

I hope they would complete the facility by this month end - when I visited it looked like a lot of work pending.

I am yet to receive the welcome kit. Good to know that there would be an inaugural meet - it would be good to meet other parents as well.

Jayabs, is there any reason why you wouldn't want to continue with A school? I haven't really thought that far yet... but wouldn't like to keep moving my kid unless it is absolutely necessary.

Uma is right - we don't have too many options in and around Velachery and I wouldn't like my child to travel too far... let's see how it goes...




umabala 2009-05-29 13:33:25


That was really a descriptive one Uma!! So, is there going to be an inaugral meet? They never mentioned anything of that sort during the admission process. Hoping to see you and Jayabs in the meet. Lets hope this school turns out to be good and our childern continue their schooling in A school itself.

Keeping fingers crossed!!


jayabs 2009-05-29 15:34:44


hi friends,

there is no particular reason as to why i dont want to continue in A school. As an old student of Holy angels (Pondy bazaar),i feel convent education is very good and helps u a lot in later part of life...the exposure, the manners, quality of ppl around ..i felt its too good there..and the school as such is too big and was built during the britisher's time..hence has got lot of open space and grounds...with good number of trees...

So i thought i would try for that school..but i might not as well want my child to travel that far..so probably i might move nearer...if possible...but since i have some more time have not really thought very seriously about it..

Good to know that someone has received the welcome kit...waiting to see the school and quite excited about it..

As uma says, if the school is too good and am satisfied then i might continue here..who knows wat God has in store for us..

Arsh vidya mandir is also quite good..but i think they are quite concerned about the mother working... :(

lets see..how it goes..

Am eager to meet you all there..probably we will have a quick discussion on how to identify ourselves and at what time we would meet....it will be good to know some parents coz it will help us to discuss and take good and appropriate decisions.. :)

Take care all of u




Shobana 2009-05-29 15:54:28


Hey All,

It was only a welcome ltr frm the school that I recd.The Admission kit will be provided during the first week of the school.For transport queries a separate mail id was given.


jayabs 2009-05-29 15:56:08


and to add on..i think in velachery as u guys say there are not very good schools..

But adayar is a good option...we have Bala vidya mandir and it is not very far from velachery too... did u guys hear about that school ? but i think its very tough to get admission..Few of my colleagues have put their kids in DAV Velachery..but student teacher ratio is too bad..and also no proper english is spoken by teachers itseems..

My main concern is that the school shud be very good and not only focus on academics but also on lot of things...esp communication is one important thing...and the way you carry urself...manners discipline..etc..etc...Too much stress and too much of overload on studies is not goin to help...these are my views...let me see how it goes :)

- Jayabs



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