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Hi All, I just want to know which is the best curriculum for our kid. And accordingly which is the best school. My kid is at present in pre kg and the school follows IGCSE.(budding minds international school). Whatever I came to know about the following curriculum: Correct me if am wrong. IGCSE- International syllabus affiliated to Cambridge university. The syllabus follows activity based learnings which I feel is good. Apart from that, meant to be bit difficult. ICSE - Indian council of sec education. This is equivalent to case. CBSE- most of the city schools follow this syllabus. In IGCSE syllabus I found the following schools to be good. 1. Vaels billabong International 2. Mctm international 3. Cps global school I am not familiar with other igcse schools. Kindly help me with the list and reviews. Among ICSE schools Sishya, KFI tops the list. Is there any other good school in the city. Among CBSE schools I have narrowed down to 1.PSBB group. Definitely not psbb millennium. 2. Chettinad vidyashram 3. Bala vidya mandir 4. P S senior secondary school. 5. Chinmaya vidyalaya 6. Achariya 7. DAV School 8. SBOA junior college--- recently not hearing good reviews 9. Schram academy 10. Chennai public school I want my kid to study where she will enjoy studying without too much pressure. She has to involve in sports, lot of extra curricular activities and good quality education and good communication skills. I heard most of the schools doesn't teach good English. The school has to concentrate on her individual interests. I want her to become for what she is inside. Please share with me your reviews and your experience. Regards Priya

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Any reviews in achariya Bala shika Mandir school....I heard thy are very well established

Sukanyaa 2016-03-01 17:06:22


And ABSM follows icgse syllabus as well


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