Calibre VS OMR Sishya

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radhabadri 2010-07-09 14:35:43


 Dear Radhika, Gayathri and all others who have been writing in this discussion.  I truly thank you all for your comments/feedback.  I am very worried at times to read the comments that schools dont regard parents feedback and take initiative to fix things.  Really sad.  Things have become highly commercial back home I guess.  


johndeere 2010-07-09 14:40:27


Chennai's education system used 2 be diff 2 other mtros, All those seem Past?

Some sense need to prevail in fine balancing commerce/education.


 Former member 2010-07-11 12:29:22


Hi Guys,

I had been to the orientation programme organised by the school today. Yeah the session was informative. We had inputs about parenting, child psychology, development. I feel everything is not as bad as it is projected. Yeah the school is trying something innovative, there teaching methodology is somewhat new, Moreover let me talk about the ambience of the school. It was really excellent, I felt that students would enjoy such an environment, Yeah the fees of the school is high but quality comes at cost.

And more thing i feel that school should be given 2 years time frame and we would see the real difference. Overall my conclusion the management is sincere in its efforts. Yeah the information flow was not there and through this orientation programme all doubts would surely go.



jsv 2010-07-27 23:33:43


My sister's son is studying there and recently she has been transferred out of Chennai. She is a bit worried that the secondary sections in Calibre from 6th may not have affiliation granted yet and concerned that she may not get admission even if she takes TC from here. Is it true that the school is yet to be recognised?


 Former member 2010-10-06 18:15:36


Mr Hari,

I can understand your problem and if we keep on questioning regarding the fees, mode of payment, it is not the forum....What matters are development of Child and making sure that parent are heard of.... So your demand for strong PTA is legitimate and the school authorities should invite the parents to form forum so that we could use the information talent resources for the development of child,

When the school authorities insist that parents visit the website everyday why dont they make the website interactive...It is just isssuing notices....Also many times i have mailed the class teacher using the internal mailing system but have not received any replies...Yeah this issue has been bought to the notice of PRO also...

Let the school start the forum make the parents to use websites such as It is being done in other schools...Smart boards have been adopted in other schools as well... Let us have interactive website so that we could contact the other parents and use the info for the development of children...If anybody is interested let us make representation to the management regarding issues which are concerning to development of children.............





HariKris 2010-10-06 21:28:33


Thanks Umesh for Sharing your concern..So lets discuss next steps. How do we go and request the management to invite the formation of a PTA? I hope that a few proactive parents could help with the cause and this will benefit both the school and the management.

As for the fees, i believe they knew that they needed to increase the fees since the 6th pay commission revised the pay scales last year. They should have done so in the begining of the year..but they did not..Why? This would have given a lot of parents a choice to make if the fee was affordable or not. Their excuse to the fee hike in the middle of the year is that other schools took the money last year, and that the school gave us parents a one year time before collecting this fees. Well you can say we gave you a 1 year time if the school had informed of the proposed hike last year or atleast in the begining of the year.

I dont know if this is a trick they are playing up on people? And the same with the building fund...and then there are other charges like Excursion...Last year they took the kids to "City Center Mall" and they call it an excursion...Now what kind of a sane person or a school does that kind of excusrion? 

I am not sure if this school is beyond corrigible...But lets give it a try and hope they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You can reach me at and we can discuss next steps on how we can work towards a PTA



CALB 2010-10-30 21:31:10


Is Calibre Academy School or Tution Centre. ? Any prestigous institutution will suffix the name of "Senior Secondary School".. But Calibre has Academy in its name. Is it a qualified school or tution centre.. ..Kindly reply guys..


nandhinivinay 2011-04-11 11:17:34


hi everyone,

   my two kids studied in calibre academy.  the biggest mistake i did in life is putting my two kids in that school.  they r running the school with the tag of psbb.  it is better putting ur kids in a corporation school than in this stupid school. it does not provide any basic amenities to the kids after a collecting a fees of 42000 p.a at one shot.they don't have flushes in both kids and staff bathrooms .  they collected 6500rs for books without giving a single book to the child.  and 750rs for field trip for taking the kids from mylapore to chemmozhi poonga and egmore railway musuem.  they will find all ways to mint  money from the parents.  the attitude they show the parents oh my god.  out of 700 students in the school about 200 students have applied for tc.  see the students turnover of the school..  this only shows the quality of education and service they provide to the kids.  i know some of the calibre teachers who themselves have taken their own kids out of the school.  they have totally screwed their name in  mylapore.  so they have opened two branches in virugambakkam and k.k nagar.  how will they club all the students in one buildling once they come to higher classes.  totally no idea...

moreover they r not afflitiated to cbse board.... and this fact was hidden when we went for admission for our kids.  please don't ever think of putting ur kids in calibre at any cost.  my children literally learnt nothing in this one year..  u can opt for reputed play schools than putting ur kid in calibre academy.  since they r not affliated even the tc issued by them is not valid in other states


daddykewl 2014-03-05 11:06:15


the list of issues with this school is long ......parents are having a tough time getting a tc from this use your best judgement before appying here...


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