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radhabadri 2010-05-23 08:45:43


I am an NRI and in the process of migrating to Chennai.  I have got admission for year 2 for my son in Calibre Foundation, Mylapore.  But ever since I have got the admission, I have been getting not so great reviews/feedback about the school.  I am now trying to get admission in OMR  - Sishya.  Can someone pls guide/advise as what choice should I make?  If I get admission in OMR - Sishya, should I go for it  and forget calibre?  The only issue with OMR - sishya would be the distance from my house to the school.  Much appreciated.




karti 2010-05-23 12:13:24


i suggest you to stick with calibre. there are always people who complain. dont take your decission hearing to a handfull of 5 to 10 parents out of 1000 parents, who give negative feedback on the net. There are always people who dislike any school for their own reasons. taking into consideration the distance also, u better stick to calibre. Getting admission today may be easy, that dosent mean that it is a bad school, after a couple of years i am sure that it will be the most wanted school in madras


radhabadri 2010-05-23 13:07:59


Thank you Mr. Karti.  Calibre doesnt have a campus or ample play area for kids..they r running the school from little houses...that bothers me attimes...its really confusing...


mah21e 2010-05-23 23:36:04


I put my kid there in 2006, tthe first batch. Again the same issue... no space. It was in Balaiah avenue at that time. Their concepts were good...but planning is very bad. Not sure if they have have improved now. I then changed my son to PS senior in Mylapore.


radhabadri 2010-05-24 03:15:23


There is no improvement runs the same way :(


radhabadri 2010-05-30 05:14:40


Thank you Radhika, for your valuable feedback. 

Were you working for Calibre ? Pls let me know.





karti 2010-05-30 14:12:00


check out calibre academys  new location at 90, lloyds road, royapettah.


radhabadri 2010-05-31 17:34:27


Looks like the building is for Std V and upwards :(


 Former member 2010-06-01 00:12:23


and what abt the play area for students ?????????????



johndeere 2010-06-07 10:28:58


There is lot of negativity on this page about people responsible for schools activities.

when we see schoo page it shows Ex president Kalam whose simplicity has taken him places and whose words cherished may be some of his outlook and also of Gandhi/Tagore be implanted. I have high regard for the Principal and yes as one works for an entity they are bound to be limited by the Managements outlook, but people/organisations always evolve/change give them some time, else... its their own making.


 Former member 2010-06-09 16:43:38


Sishya is far ahead of calibre. Yeah Calibre is promising but how it delivers on it promises is left to be seen,..


 Former member 2010-06-17 14:49:06



Through this forum i would like to remind the members that Calibre Charges Rs.40000/= from its students. And just would like to remind the members that many leading schools have opted for just one term fees.

Inspite of such hefty amount charged the website of the school says that no private vehicle would be allowed to enter there two destinations. Refer

The parents have to actually park there vehicle far from the school premises and the children have to walk from the particular point to reach the school. And with vehicles plying on that road they are actually putting lifes of kids @ risk, The school management is actually taking risk not withstanding the hardship faced by students and parents alike,

Anybody in mylapore can visit there schools and notice the above mentioned details.




johndeere 2010-06-17 15:06:00


dismal apathy, looks like mgmt has no seriousness.

its not even providing transport and there too they say outsider is providing and he charges six months in advance and very high, its disheartening.

Scholls are making parents bleed, its moral treachery.


 Former member 2010-06-22 22:23:17


Yes John you are absolutely right. The other day one parent was commenting about different timings for different classes of school. Imagine the plight of parents having siblings, how do they make arrangements. Its actually difficult task for them.

The school even does not take responsibility of kids not opting the transport provided by the school , the school admistration openly says that  we are not responsible for the safety of kids. Atleast the school can ask authorization letters from parents sending there wards through private transport organized by them.

The school must make it mandatory for parents to submit the driver details, driver license, rcbook details, driver photograph along with the list of students travelling through them. But the school wants the parents to use there modes of transport and its indirect form of coercion. Hope it now does its Job to teach rather than making parents bleed.  The charges are to exorbitants invariabely twice the pvt transporters ask. so anybody can imaging the why would not school promote there mode of transport.






johndeere 2010-06-23 08:58:16


we do not know the 3 party could also be an Subsidary as all earlier staff are working with transporter. No pleas for reasoning on collection are heard. it may not be singling a school but looks alike others across country have same Malice.


 Former member 2010-06-26 13:39:49


i feel its unneccessary to air my views since i dont find other parents even interested in participating in the discussion nor sharing there views. If the calibre parents are to well off and to busy then i might move to other forum like Chennai Public School where parents communicate among each other. Apart from John here other are dumb spectators....... so the school management is not at fault its the parents are at fault and ultimately the kids would be suffering. good bye



karti 2010-06-26 14:07:08


to radhika and john,

 i studied in psbb nungambakkam till 10th, and did my 11th and 12th in dav gopalapuram, matric. If you people think play area is a criteria for a school and transport is a criteria, and timing is a criteria, then i think you can start a school on your own. DAV gopalapuram cbse and matric did not have an auditorium of its own. same with psbb nungambakkam. dont they get top ranks. for your information any school that you take, have separate timings for the KG and defferent timings for the primary. Every one cant expect to have twins as their children so that they can leave them at the same time and pick them up. if you cant take care of two children then why ever give birth to the second child. Coming to the most important, i have seen madhuvanthi mam  at school, she was 2 years senior to me, though she does not know me, i should say she was a dynamic student both in cultural activities and studies. i am full of hopes and support for her, i am sure all her students will come up in a big way. If i had a grand mom like her's to inspire me, then i am sure i will be doing what she is doing today. Hats off ot her family, so i suggest radhika to better find annother discussion soon, all the best.



 Former member 2010-06-26 14:54:58


yeah karthik so u have also started praising the correspondent. praising.  yeah the family might be good. but that should not be yardstick for current state of affairs of the school. there are different timings for KG and rest of school.  Here it is different for different class. LKG 12 UKG 1.30 II 2.15 V 3.15

Does any other school has this types of timings just let me know karthik..........



johndeere 2010-06-26 15:20:11


Kindly go through my various discussions on this forum I have never singled or maliced anyone. do not be judgemental and use words on bringing up child. its suggestions and sharing, unless have belief in system why would I put my child, that does not mean we do not have right to air what is right, as you have done above



 Former member 2010-06-26 16:47:07


i hardly care if the school has auditorium or not, wheather they produce toppers or not, first of all for me the safety of the children are paramount. having auditorium, libraries can be just another good PR exercise. And why dont Mr Karthik go to China he can adopt the one child policy there, I am bothered about the difficulties faced by children and i am highlighting them. First the school should be better to take care of children and if mr karthik is so confident why dont we have opinion poll among parents of the school regarding the functioning of the school. And you would be very much happy if i leave the forum since you would be relieved of me reporting the orthodox functioning of school.

pls ask the school administration to focus on development of child rather than PR exercises. That is important. Its just like we are building malls without adequate infrastructure, that wont help, let us develop our children into citizens who are not blinded by media blitz and showoff.



karti 2010-06-26 22:30:13


which is better? children of all classes coming out together or children of each class coming out every half-an-hour, so that there is no traffic and disturbance to the public and moreover this is a safer for the children to come out in batches. i think  all schools should take caliber as a model to send children back out safely.


johndeere 2010-06-27 07:06:51


its easier and also safer when all are together as elder ones help little ones commute.

also Its easier to pool kids else just need to pay more and also loose time.

This is not logical as you are sounding, it would be cumbersome


 Former member 2010-06-27 11:25:41


The school administration should focus on solving the problems for children. Regarding registering the names of private transport operators the school administration is still not serious. so is this calibre model of karthik talking about. kindly concentrate on basics and simple things. Just make simple things better.  If your correspondent is so dynamic she should put her time and expertise in the functioning of school. I am talking of basic issues which should be primarily dealt. Its  safety issues relating to children. focus on development of children and more importantly they should be focussed on handling children well which requires high level of patience.




 Former member 2010-07-01 15:51:49


Hi John and yes mr karthick,

Another review by one of the parents


hope this would be an eye opener.




Gayathrisury 2010-07-08 14:45:08


Hi radhabadri

My daughter is in it for the past 2yrs. Im aware of all the minuses of that school. Ever since i put her in that school, Im voicing this to so many parents. But the issue is that u dont seem to get admission anywhere else. that's why i couldnt change the school.

As for Sishya, pl.chk. as i've heard its more for celebrities. so the child can get easily influenced by the show-off & all. I dont know abt the standard/quality of education & all. Im from a different city altogether, so not aware of the schooling system. But when i started collecting info to put my daughter, these were the pieces of info i got. Many of my relatives are in the education field. This is what they told. Out of no choice, i had to put my kid in this school, dont know how to change.



 Former member 2010-07-08 18:18:31


hi gayathri,

why dont you post your views on the forum regarding the lethargic attitude of the school. unless you voice your concern about the functioning of the school you cant create awareness about the school. i am active on the forum of ASchool, sorry to say parents of calibre are not interested to voice there greviance, why dont you guys form a forum and voice your concern regarding the functioning of the school. unless the parents raise there voice the school would continue functioning in orthodox manner putting the life and development of children at stake.



 Former member 2010-07-08 18:21:26


Hi gayatri,

many of your relatives are also in educational field. if you really interested just take there support and submit the memorandum to the principal of the school. the lady would surely listen to you and she is highly committed. but the administration is very poor, no playgrounds, no facitlities and no sense of responsibility are the hallmark of this school.



Gayathrisury 2010-07-08 18:42:44


hi radhika

Havent been to Balaiah avenue. Mostly will be going there tomm. Since the II one is keeping me engaged cudldnt take time off  for other matters.

I have opted their bus only for my kid. she leaves by 7:30 & comes by 3:30 - 4pm. absolutely getting tired after coming. Earlier she was coming by 2pm. I heard that they r picking up from all 3 schools, hers & few others happens to be 1st pickup & last drop.

whatever be our concerns, its been taken for granted. I have already seen this. I dont want to get into this at all. Im not being responsible. Given a choice, i wud take my kid out. But where to??? Sheer waste of energy, as they keep doing whatever they are as of now. Earlier I had carried my younger one & spoke to them. But no use.

Hey my relatives are jus' teachers. They are of the view that since its their family business, they wud do something abt it as their family's reputation is at stake.

ive decided to give them some timespace. B'coz im hearing complaints reg. other schools equally(ps, vidya mandir, Shankara,Chettinad etc) from other parents. So planning to go with the tide as for now. I guess each school will have its own pros & cons.



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