Hindustan internal school, Karapakkam school reviews pls

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Rosmi 2017-04-21 12:40:26


I got an intimation stating the measurement is happening and if i am not mistaken,the rate mentioned is for Kit. 2 Set uniform, shoes, sports uniform, Bag, Note Books, Text books all together. Sound to be very nominal. 

Csatz 2017-04-21 16:52:56


I too got a call from school admin office regarding taking measurement for uniforms. Which standard is your kid joining @Rosmi?


rkaush 2017-04-23 12:37:38


Hello.. For which class you got the application form?? Do they provide application form for this academic year?? 2017-18

RajK007 2017-04-23 13:41:07


I think they closed admission on March end, but if you visit the office, they might give..

charron 2017-04-24 10:30:28


for which class are you looking for admission? You can approach the school office. If they have vacancy then they would give the form.


rkaush 2017-04-24 15:26:03


I am looking for Pre-kg!!

Rosmi 2017-04-24 16:48:14


My kid joining for 1st standard. Have referred a friend for Pre- KG. They got application yesterday. Its still open i believe. 


rkaush 2017-04-24 18:24:51


Hi Rosmi - Thanks for the info.. Do u have any idea about the Fee structure for Pre-Kg? Would you be able to get the info from your friend?

Admgnk 2017-06-21 18:45:27


Hi all,

We visited this school and personally I feel the Infrastructure of the school is good. The principal and admission co-coordinator were very friendly.

The school strength is less (around 200) so that extra care can be given to our child.
Fee is not less and also not high since they are in developing stage now.

The area where the school is located is very calm.

Co-curricular activities.

Transportation charge also acceptable. Hope they will not increase it.


As per the above discussion, I'm not sure the grave yards are functional or not but I have  concern on it. There are 2 ways to reach the school. When you coming via River bank side you wont be able to see it, but when you come from other side(Karapakkam PO) you will be able to see it. Also it will be visible from the 1st floor of the class. If any one know about it, please update whether it is functioning or not.

Also as stated in above posts, the river bank don't have any safety measurements. I'm afraid that the school van is coming in that way or other way.
Also about the quality of education that they are providing since it is in early stage. But I'm believing that they will be giving their best.


charron 2017-08-02 00:08:54


There is an alternate route (good road) when you come back from the school you have to take left and it would take you to the back gate of the campus. This road is really good, newly layed.

charron 2017-08-02 00:14:36



PreKG fee structure is as follows:

Rs. 18,000 term fee ( x 3 terms)

7500 - Extra curricular (when we got admission they said this include horse riding, archery, etc. Now they are charging extra for these classes in the evening. Which I am not happy about)

5500 - For books, uniforms, Shoes, socks etc. (yes they have uniforms and books for Pre KG as well)

For higher classes fees is more.


charron 2017-08-02 00:16:46


Yes they are still open for admission in all classes. PreKG they are taking new batches during Vijaya Dashami.


charron 2017-11-21 11:08:22


They have increased the fees:

Admission fees 30000

Refundable Deposit: 30000 (new addition)
Fees 56000 per year ( for 3 terms) + annual fees 10000
Miscellaneous 8000 - 10000 for books uniforms etc which you need to purchase from the school itself.
Plus school bus.   


Akiraa 2017-12-06 15:11:21


How's the school?

Akiraa 2017-12-06 15:12:48


How's the school?

GKS1234 2018-02-07 23:29:47


It's new school. They give admission through out the year. New pricipal seems to be good. School strength in heigher classes is less. Admission fees is heigher than the other new schools in the same locality.

GKS1234 2018-02-07 23:31:43


Looks like management has become money minded this year. Yet to see the first 10th bath performance. First batch would be in March 2019.

Lakshmi2010 2018-03-15 16:40:48


Some one pls tell me about hindustan school..education and fees structure?i want put my son in that school..Till what class they have?

helpinhand 2018-04-05 11:16:41


We got into HIS, Padur

School seems nice..let see hows studies and all after class starts

helpinhand 2018-04-05 11:17:50


They have till 10+2


charron 2018-04-06 00:14:00


to my knowledge padur school started last year only (2017). I doubt if they have +2 now. They might start if they get more admissions.

charron 2018-04-06 00:17:51


Uploaded image


This is the fees structure for 2018 - 2019


ramum 2018-05-18 23:57:40


Hi All,

Whoever have enrolled ur kids at Hindustan international Karapakkam
Can u share your experiences on their quality of teaching?

charron 2018-05-19 07:55:44


Yes Lakshmi2010 - It is the free for coming year.

For new admissions in addition to this you need to pay the caution deposit and admission fee

imsh 2018-10-11 15:17:40


I am planning to put my daughter in UKG the coming year. how is the school academics wise? How are the teachers, are they well trained and friendly? 

sububack 2019-01-29 23:03:13


How is the school in-terms of teaching and how's the staff there?


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