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 Former member 2015-12-15 19:16:33


Hi all, we have joined our kid in pre kg for the academic year 2016_2017 in the pupil, May I know has any body have joined ur kids there.

Arwin13 2015-12-17 12:10:08


Hi ,
Iam planning to join my son in pre-kg in Pupil. Can you please share the fee structure. 


syedshanthi 2015-12-17 14:34:13


Can you let me know the fees charged by the school.  I intend admitting my grandson in this school.  

Arwin13 2015-12-17 22:25:25


Hi kaaru, thanks for that info. But what about uniform fees , admission fees. Is that all included in that. Iam from pondicherry and relocating to chennai in a month and I don't know anything abt schools and fees structure. Please advice me if this donation amount is normal in these kind of schools.

syedshanthi 2015-12-18 10:40:48


Thanks a lot for your quick response.   The information shared by you is of much value for us.
Mrs. Shanthi Basheer.

Arwin13 2015-12-18 12:06:05


Very helpful. I will let you know once my son gets admitted. Thanks.

katz05 2015-12-18 15:06:56


Hi Karu, can you let me know the admission process for prekg 2016-17 batch. How and where should we approach pls.

Arwin13 2015-12-21 11:58:51


Any comments on Montessori vs Nursery in pupil ?which one is preferred in general ?

Adhiru 2015-12-28 14:16:40


Hi I intend to join my kid in pre kg. Can you share the procedure and registration details. Also please let me know on what kind of interview happens for the kid, as he speaks very few words ..Thank you Dhakshini . 

rameshsivraj 2016-01-01 19:17:01


Hi Arwin, Could you please let me know the fee structure and procedure for admission

Arwin13 2016-01-03 10:43:18


Hi Ramesh,

we got the application 2weeks back but couldn't make it to the admission process yet. We are planning to come on 9th Jan for it.
Need to pay Rs1000 and get the application. once filled, you can take your kid for an interactive session with the teacher. once selected , need to pay Rs 50000( Donation (Building Fund according to them)) + Rs 20000 (First Term fees(total 3 terms for an year)). For Pre-kg there is no uniform/book fees, else need to pay Rs. 12500 additional. All these initial amounts have to be paid immediately in Cash, else no admission. That is all the info I have at moment. Thanks

rameshsivraj 2016-01-03 13:03:37


Arwin, Thanks a lot for the info That was very useful.

seesaw 2016-02-08 17:32:37


how is pupil school from 5th upwards anyidea

seesaw 2016-02-08 17:33:49


pl anyone help that I can decide something

Thanshika 2016-02-08 18:14:41


hi frnds, my kid went for the selectn process for prekg and gt selected. they tld nearly 1.3L fr whole term. for prekg it s full working day till 2:30. they have to eat by there oun no one will assist her if teacher or nannies helpd ur kid thy l b send home. no extracurricular activity is supported.these words were spoken by the principal. v were really shocked.. I dunno abt higher classes bt for kindergarden kids really disappointing. when we went during selction process lkg students came to ground for playing 1kid has went on the top of seasaw teachers were simply standing 1 of the parent came and helped the kid. no response over the students. so think twice r ask pupil parents before admitting ur kid.. I dunno abt higherclasses.

seesaw 2016-02-10 21:02:19


I heard that in higher classes they are following icse syllabus being a cbse affiliated school is it true? somebody help for decision making


1981anu 2016-02-11 18:39:03


Hi school is following cbse syllabus..I heard from parents they r giving equal importance for extracurricular n studies so how come there won't be any plaything for prekg..

1981anu 2016-02-11 18:39:31


Hi school is following cbse syllabus..I heard from parents they r giving equal importance for extracurricular n studies so how come there won't be any plaything for prekg..

1981anu 2016-02-11 18:40:38


My friend son.studying.lkg and he is a happy kid..all positive reviews only..shram academy no idea..

200plant 2019-09-03 11:35:56


Hi How is the school im planning to join my son and daughter pls reply


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