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Jeevitha88 2016-01-12 09:02:07


I am wondering whether I am working is the reason would be the regret mail :)

Rakhesh 2016-01-12 12:07:06


I don't think working mother is a factor. My wife is working and we have been called for an interaction next week

Jeevitha88 2016-01-12 12:41:05


Hmmm, then that option is excluded. If at all they could have sent the regret mail with reason for rejection !

sudheer77 2016-01-12 13:25:55


Congrats to all of you Who ever the got the interaction mail. Its a very good school.
My view for rejection would be:
1) We both are well educated  --> OK
2) I am a software engineer and earnings also good --> OK
3) My wife is house wife, so she can be accompany with my kid always --> OK
4) Near to school staying near by Olympia  --> OK
5) I am belongs to Telangana state  --> Might not be OK
since i am a software engineer, they might think there is a possibility to shift to other places at any point of time.
Hope this will be helpful to others who are looking admission for their kids into AVM


2004ramya 2016-01-12 16:55:47


Simply want to know whether admission is confirmed for whoever got interaction mail or there will be a filter further.????

23umagowtham 2016-01-12 18:12:26


There are only 32 seats. So this selection is just a first step. There will be more filtration after interaction.

rahja 2016-01-12 18:58:20


I have got the regret email. I think they select based on community and various other money minded factors. 

Jeevitha88 2016-01-13 08:58:03


So distance, working mom, outside state nothing seems to be a criteria.. I think AVM mgmt should give clear reasons for acceptance.. At least it will help the parents in future..

tuffy 2016-01-13 09:25:46


Let go friends.. The school is not lucky to have our kid enrolled!! :) Lets proceed with some other school. 

tuffy 2016-01-13 09:26:42


But where in the application form did they ask for preKG details?

tuffy 2016-01-13 09:31:57


My side doubts - 1. The kind of proof that we have attached (insistence on Ration card or passport). 2. My husband's office address is in Delhi - so more like both parents not available. 3. Something that triggers in their s/w posting us as "ineligible" to pay the required fees. 4. The kind of answer given against "Why have you chosen our school" question. 5. Age factor - my daughter loses 3 and half years by one month, wondering if this is a major reason.
At least they are kind enof not to ask any money for registration unlike other schools which demand 100, 300 or even 1000 if few cases


geethat66 2016-01-14 08:16:55


We have received the interaction email on Jan23rd..

divsres 2016-01-14 09:33:28


Kindly keep us posted abt d interaction process.

AniVishMom 2016-01-14 11:38:33


I have got an appointment for interaction session on the 19th @ 4.30.. Any body else here in the same slot? Though I hear mixed reviews, the thing is I have not seen the school first hand and will make the final decision based on the sessions and the school campus.
Fingers crossed and good luck to all fellow parents out here!

Krish73 2016-01-16 19:40:24


I have applied for class IX and looking for help on entrance test. Will that be descriptive or objective.  How long they conduct. 
Is all subjects on the same day or one by one. They advised maths, english, science and Language. 
Can anyone help us on this. 


afee 2016-01-18 09:17:21


Hi,I want to join my kid for 1st standard,would anybody know when they are going to issue admission form .and also I want to know about the fee structure for 1st standard.what about the class sessionns?likke they are teaching any religious classes!.if so is that is mandatory?..........plz let me know ,it will be helpful...thankss in advance

Parentaish 2016-01-18 15:22:58


hi all,

Thanks for sharing so much information. Parents do share the kind of interview questions asked @ AVM. for LKG

23umagowtham 2016-01-19 06:42:23


The interaction was mainly with parents n kids were given lot of puzzles and assembling activities watched over by a separate lady who was helping and guiding them. The main questions were : Introduce yourself . Why r u choosing avm? What as parents do u think u can contribute ? Any questions u wud like to ask. The panelists were Mrs. Arpitha Reddy and Mrs.Preetha George if I m not wrong. The campus looks small green and clean . Results can be expected by second or third week of Feb. The interaction lasts for 15 mins to half n hour depending on the answers may be. Good luck to others.

kcsm 2016-01-19 19:40:05


Hi AniVishMom
can you please share your experience & interactions at school , would be helpful as we have schedule on 21st.


divsres 2016-01-28 10:29:52


Hi all....dne wid intrv.As umagowtham discussed it was d same discussion.Results 2 b announced on 2nd or 3rd week of feb 2016.Wil keep u posted abt d results.Thanks.

afee 2016-01-30 10:09:08


Congrats friends,who got shortlisted ANY PARENT IS THERE WHO JOIN THEIR KID OTHER THAN LKG,please let me know about the admission they're giving admission for 1st standard?......anybody interact with the school regarding this....if you know about any small information it will be helpful for me.

Vinod642 2016-01-30 12:14:18


We are trying for 4th standard for my niece. Submitted application earlier this month (as indicated in the website). She was called for written test today (Maths, English & language)..Understand results of written test would be announced in week's time. Not sure about further procedures..keeping fingers crossed...

sethushyamala 2016-01-31 07:37:09


Hi, did u vsit the school ? I too applied for my son for grade 11. Any idea on grade 11, general feedback ?


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