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Lavangrace 2010-04-26 17:07:27


My kid got the admission in shisya for 2012 . I dont have any idea about the school.

This query may be off the topic, but related to Sishya school only.

How will be the relationship between student and teacher?

How about the attitude of students & parents there ?

let me know the sishya school fees structure

Meaning whether only the rich & super rich kids study. This school may not be a mix of all classes of students.

If you have any idea, kindly through some light on this.

Thank u



lakshana 2011-10-11 17:16:01


Hi Lavangrace ,

     Even i have got enrolled in Sishya for the year 2012,my kids admission date is this months 19th i.e 19-10-11.  Happy to knw that your kid  got admission in Sishya .

       Can you please let me know how was the admission process ?

       Was it very difficult ?

       Wats the fees structure for L.K.G ?

    Please if you dont mind share the information so that it will be very helpful for us .We are quiet tensed abt how the interview will go on .Thanks much in advance .

Regards ,



SwethaRavi 2011-10-12 12:27:18



We tried registering our kid, who's now eighteen months old, with sishya. But they asked us to come later for 2013 admissions for UKG. Please let me know how you got admission into the school.. Did you give your child's due date while registering?

Regarding the school, its a very good one. The teachers i believe are excellent and the students come out as competitive and individual thinkers.. But yes the fact that there are lots of rich kids in the school makes me think twice.. There could be possibilities of peer pressure in acquiring the expensive stuff among the kids..

But education wise its very very good.. Please do let me know on the admissions bit.




chandru14 2013-12-05 10:14:47


Any one share the admission date for 2014-2105 for L.K.G

What about fee structure in shisya

Term Fee ? donation ?

What are key parameter for selection  process . Any one update ...... It will helpful for us ..


venkatchinna 2015-10-09 16:18:10


  • how to got admission in sishya school.


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