San Academy Pallikaranai Or AKG Public School

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skvharshu 2015-10-13 22:24:10


My daughter DOB is 29 Dec 2012, I am planning to join my daughter in LKG for the academic year 2016-2017, Confused about selecting the school (San Academy Pallikaranai Or AKG Public School),
Can anyone have good details about this two schools can you please share it?
Thanks in Advance.

SriramR 2015-10-14 23:42:43


Did you also try Sishya OMR or BVM Perungudi?

skvharshu 2015-10-15 12:13:09


@Sriram - No i did not tried...

tamil27 2019-05-23 06:52:20


I am also doubt about akg or san anyone pls suggest good school pls...

Gayathrimaniyam 2019-09-13 13:44:58


Do you got admitted it kid in San academy. Can you give your feedback plz

kavi1010 2021-02-18 02:46:51


Im also.looking for the feedback of both the schools. How do the schools have developed in 5 years

msubbura 2021-03-23 16:19:49


I am also confused to admit in AKG vs SAN. Can someone provide feedback.

san admission fee 1L and fee 60k books 8500 for LKG
akg admission 60k, fee 70k and books they are not revealing, just saying they will give vendor contact 


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