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Ujay 2015-06-02 02:26:34


Hello All,

I am new to this forum/website! We are planning on relocating to Chennai next year ie. June 2015. Our kids will be entering Class 4 and Class 1 respectively. I have few schools in my mind so far, but searching for more.

My question, is there any school which does not require language at all ie. tamil, hindi, French etc. I ask this, because both the parents had hard time studying our respective languages and we don't want our kids to go through that.

If language is needed, what are the options for second and third languages?

Thank you so much!


RoshMom 2015-06-03 19:49:17


Hi theschoolexpert,  
The gateway school is not an IB school. There is no IB world school logo. No IB school would miss out on displaying the IB world school logo if it is one.  It doesn't even seem to be an IB candidate school. The website mentions that they follow American curriculum. But only for high school, it's mentioned that they follow AP. For the rest they have not even mentioned whether they follow the common core standards or any other state standards. Gateway school has CBSE, CBSE-I, CIE and American curriculum.


there is no curriculum which is free of second language. Even If it's not a regional language, at least it will be a world language like French, Spanish, German. In American gateway, it looks like they don't have 2nd language  for elementary school. But as per the American curriculum, they are supposed to have a second language at least from middle school. IB and CIE also require a second language from middle school. So I don't think you can avoid second language. 

Ujay 2015-06-09 04:21:41


Thank you, RoshMom! From what I have looked at, that is what I see.

Anuchennai 2016-03-03 23:10:39


Hi. Were you able to find any school as per your need in Chennai (No 2nd language). I have the same constraint. We are relocating from US  move next year with my 6 year old. We are sending him to tamil class here.. But I certainly have not much hopes that he should be able to catch with 1st or 2nd grade Tamil curriculum in Chennai.

Jins 2016-03-04 00:04:18


Hi anu
I am on the same situation..I have 5.5 year old daughter. We are planning g to move back chennai next year she will be there in 2 grade.each and every day I am worried about the language .I heard cbse schools start hindi and tamil in lkg in 1 standard they should write answers in sentence. I don't know how she can pick up  next year without learning letters.admission wise it's very difficult to get in north chennai side..I am looking some schools in omr side. But all the schools are expensive there..if you got any information please share with me.

Anuchennai 2016-03-04 02:24:49


My son is already 6 and when we go there he is definitely going to have his most difficult time. Try enrolling her in tamil classes in Tamil sangam. I can see some improvement. At least now he is showing interest to talk and say rhymes and he can write uyir ezhuthukkal

But writing a sentence is a huge thing :( I noticed somewhere in this forum that there are some schools starts second language only after 4th or 5th grade.



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