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Jeni2015 2015-03-13 19:25:22


Hi, I am planning to get PreKG application tomrorrow for my kid. Bit confused after surfing lot of review comments. Our priority is both Academics and Extra curricular stuffs. Is it advisable to go ahead? Thanks

yoursubhashis 2015-03-14 19:40:41


No doubt for this school. But this is ICSE Board.

Jeni2015 2015-03-17 15:38:04


Thanks for your input! We went in person to know about the fee structure. We are not happy about the transport fee they charge for the whole year - for 6-7kms around 33k :-(

yoursubhashis 2015-03-17 16:48:42


I heard the fees structure also high

Jeni2015 2015-03-17 20:15:59


yes, Fees (includes Food 10k compulsory) 50k + Donation 40k

cherab 2015-03-28 09:06:03


@jeni, is this 50k has to be paid is tuition fees along with admission fees? Or 50k every year?

Jeni2015 2015-03-29 19:50:30


@cherab, yes, 50k tuition fees along with admission fees and food beverages

cherab 2015-03-29 22:36:09


@Jeni, thanks a lot for the info.. How do u rate the school? Wat have you decided for your kid? Did you join ashram school? We went to anandavana campus and we were impressed. Do you have any idea on prekg class timings? Please share your thoughts.. It will be useful for me. Thanks in advance..

Jeni2015 2015-03-30 11:56:37


Hi Cherab, my son got admission in eurokids.
We went to anandavana campus but due to distance & relocation constraints we didnt choose Ashram. There prekg timings 9:30 to 12.. Personally I would say Ashram is a good place for kids to start..


cherab 2015-03-30 15:18:23


Thanks jeni.. Even we feel the same. My son is already in playgroup at eurokids. So, I think to continue here for prekg. I feel, travelling so long for kindergarten is difficult and would strain the kid.


jayachandrann 2015-12-19 11:03:36


Is that the ashram is ok for LKG and UKG


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