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gmuralidhara 2015-03-01 23:56:03


Hello... My son is nearing 2 yrs and i want to put him in a play school . I live in hasthinapuram , chromepet . Can someone help me in suggesting a good school around chromepet... Thanks Gayathri

 Former member 2015-06-06 17:07:29


If you take infrastructure Seed (in hasthinapuram, chrompet)  is good. It is located in ground floor with a decent playground. The ground floor consisting of three room is used only for playschool and prekg kids and the first floor is used for senior kg students.they have daycare from 9 to 6.30 and transportation too. I do not know how good they are in academics. The coordinator speaks very bad English but Aishwarya who runs the school is efficient. And I hope the staff members are good.they charge around 30,000 per anum

Kidzee(in hasthinapuram, chrompet)  is also located in the ground floor but the play area is useless without any proper roof . The play area can be used only after 6pm and that is really useless. The person who runs the school is very immature and unprofessional in the way she interacts with the parents. The walls are not painted and looks very dilapidated. And there is not enough rooms to conduct all classes. Pre kg is conducted in a veranda and I was wondering how they would they manage to keep my kid safe from the senior kg students during breaks... Kids will run around... They charge around 40,000 per year.

Kidsjunction(in hasthinapuram, chrompet) is the only day care that starts 8am in the morning. But the problem is they have the daycare and playschool in different location.  Eventhough they are only two streets away i do not want my kid to travel it appears risky. The school is very beautiful but is located in first floor and the locale is not so good and hygenic. The daycare which is near NSN school is also located in first floor and is OK. The ayyas in the school and daycare seem to be kind and caring.  I would reccommend the day care for older school kids. The lady who runs the school exudes warmth and utmost responsibility.  But the crooked stairs scared me away. They charge around 20,000 per year. 

Nikhil play school located in radha nagar main road is run in ground floor. It is in main road so very dusty. I put my son there for summer course the experience was Scarry. They are very careless about the opening and closing of the door. The parents who come to drop or pick up the kids leave it open and the staff do not care about it. I found the door wide open thrice... You could imagine how I felt... Added to that some renovation work was going on in the first floor and chunks of concrete  and cement dust were falling in front of the porch... I am unable to understand their callousness. They should not be conducting classes there or should have made some precautionary measures. The person who runs the place is efficient and whenever she was around my kid said few rhymes and some words in Hindi too. There are two teachers but only one handles the session while the other is busy talking over the phone and they also show TV a lot. They charge around 20,000.

I do not know anything about the qualification of theteachers working in these playschools we can only hope that they are all qualified. All the above are my personal opinions formulated through the interaction I had with them it may be correct or biased so you do go and check in person


sri0309 2015-06-08 12:21:16


List some of the play school which is having moderate level of infra and other activities

1. Bumble Bee play school -  infra okay. moderate in other activities.
2. Bharrathi play school  - charge around 30-35 per annum - ground floor.
3. Srishti Montessori  - followed Montessori education (activity and sensorial based). - around 27k per annum. it is in first floor.

reachsenthil 2015-07-29 16:44:02


Hi Muralidar,

Where did you put your kid finally? I am looking for a pre-school in hasthinapuram area.


prakashjk 2018-05-23 01:02:29


Try Jordans International Preschool. One of the best in terms of infrastructure and curriculum. Also they have a stable set of teachers and proper school vans for transport. 

Smiley4u 2018-06-08 06:50:38


If you are looking for a proper and well regulated , approved preschool which provides Montessori education, make a quick visit to American Montessori international school in chitlapakkam/ chromepet..... has transport , but no daycare!


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