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Nithya2012 2015-02-05 06:54:00


Hi all, I am Nithya from saidapet.. My daughter name is Sanju. For the last 1 month am in a full confusin on which school to put my daughter.. Her dob is sep 2012. Should I put her in Play school or pre LG. Please give Me suggestions on this. I am really new to this forum, your valuable insight on this would be really helpful..

 Former member 2015-02-05 08:02:10


Hi Nithya,

Your daughter is eligible for pre-kg..My son dob is 02-Jun-2012. I joined him in pre-kg.

SanjusMamma 2015-02-05 09:11:18


Better put her in pre.k.g... Nowadays getting L.K.G seat in good schools are tough.. Pre.k.g u can get it easily...

PreeRajesh 2015-02-05 10:24:07


Rightly said sanjumamma  ... I was scared to send my daughter in van for schools at 2.5 yrs so i have put her in preschool which was close to my house .. Now we are struggling to get seats in schools for UKG ...

Archana1908 2015-02-05 22:09:38


my daughter is born Sep 2012 also. Have started applying in couple of schools pre KG. As someone rightly said, getting pre-KG is easier than any other higher classes.

Sureshk360 2015-02-06 00:21:05


At the age of 2.5 yrs you can put your daughter in play schools or Pre-KG in some recognized schools. 
If you planning to put your daughter in CBSE school, try to get admission for Pre-kg itself, nowadays it's difficult to get an admission for LKG when compare with Pre-Kg (CBSE Syllabus)  
In-case if you want your daughter to be in Matriculation school, you can put your daughter in some good playschool, but don't continue her LKG in playschools, coz it's difficult to get admission for UKG or 1st std in CBSE as well as in Matric. 
Matric Age criteria for LKG : 3yrs, CBSE : 3.5 yrs.
Pre -kg Age criteria for CBSE : 2.6 Yrs ( Some schools 2.5 Yrs )

Nithya2012 2015-02-18 22:16:32


Apologize for the late response!

Thanks ALL for your reply .. :) :)

As I am staying Saidapet, closest schools are Jawahar vidyalaya, BS Mootha, Narayana Mission. I have got application in BS Mootha and waiting for JV and Narayana mission application.


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