Asan memorial school reviews and fee structure.

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sweetyprathi 2014-12-20 14:08:57


Hi frs i ve decided yo put my lil one in asan memorial s play school the carousel. Since v r shifting our house to choolaimedu frm tambaram in april. They r d only one who din ask for a address proof near d school itself. They said they ll take d child to l.k.g directly to the main school. Please help me with the reviews abt the school w.r.t academics, communicative skills n exposure of srudents. Please do reply. As i ve to pay d fee Soon.

Sithi 2014-12-23 15:20:42


Hi@sweety hav u paid the fees??? Hav u got any Gud reviews??? Me too planning to join my kid Bt not yet received the call.. So I called and checked with the school they asked me to come and meet on fifth jan... If u hav joined ur kid pls do share the admission process and fee structure... Thanks in advance 

sweetyprathi 2014-12-23 16:58:35


No yar. For l.k.g i heard its 36,000 To b paid in two installments. Dono abt registration fee. Bt still its wt i got frm existing parent. Pls do confirm

Sithi 2014-12-23 20:23:40


Thank u so much... I thought tat u might hav paid the fees...So I need to wait until jan 5th... Will let u know whn I know any details... So  hav u decided abt ur kids schooling???

sweetyprathi 2014-12-23 20:50:53


Nope. Quite confused. Since v r yet to shift. .heard abt nArayana e techno group. Hope ll Join in any one of d branch.wt abt u? @wr do u stay?

Sithi 2014-12-23 22:48:32


I'm in mint... So need schools in and around 5-10 km radius.. Chinmaya, sindhi model and asan hav pre kg, bhavans sherwoodhall don't... So need to choose from above 3 schools... He is 2012 born so not eligible for lkg... Pls do Reply to my mail id

sandeepsagar 2014-12-28 20:51:11


This is Sandeep looking for admitting my son in asan for LKG. Can you please throw some information on fee structure and admission process (interview)..Thanks..


Karish12 2015-01-21 14:43:04


Did anyone find about the fees structure for ASAN. Could you please share the same.
I have an interview for my daughter tomorrow for LKG. I am worried as she is very shy type and don't speak much. Also can you share on what they have asked during interview.


sweetyprathi 2015-01-21 14:50:30


Hi karish, am nt aware abt the l.k.g fees. i was looking fr pre.k.g. It was 72000 Term fees and 50000 Admission fees. No tramsportation. Bt i heard tat l.k.g fees is nominal only around 40000.

Susil 2015-02-23 16:26:52


Hi Friends...

Any one has joined their Kid at Asan.. By this time we all know about the fees but what is the fees next year onward ..

Is it worth to pay such huge money and proceed .

Please advise .


Arch1234 2017-03-01 14:37:23


Hi sir, even we have got admission in as an.But don know how details school is


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