narayanan e techno school (cbse) in the pallavaram thoraipakkam road

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Ashok1 2015-03-20 14:41:28


Do they have any open play ground apart from in front of the campus?

vinc 2015-03-27 13:39:54


Nope. no play ground except the play area in the front. We were told that they are trying to acquire the land behind the school. But that was more an answer and dont think it to be serious. In general, narayana is more academic oriented and better not to expect anything extra from them

vinc 2015-03-27 13:44:44


We too got a call to collect the challan and pay the fees by Mar 31. Has anyone here done the formalities already ? Is there an option to just pay the tuition fee now and decide on  the transport later ?

Irulappan 2015-03-27 13:52:36


@vinc, Now you have to pay 1st term Fee and Book Fee. No need to pay transport now. I have enrolled my kid for LKG.  I have paid  27000 for 1st term and 10000 for Book Fee.



vinc 2015-03-30 20:42:46


Got the challan from the school to pay the fees. I was told that the fee payment date is extended to APril 10th. Also they have admitted about 150 kids for LKG. Not sure if their plan is to increase the no. of sections or decrease the student teacher ratio.

Saranganap 2015-03-30 22:29:22


Hi All, I admitted my son at 1std. Got the mixed rereviews from my friends..Hope will be good here. Any 1std Kids parents there in the group.

vinc 2015-04-09 10:17:48


School has asked us to collect the Transport Appln form and mentioned that payment wil be requested in June. We live in Zamin Pallavaram and feel the transport Fee of 20K is very high. Hoping to check on some Private Mode of transport. Any other parents living in Zamin Pallavaram interested to explore this option  ???

Alagu123 2015-04-09 15:29:31


hi PreeRajesh,

Yesterday(08/08/2015) we got admitted our daughter (Bhaarghavi) for U.K.G. we can keep in touch....tell me you daughter name. where do you stay...


PreeRajesh 2015-04-09 17:07:04


Hi alagu , Hope you are doing good ....
My  daughter name is Diya .. We are staying in s.kolathur , engg avenue . Where do you stay ..
can you please share your mobile number to my email id ( 


Alagu123 2015-04-15 18:18:45


hi PreeRajesh,
i mailed you my contact number.
Did you pay the tuition fees already?

aarthiprak 2015-04-30 17:22:58


Hai ,
Any one arranging private Transport for Narayana techno school pallavaram..I am staying in zamin pallavaram and joined my son for lkg this year.

vinc 2015-05-27 17:56:37


Hi... Our daughter too is enrolled in LKG and we live in Zamin Pallavaram. we are open for Private Transport options. I already have abt 3 kids from our apartment. Reach me at if we could discuss further on this.

charukamal 2015-06-09 11:06:58


Can any one tell where is the velachery campus which will be opening in 2016?


vinc 2015-06-10 14:15:26


While exploring for Private transport from Zamin Pallavaram, I got a reference for a Van guy who is ready to do daily trips.

The cost should be around or less than 1000Rs per month. There are about 3 kids in the same building that we live in. So if someone is interested, please mail me or msg me here and we can discuss further on this.


gugupapa 2015-06-12 04:19:06


Hello Parents, Went to Narayana school pallavaram for my daughter LKG admission. Two weeks back when I called they said admn available but today they are saying it's closed and there are 7 sections for Lkg and all got filled up.. Looks like attracting attention. .. and also I've seen all the posts by you all about school construction saying like will end in March but it seems it still on going. .. pls suggest.. Can I go ahead and enroll my kid.... thanks

gugupapa 2015-06-12 04:23:47


But then they asked me to fill up enquiry form and gave one staffs no so that I get admn.. and also told admn fee is 25000 but many of you have said like 10000... pls suggest. . For kgs school starts on 26

jjjroy 2015-06-12 07:32:48


It depends on your need based on other options available. I think you are going at the very last moment, hence there is a demand it seems. But still when compared to other schools, this amount seems to be lesser. Even though school start delayed, school seems to be reasonable one. Can you please let us know what other options you have?

gugupapa 2015-06-12 09:57:55


Yes you're right fee structure is less. Actually am in Anna nagar and shifting to nanmangalam. Tried San academy in early March but admn closed. Now trying to get into Narayana school. Fingers crossed. ..

Saranganap 2015-06-15 20:04:25


Hi looks like school is not entertaining private transport as my van driver not accepting to do the service. Any body facing such issue.

gugupapa 2015-06-16 20:38:45


Hello Parents, Today enrolled my daughter in LKG class. Paid 25k admn fee n 1k admn form fee, both by cheque. Rest of the amount they gave option of paying later. School reopens on 26th... Hope my kid ( not only mine but all little ones) likes/loves this school... as she loved going to her prekg school Kinder Nest in Anna nagar. ..

Irulappan 2015-06-17 09:10:44



I enrolled my daughter in LKG. I am from nanmangalam (Opp to arun hospital). Where are you in nanmangalam.



vinc 2015-06-17 13:55:29


I heard that they have closed the transport options for this year and are not giving any more transport application forms.


gugupapa 2015-06-17 15:24:04


@Irulappan: Hi, I'm Gautam Ramamoorthy. I couldn't shift to nanmangalam due to some (owner, house) reason. But I'm shifting to Madipakkam this Saturday. Good to know that you are in nanmangalam. .. we can meet ...

Irulappan 2015-06-17 16:18:24



yes we can meet. My daughter name is lakshanya.



NaveenKrishnan 2015-06-18 12:53:43


Can anyone tell me, How is the education in Narayana School...

aarthiprak 2015-06-18 13:12:30


Regarding Private Transport we had mailed u at . From prakash.
Let me know if private transport is arranged.  

aarthiprak 2015-06-18 13:12:57


Any idea on School Uniform,when its given.

Saranganap 2015-07-02 12:58:04



Anyone using Private Transport from S Kolathur and Pallikaranai area, Please let me know. Thanks in Advance



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