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baladitya 2014-12-11 15:13:40


Dear Parents,
Iam planning to join my daughter in thi sschool for LKG
Kindly let me know how the school performs in academics and extra curricular activities..

Awaiting your response ....

Hemanath 2014-12-17 15:17:52


I had been looking for similar schools in chennai that offer ICE/IB curriculum. In my opinion i found TIPS - http://tipsglobal.org/tips_chennai.php far matured. This school has been granted the IB on Nov-2014 .
IB method focusses on building the child's inquisitiveness in the early years. They have a vigorous curriculum as the child progress to  the senior secondary . I think it would be worth the money invested for the child's future. Only two schools in Chennai are registered with IB , the other being American International school. 
All the best!

SSA3011 2014-12-17 16:00:05


i just submitted my application for my child for prekg @ HIS. They have called for an interaction session this saturday. Should see whats waiting. Anyone who can throw light on the standard of the school and the staffs will be appreciated.

baladitya 2014-12-18 21:53:51


Hi SSA3011,

Kindly let me know how the interaction went and your opinion about the school.


SSA3011 2014-12-19 18:23:32


Sure baladitya.. Its new to me too.. Any idea how interaction session go? Where have u put ur kid for prekg

SSA3011 2014-12-21 11:12:44


Hi all,
The interaction went on stress free and well. My son got selected. The took each child with parents to the class where there were two teachers and two maids and showed  all the learning toys.tthey actually make it easy for kids especially for a kid  like me who is very shy. Then we met the principal. She had seen my son's performance thru cc camera on her laptop.
teachers and staff friendly,  doesn't look a pressurizing envi for kids ( at the first look).
Playground is quite small. Hopefully they will expand ltr

For prekg to ukg
Admission-50k- non refundable
Caution deposit _25k - refundable
Special fees -20k- uniform, books,stationaries,etc ( wonder what books n stationaries for prekg log !!!!)
3 terms fees - 60k - 20k each term
They have till 6th grade running now, next academic year 7th grade is starting, by 2016 they intend to start 8 & 9 grades
All these in the same campus, that's what I got confirmed from principal coz I don't want to move to diff places later as this is close to my house


 Former member 2015-03-18 01:46:33


Thanks for the info.

im just wondering will they be able to expand as the place is small compared to other international schools in Chennai. But i like the place as it is in prime location. The only thing which worries is for long term. Can our child pursue higher studies here or do we need to change later and also for this cost are we provided with all facilities like HUS.


savmad 2015-03-26 09:44:05


it is far behind international standards in teaching,activities and facilities

savmad 2015-03-26 09:49:12


I find it  is centrally located but   lacks space The school is closed on All rainy days the rain water mixed with sewage water floods  the entire campus including the classrooms parking area . Awfully unhygienic for an Intl school

The school has no proper  playground, no PTA ,no science lab, no canteen, no digital library (as Promised during admission)no robotics , no competition among students.(Grades 1- 6 not more than 3 in a class) no peer learning.

 notes  questions and answers  excesive home work …..  matric style are the only choice not worth the fees we pay

In six months old school  five teachers have already left it.!!!!!!

It has grades 1 -6 what happens later …Karpakkam is too far ….. as a parent I will look for a school for K -12  (14 years) in the same campus. Looking elsewhere for sure


 Former member 2015-03-28 12:53:35


Thanks for the info savmad.

I can say it looks like a play school and not school for other grades.Place is small and the building from outside looks like old engg college.Nice location but not properly projected.Entire infra has to be renovated and make it like other international schools.



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