Looking for a decent Pre School in Alwarpet, RA Puram Area

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juniorbansal 2010-03-25 13:20:38


Last year i put my son in A School in TTK Road Alwarpet. That was utter junk and they just cheated us with brand name and false promises. When we went there we got decieved and pulled our son out.  25k went under the water.

Nobody at A school knew how to handle children or have patience and that became a old story.

Now again we are trying to put him into school. I visited a few schools in this area and personally not satisfied with any . These are the following schools that i visited

1) Sugar N Spice - Doesnt look ok to me. Crampy with very little space

2) Bamboola - Not keeping eye on children.

3) Bambino - looks like a tatched shed

4)Vruksha - Not keeping eye on children.

5) Alphabet - Fast Track Kids - Hefty Fees. But didnt find any potential problems

6) Kids Central - Kottur - Looks ok. But will visit again on saturday

I am not looking at calibre foundation also as they are just cashing in money using YGP's name.

I am skeptical about euro kids and other franchise model based schools as franchisees need only money, money, money and nothing else

I thought of checking out ALPS (Academy for LIL people) in mylapore. But they have shifted to Peters road it seems.

Can anybody suggest me some decent schools please? Even if you are going to contradict my view points about the above mentioned schools you are most welcome as opinions always differ.

I went through reviews, forums of this site and couldnt find anything that would help my area of alwarpet, r.a. puram, kottur,mylapore

Please advice






NJ 2010-03-26 13:29:50


I was thinking of Bamboola , but I have not visited it yet as we will be shifting to Chennai only by next month. Can you please elaborate on what you meant by "not keeping an eye on children".


oshuma 2011-03-29 15:21:24


 Even I did not find Bamboola apealing.. kids cramped into small room. As you said A school is just a hype. Am yet to find a good school for my 1.5 year old. He goes to Euro Kids now, but near my parents place in ashok nagar. Its been good so far. But would like to move him closer home, alwarpet !


dewdrop 2011-03-29 16:47:58


 Where is Eurokids in Ashoknagar? does it have transport facility?


juniorbansal 2011-03-29 18:13:25


 My son went to fast track kids near rain tree in st marys road. it was a great school but a bit expensive


oshuma 2011-03-29 20:17:47


 On ho Euro Kids in Ashok Nagar dosent have transportation facility. 

Yes, been to fast track kids. Looks fine to me. But they dont take kids below 2. My son would be 1.5 in June. 

Any parent sending their kid to the payschool of A School Alwarpet ....would like to know reviews/feedback....




animom 2011-07-27 20:13:45


Can someone give a review about Bambino ? I am yet to visit the school for my son who is 5 years old.....I live in T.Nagar and looking out for a suitable kindergarten school to put him in UKG level


NJ 2011-07-28 07:41:56


Bambino is a good school, I heard from a parent in my flat complex who has put her daughter there. The only problem here that I see is that the school is only till 5th std and they dont have plans to increase after that. So after that you have to scout for schools. If you are leaving the city midway then there is no issue, but else getting admission in good schools for higher classes is very difficult.


rhearhea 2012-04-13 14:46:02


Hello mommies--------------------i"ve had a fantatstic experience at alps........they have done wonders for my child and i am enrollin my 1 plus year old this term for the parent and I---------------------Just wanted to share my experience with all----------they have such an eclectic mix of playway an Montessori-----------------------i love the way we are informed and kept in the loop-------i had no real advive when we moved into chennai-----may be this is my way of saying -THANKS ALPS!


PavithraRaj 2016-02-10 16:28:26


Hi mommies... I'm new to this - both motherhood & school hunting... ;) My son is turning 3 this april & I'm looking for good montessori type schools at this exact location - ra puram, mandaveli, mylapore area... Can you guys help me out? I've applied for vruksha - Alwarpet. But they have way too many applicants. so not sure about the admission.
How is sprout? 
And Bambino - I read online that they focus too much on academics... trying to avoid such academic oriented schools... 
Thanks friends..


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