Pre kg admission for 2015-2016 in Rajkilpakkam

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 Former member 2014-11-20 18:19:46


Dear Friends,
I am Lakshmi Prasannan.
Newly joined in this group.
I have a kid 2.1yrs old.Planning to put in Pre-kg.
I went to Little wonders -Rajkilpakkam,Trileaves International.
I also have few more schools listed below:
2.Little wonders
5.Time kids
6.Bunnies Villa.
I would like to know from your end how to select the right school.
Also i came to know that if we get into schools Little wonder,kudos etc which are corporate operated or private our chances of getting into other schools for Std 1 is remote?
Also when i went to trileaves i saw teacher wearing Jeans.
Is it ok since they follow Cambridge level.
My other query is how good the cambridge or Edexel based system really help the kid
comparing to the CBSE board.
Also came to know from my friends that many home makers have joined as Pre-school teachers.
All my doubts are typed.Kindly guide me so that it will be of good help.

sweetyprathi 2014-11-20 18:33:09


Hi akshi, trileaves said tat they are goin to start cbse board too in two yrs. So u may change to. cbse then. Bt if u put ur child in play school till u.k.g. Getting admission in good schools is damn tough. Few schools ve only frm l.k.g. So atleast put her for l.k.g in big school. Bt still trileaves is a new school. Also Cambridge syllabus is good only if u r goin abroad or if u r goin to send her abroad for studies.

 Former member 2014-11-20 20:54:14


Thanks Yaar.But I wanted the real feedback from Trileaves.They said 3 staffs and 2 care takers for 26 students 
I don't know what syllabus or system they follow.
So i am confused only on that.Other wise its ok.
What about the other schools that i mentioned.Any clues???
Let me know.
I am also called for Horizon for orientation.Kudos as well on next week.

Lakshmi Prasannan


sweetyprathi 2014-11-20 23:13:38


Check out other discussions in this website. Since i ve no direct review of these school. I am put up in west tambaram. My kid goes to apple kids near my home. Its better if u go in person to all these school. U ll defnitely be able to guess which ll be good for ur kid.

 Former member 2014-12-11 12:57:35


Ok Thanks fyi.

Well i knew that the follow cambridge curriculum.
one of the member wrote that Trileaves has no plans for activities and field trips.which was the only negative fb that i got.
Wanted to clarify on that.


sweetyprathi 2014-12-11 20:54:37


Hi check the facebook page of their school they do ve lots of activities i guess

 Former member 2014-12-12 11:33:22


i also have ABC MONTESSORI MADAMBAKKAM AND Horizon international after which i am plannin to decide.
Thank u very much,
I shall update on admission.
I went to kidzee .But they r not allowing to see the class rooms.
So i thought i can select from ABC montessori(they have asked me to come on may for admission),Horizon(i have orientation on Dec18th) if not satisfied i am planning to put her in Trileaves.If u come across feddback on horizon and abc montessori let me know


manojbc 2014-12-18 11:47:23


Trileaves is good school. You can check my review as well. They have currently received Cambridge affiliation ( IGSCE ) and they would pursue to get CBSE as well.  I'm not sure of Horizon school, but have heard positive comments about it.
You should not worry about the dress what teachers wear , see if your son/daughter is being taken care and they enjoy in the school and learn many things through fun. They have currently till 5th standard and they are expanding by constructing a new building opposite to current campus. Hope my response helps you in your decision.
Finally what works for one  need not work for others. Currently i have only positives to say about the school  :0


 Former member 2014-12-19 21:23:32


Thank you all for reviews!!!
well i came to know few intl school staff follow diff uniform wrt western style.
Anyways i too know it wont count.But i was thinking in some other aspect.
Thank u all once again.
i shall inform u once i complete  the admission.
(Trileaves or ABC american montessori)



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