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manojbc 2017-03-17 12:37:43



Which area are you from  is it Madambakkam ?. In a recent Times of India survey results, there was name of Alpha International ( near Sembakkam) among the emerging schools, then there are Boaz/MAV/ZION , if your spouse is Govt employee there are Kendriya Vidyalayas . Then in Camp Road you have St Marks. Further far there are Delhi Public School /SSN/Velammal /Sri Chaitanya, they all have transportation . All are good schools as far as i have heard
Eventually as a parent you have to decide , what works well for a child/parent would not work well for others. 
Are you looking  for brand ?
Are you looking for different kind of teaching approach and not Rot learning?
Are you looking for school where school fees is less  ( only KVs have less fee)
Are you looking for a school where your child travel less
Are you looking for school where you have Studies/Sports/Dance/Karate/Swimming/Horse Riding

Question are many , eventually as a parent you decide, there are bad/good about schools. you can get good /bad/ugly comments
My son is in Trileaves, im happy with his progress till date, there are things which i might not be happy , but you cannot expect 100% satisfaction anywhere. My son enjoys the schools  , as parent its our responsibility to teach our kids to competitive , so we need to put in extra . I cannot hold the school/teacher responsible for my child growth and future  just because we are paying


shisha33 2017-03-22 12:52:05


adding to point to Manojabc , horizon international school , we have , which is comparitively lesse fees than trileaves and overall seems to good with less stress :)


shasha14 2017-03-23 17:16:11


Dear  manojbc  &  shisha33!!
Thanks for your detail information. Yes we are staying near that area. We are still in ambiguous. My son is 2.8 years. Nevertheless, he is already in  PLAY GROUP in one of the named pre school. We are planning for Kid Zee... 
Please advice us, wheather Kidzee is enough for Pre Kg or putting him in Horizon / Tri leaves or some other will be better? 
Its better to put him in PRE KG or from LKG? My son is so shrewd. 
Kindly advice us. I heard its 130000 in Trileaves for Pre KG. Horizon i have to check. . Please clairfy me ASAP.
Sorry for bothering you....Trileaves is 3 km from our house and Horizon is 1 km from our house. Even Kovilanchery is 2.5 km from our house.

 shisha33 :
May i know, in which school your kid is studying? If Horizon? Are you satisfied with that? My son is very much interested in Playing and Dancing ( Extra,Curricular. Activities) Please reply me ASAP.


manojbc 2017-03-23 19:06:45


@ Shasha
Put him in a school directly and not in some playschool and later search for full time school

At this age of 2.8 , try to put in a school where he feels happy to go daily and plus learns basic things .Every school has basic CCA like dancing /music/arts and crafts

shisha33 2017-03-24 10:13:14


Yes I too advice u to join him in good school so again school search is difficult ,and horizon is IGCSC edexcel method, so kids will enjoy and comparatively less fees than trileaves and very near to u . All the best :)

shasha14 2017-03-24 15:26:11


 shisha33 /  manojbc

SBOA School is ok?????

shisha33 2017-04-10 14:45:03


Hi Shasha14
Really i am not aware were SBOA is located ? where is it ?


shasha14 2017-04-11 09:24:58


Hi  shisha33,
 SBOA based near mambakkam. They started their admission this year. Next year they will be with full swing of admission. 

gauri15 2017-04-11 12:00:11



We just came from Delhi. My son is going to 1st std. Due to husbands job we came late. I and my husband went to Alwin, Trileaves and Horizon. Alwin is a CBSE school. But we did not like it because lot of children in one class plus staff also not friendly. traditional setup building. but i dont want my son to be in a school where too many kids are in one classroom. My neighbor also said they have rote will not work for my son as he cant do rote. I went to Horizon too . But they have small place. They said they are going to move but i want nearby location. I have found a house near hansa apartments. Horizon tried to convince us a lot. My son also did very well in their entrance exam but i heard horizon is ok for kg but not good for higher studies. we will be here for 5 to 6 years and dont want to change school in between. In trileaves we had interview. my son also did well but they have put us in waiting list. and asked us to wait for 1 more week. My son liked trileaves a lot as the staff were very friendly. One con was they dont have playground but said work is going on and they will hav ground soon. I am really confused. 


manojbc 2017-04-11 13:26:18


Trileaves has become much more strict to maintain a student : teacher ratio. I think its 1:20. So a class has 2 teachers if the count of students are more. My son is Trileaves since 4 years , i must admit he has grown with school. You can hear postive and negative comments about the school, but i would only have positive. Yes there is no ground , but Trileaves does not follow the rote learning techniques, its more practical and fun way
 Im not sure what is meant by ' waitlisted '. Probably all section must be full and might be thinking if they can add more classes. You should wait, you should try other schools as well, but you can follow up with Trileaves


GAYATHRI12 2017-04-11 17:58:56



My daughter is also in Trileaves and I am very happy. i heard they are taking in very few students this year. and the admission process has become strict too. i really hope you get through. all the very best. I wil try to contact someone from school and let u know if waitlisted candidates have a chance.


lavannya 2017-04-11 20:32:00


Hi gauri, have you got admission for igcse or cbse? In Trileaves

lavannya 2017-04-11 21:30:27


I have already taken my daughter out of Trileaves and got admission in another school.

lavannya 2017-04-11 21:51:38


As I was not satisfied I took this decision now its upto you how you evaluate a school for your kid. I would just suggest you that if you go for any well established schools you need not have any second opinion but when you go for newly setup schools for example may be Trileaves or alpha or athichudi and many others....( There are many new schools emerging in and around tambram ) please think and analyze many times before you decide for your kid's future as time once gone won't come back....

shisha33 2017-04-19 15:47:15


yes lavanya right said ...where u have joined ur daughter ?

shisha33 2017-04-19 15:51:17


when i browed i get this SBIOA Unity Enclave Mambakkam, Is this the real SBOA school .since there is slight difference in spelling asking u , have u gone to school ? 

lavannya 2017-04-20 19:27:05


I have put her in play school once again to repeat ukg.

shasha14 2017-04-21 10:38:35


 Hi shisha33
SBOA and SBIOA both are same. Even i got a same doubt and i clarified. Its State Bank of India Officers Association SBIOA. State Bank Officers Association SBOA.
BTW, wher is your kids studying? I plan to put my kid in SBIOA next year.


chennai2015 2017-07-08 01:41:11


I totally disagree with Shisha33. 

Surprise tests are taken by teachers to see how much the child has understood at school. There were times when my child did not perform well at surprise tests. But with the help of her teachers she got the concepts clear.

Money minded??? I haven't been charged anywhere in the academic year wherein I could say school always keeps asking for money. It is an upcoming school, so 4 years back itself we knew school would gradually increase the fees.

None of the students from my 2 kids class moved out of the school citing the reason as not a good school.

Infact some kids have moved in from other nearby branded schools.

I would highly recommend Trileaves school to other parents. 



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