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thika 2015-03-09 21:50:01


Is distance is criteria for SBOA

rajeshkumarjames 2015-03-10 09:51:56



jjen 2015-03-13 06:35:39


is the interview process still going on for LKG? in which application series is it in now? can anyone reply..

kssendhil 2015-03-13 09:27:47


@jjen                 Yes..... Interview process is still going on.....They told that It will complete by tomorrow.....Don't know the series......

ppartha 2015-03-13 16:16:32


Can anyone tell till which series d interview is over. ..mine is 2000 series..any idea dat probably wen cud it be?? Thanks

jojack 2015-03-13 18:31:42


Is they conducting interview for dibiling cat???

thika 2015-03-13 22:21:26


@Ppartha when u hv attended the interview

ppartha 2015-03-14 15:23:29


@thika no I haven't. I dint get any sms till

thika 2015-03-14 20:26:08


Most of the schools announced the results and balance schools will complete admission by next week. It seems SBOA still conducting interview. Hope they will announce results in time

damodharan 2015-03-16 13:56:19


Did anyone got any message regarding the admission or to pay the donation amount.. Please confirm. I'm waiting for the sms from school.

damodharan 2015-03-18 04:51:59


I heard they are calling back the prekg students to conduct the interviews. Just a formality and to confirm the donation.. Please share if you have any info. Is there any one who is still attending interview on general category.???

karsa 2015-03-18 07:33:33


anybody got sms / feedback about admission.

Kaviya06 2015-03-18 10:40:34


no not yet................pls inform if someone gets sms

Kaviya06 2015-03-18 10:41:34


when will the classes for LKG starts..........any idea?

thika 2015-03-18 18:07:59


Still sms not received

damodharan 2015-03-18 18:53:11


Lkg should start around 10th Apr and will run for 10 Days

thika 2015-03-20 20:54:19


Any info regarding lkg results

karsa 2015-03-21 10:04:51


am also awaiting...

kaleem 2015-03-22 12:42:24


Hi damodharan,

For prekg students they are calling for conforming donation or need to quote donation.


25032011 2015-03-23 10:43:59


no not yet iam also waiting for the same

25032011 2015-03-23 10:47:07


Did anyone got information about LKG result

 Former member 2015-03-23 13:07:12


Did any one got call after interview?.

damodharan 2015-03-23 14:07:08


Thanks Kaleem. I'm also eagerly waiting for the result.

 Former member 2015-03-24 00:09:46


Did any one got call or message after attending the LKG interview.If so plz update it.

25032011 2015-03-24 12:54:18


iam also waiting for lkg admission result

Kaviya06 2015-03-25 06:01:27


i hav applied only in sboa and eagerly awaiting for the result.pls inform if some one gets a message


karsa 2015-03-25 10:05:52


Heard from one of sibling parents, school has asked to pay fees for joining..
pl update if anyone got sms..

jithpg 2015-03-25 11:27:35


I heard only sibling quata selected list is published in school..  General category will be publish within 3 days through sms

25032011 2015-03-25 15:13:45


dDear jith
Thank u for the information


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