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jaish 2010-03-17 18:38:53


Hi all i put my child in aschool but my i am not at all much happy with their activies wat they are going....

My daughter is 4 yrs i cant able to try for other school being she is going for UKG i like to be her in CBSE someone help me out if u can


bindusri 2010-03-17 19:48:30


Hi Could u pls tell y u r not inteseted or unhappy. I am asking this bcoz i have admitted my daughter in this school. I wanna know whats happening thatsy....Thanks


jaish 2010-03-18 16:19:07


Bcoz they r not doing anything properly the teachers are keep on changing,no proper transportation facility,especially no proper commn initially i am was working but on tht time i dont know wats happening in the school...........for last 4 months i am not working and i am taking care of her myself...................

I dont felt unhappy i also have the doubt whether  to continue or not ?


Anzer 2011-03-07 11:05:37


Does anyone got refund from ASchool


Sayes1 2011-06-27 11:46:04


Worst school ever in chennai, thers no security for our kids....... my kid got hurt and she was bleeding they dint even do the first aid, they were waiting for me to come ...... such sick people


Sayes1 2011-06-27 11:46:56


oh Jaish, did you put him in some school or still in the same Aschool.......


APP 2011-09-12 15:00:12


hi, i am planning to take my kid for her admision tomorrow to A School.... do i have a go-ahead with positive signs from any of you....... pls suggest. me and my hubby are carried with the brand image and also, felt since it falls under the umbrella of Chettinad Gps, it would be a right choice. but after going through all the comments - almost 70% of -ve comments, felt i should  take your suggestions for this.. before we decide up on her admission here


Saranroyal 2011-09-12 15:32:57


hi App,

A School is not yet matured, just they are using the brand name of "chettinad group", but they don't have experienced or well equipped teachers for the kids.    My son joined the Alwarpet branch 2 years ago and I realised within 2 months that it is not a best place for him and made him join "Bamboola in RA puram", he enjoyed being in Bamboola than in A-Schoo.    So please don't go for A-School.



Sayes1 2011-09-12 17:39:44


Hey App,


Pls dont put your kid in Aschool, if you really care for your childs career, and if u r convinced with A school, one day go ther around 11.55 to any branch and see whats happening and try to talk to the parents who will be picking ther kids.


My daughter started suffocating aand she vomits everyday wen she comes from school.

Now I put her in Velammal, the school experts...... she is great ther.


Sayes1 2011-09-12 17:41:53



If you can bring the Indian black money from Swiss bank, then we can think of getting refund, I think even that is possible than collecting refund from them, more than refund when you go for refund to their so called foundation, the way they treat you will be the worst in the world.


APP 2011-09-12 18:08:46


thanks guys for your suggestions.. thanks a lot... i will definiteleyt will do a double thinking now..


APP 2011-09-13 13:38:54


hi all...... we actually went to A School today.... but thank god we have not paid the fees. just wanted to be there and find out how they do things over there...

reception was sick! and no one to attend us...sometime later had a person from Admin- she called herself as a counsellor but she hardly had patience to respond to our queries..... there was no one except us.... and they actualy told us all the slots are full and we will not get our appointment today :); but we hardly saw anyone....

u know what!! she did not even bother to ask about my child -- not even her name and age, who was playing next to me...but very prompt in giving all briefouts on fees structure..also when we wanted to know about the new scholll building coming up in Pallikaranai, she was very blunt in telling that she doesnot know anything and also added that SHE WAS ASKED to say that they are coming up with a facility in Pallikarnai. she was not interested in answering to us, rather more interested in collecting the fee amount from us

also, they have boasted in website that anyone going to A School for Child's admission, will be treated with tea/coffee/snacks...but believe me, not even water/Seat was offered to us.... also, no one other than sweeper/watchman and 2 office assisstants were there at 9.30 AM on a working day... with 2-3 office sick man!!!!  anyway....we woke up as we went there......

thought of sharing this with you all...


chitra15 2011-09-13 14:47:22


 hi APP,


I consider u as one of the luckiest parents for not hving wasted u r hard earned money.i was one such victim.though i took my kid out of the school i still blogging so that some one will get be say it very clearly A school is far fat worst than a government scholl.atleast in govt school the staffs will be permanent .i will not say A school is the worst school in chennai it is the worst school in the whole of universe and no other school how much hard they try can not beat A schools record in this.

 Parents if r having thoughts of enrolling u r kids in A school please don't .



Anzer 2011-09-13 16:46:55



I finally gave up ..atleast I am happy I didn't continue my kid in the school.she is happy in Shisya


MeenakshiGanesh 2012-10-29 18:35:10


 Recently I find a lot of encouraging activities happening in ASchool. They are very active on facebook . Any concerns we are able to raise it on Facebook timeline and they promptly respond.



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