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divideepak 2014-10-01 15:21:01


Pls let me know the admission procedure for NPS Gopalapuram.

for whom they give priority?

any recommendation needed? for Mont 1 section?

2015-16 admission

Sureshk360 2014-10-09 04:01:05


Hi  divideepak,

 National Public School is a very good school, Myself and my sister studied in NPS, but earlier it was called as NES (National English School. I tried to put my sister daughter in NPS for LKG we didn't get the admission. However; she got an admission in rosary matriculation.

 If you are trying to put your child in Montessori, your child age has to be 3 years which has been mention in their website, but i also see some parents standing to get admission for 2.5 years so kindly confirm with the school ( Phone Number

91 - 044 - 2835 1973 / 091 - 044 - 2835 1974

 your residence should be less than 5km, (Pls recheck for KM) the priority will be given for any one of sibling studying in the same school. Admission form will be provided in the school by submitting the DOB certificate. Form fees will be 250 - 500 (Not sure) Admission form will not be given to the relatives of the children, the Form will be given only to the parents after a small interview session.

 Even if you get an admission for Montessori, that doesn't mean your child will be automatically placed to LKG. you again have to apply for LKG admission.




divideepak 2014-10-09 15:46:49


Thnx for answering.

in NPS there s oly limited seats we heard of..

after completing mont section the children will go to Ist std directly. there is no need to wait for LKG.

does the school encourage extra curricular activities?

pls suggest some other schools with mont section (egmore,chetpet,paris,royapettah,mylapore,alwarpet)

thanks for sharing valuable information.


Sureshk360 2014-10-09 19:15:15


Hi divideepak,

Sorry for the typo, instead of mentioning 1st std i had mention LKG. Thanks for the correction.

I personally don’t have an experience on these area for Montessori (egmore,chetpet,paris,royapettah,mylapore,alwarpet) but On my other article I had mention about play schools in Kilpauk, let’s see if it would be useful for you.


divideepak 2014-10-10 15:54:16



Thanks for considering my queries:) will check to that:)


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