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 Former member 2011-05-18 15:43:24


Hai All,

Can anybody help me with the private van numbers who can go from Brindavan Nagar, Adambakkam to BVM.

Since I am new to this place, expect your help.

Expecting your reply.

Thanks in advance.






sweetmom 2011-10-11 23:16:03



  Moms who have put their kids in BVM perungudi , please let us know how is the school functioning now after a year and about the sewage plant issues right outside the school. Currently we are out of chennai and planning to relocate to chennai. I am looking for admissions in schools in OMR steretch.

Waht would be fee structure for prekg and 1st std and is the fee same as in Adyar branch or more. I heard that Perungudi school has classes that are Air conditioned. Does the school have a big ground and do they entertain extra curricular activities as like in BVM Adyar.

Thanks in advance



Deepakart 2011-11-21 15:34:02


Have any one got admission  for BVM perungudi branch for the academic year 2012-2013.

Today the selected kids names were displayed.


v3 2011-11-21 16:28:03


 hi Deepak,

hw u came to know.  I have too applied their for pre kg. 



v3 2011-11-21 16:35:31


 what hve u decided. when they r telling to pay the fees.


Deepakart 2011-11-22 11:26:43


Hi V3,

We got the admission card for my son yesterday.They have given 25th Nov as last date to pay fees.Dono what to decide as we have give applicaiton in CV and also interested in sunshine & Navadisha in velachery.I am so concerned abt the locality.Is there any other parents who have got the admission card?what abt u?


v3 2011-11-22 11:32:37


 I called up the school yday after reading yr review. but they told me to cme and meet the principal. Even i hve given forms in bvm bollieneni and Abacus.  dont know what to do.  can u give yr views on navadisha.


Deepakart 2011-11-22 12:21:58


Yeah sorry.My husband met the principal only.I thought its like results and so it wil be dispalyed.

I read in parentree abt navadisha and so far every one has given good review only.its  one of the good school in velachery.


v3 2011-11-22 15:36:13


 @ Deepa,

 Can u give me your mail id. Mine is  so that we can clarify abt all our doubts. Hope u r also looking for Pre kg.


Deepakart 2011-11-22 16:43:12


Hi sanhita,


My id is we can discuss abt our doubt.Am also looking for pre-kg only




parthan91 2011-11-22 17:47:01


Hi Deepa and V3 ,

Even i am sailing on the same boat, I have submitted appl in both the BVM's but want to try Sunshine since its very close to my house . I am very skeptical about BVM Perungudi , i have gone to the school and its actually not that bad .... but still i am very hesitant to joing my kid there ...

Pls keep me posted also about any developments in BVM as well as Sunshine. I am also looking at TIPS , i really like that school ofcourse i am thinking about a few things before joining in TIPS .... I am @ madipakkam and looking for pre-kg

How about both of you do you also live in the same area.



v3 2011-11-22 18:29:53


 @ parthan : Have u got the admit card or admission confirmed . s  I am also trying for pre kg


GayatriK 2011-11-23 11:21:34


 Hi Deepa,

Have you got admission in BVM perungudi or Bollineni?

Where is the school actually located?

I am trying for UKG for my kid in schools in and around Medavakkam.If anybody knows any good CBSE schools, Please let me know. 

We will be shifting to Sithalapaakam by March 2012.




Deepakart 2011-11-23 11:27:55


@Parthan :yes am also looking for prekg admission ,I stay in velachery.Yeah will keep u posted on any further updates.


Deepakart 2011-11-23 11:30:01


@gayathri:I got admission in BVM perungudi.If ur shifting to sithalapakkam.u can prefer BVM Bollineni as u can see lot of good reviews in the forum abt the school.

also i have heard quiet  good comments abt bharathi vidhyala in perumbakkam.

all the best.



cc1241471644us49154 2011-11-23 19:17:58


my view is not a good school for kids because the sewage dump yard is very closeby. I am an engineer, my views are "non treated sewage generates anaerobic bacteria which gives harmful toxic gases like hydrogen sulphide and methane these are dangerous even for elders, it is something like slow poison. even though the school is air conditioned it has to take air from atmoshere for cooling that means air is sucked from the sourrounding area.The smell of garbage in seevaram with wind can smell at velachery (7kms) and how it cannot affect 500mts.rediculous...........


think before taking decision. even i got admission for my kids in bvm seevaram.Cost of education should not be cost of kids health.

take care 


gRavikumar 2011-11-23 23:56:36


 Hello All,

I'm thinking to put my son in Pre KG/Play school. Got the application couple of days ago. Right now I'm in Adyar and have to commute upto my own flat gets ready late next year.

Do you suggest me putting now or I should try for LKG? Also any experiance here about BVM Global Perungudi admitting kids during September time?

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.

- Ravi


cc1241471644us49154 2011-11-24 18:36:55


eppadiyo ponga .............

god bless those kids at bvm seevaram with good health



dewa 2011-12-13 21:36:42


Spoke to the school management and also the office from the sewage treatment plant near the school. As per the him there are 4 discharge points inside the STP to discharge sewage water and additional 4 points are under construction. So regarding the lorry traffic he said it will be considerably reduced once that is done. Other point he said was that the underground drainage project for areas under chennai corporation (recently perungudi, thoraipakkam, sholinganallur were added) is under way and once that is completed, there wont be any lorroies coming to the STP for discharge. He also said that they strictly follow all the process and procedures and they do not discharge in open air. He has also requested for traffic police help to regulate the lorry traffic.

So, things which i heard from him are promising and for people who think the STP will be moved to some other location - that's not going to happen.

I have put my kid in Pre-KG for 2012-2013 and i'm from thoraipakkam, if anyone has any other news please share


leo 2011-12-24 19:50:21


 even i have heard the same.... 


Subika 2012-01-24 09:15:22


 By seeing your reviews I went to BVM, perungudi yesterday and got Pre-kg admission card for my son.  we have decided to put him pre-kg for 2012-2013.  Eventhogh the STP is nearby,  the school capmpus is good.  we spent around one hour inside the school, we didnt experienced any irritating odours.  I have seen the children studying there, they were very neat.  The class strength is only 30 it seems.  I liked the environment inside the school.  Thats y i have decided to accept the admission card.  Let us see...  I hope for the best.. 


filmsforchange 2012-02-07 14:51:46


Check the location,


hayram 2012-09-03 16:17:17



I am looking for LKG admission for my son in 2013-2014. Any idea how tough to get the admission???





77632 2012-11-16 18:50:31


Completely agree with Yaaitsme on the views. There are no takers for the prrungudi, Seevaram admissions due to the environmental conditions and that is why BVM is routing all their Adyar applicants there. Very smart (and unethical) move by the school.

I had made a trip to the location and returned midway seeing the plight of the surroundings. Did not even bother to visit the school. Anyone who love their children will not send them to a dumping yard, however superior the standard of education is.

I would rather prefer my little ones go illeterate, than compromising on their health.

To add, the traffic safety on the road is equally alarming due to speeding monster trucks.

Surprised and shocked on how the government authoritoies approved a school to operate in such premises


kum79 2012-11-27 16:14:54


I visited the place between 2 -5:30 PM and its having bad smell and flies all over the place.Lorries carrying sewage spills on the road. Have made a choice not to accept the admission card.


lpkannan 2012-12-03 10:29:49


admissions 2013-14

  • Preapplications will be issued on 02/01/2013 (wed) for classes Pre-KG and classes I to VII based on the vacancy positions.
  • Admissions are not opened for classes LKG and UKG as there are no vacancies.
  • Pre-KG admissions will be purely based on lot system and the selected list will be displayed on 07/01/2013 (Mon). For selected candidates fee should be paid up in full within the stipulated time.
  • Written entrance test will be conducted for classes II to VII based on the vacancies on 13/01/2013 (Sun)
  • Children will be tested on core subjects – English, Mathematics & 2nd Language.
  • Entrance test for class I will be done only verbally.
  • 7. List of selected candidates will be displayed on 17/01/2013 (Thu) morning. For selected candidates fee should be paid in full within the stipulated time.

Devimanick 2013-01-24 22:29:33



Can you please share your views on the school.



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