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Banday 2010-03-24 15:13:40


I have also spoken with the management. They assured that they will maintain the same standards as adyar & other groups.  At the same time, they take care of the health aspects also and there is no need to worry.  Hence, i finalised and admitting my son.


subhakiyer 2010-03-24 16:15:11


Hi Vijaykand

Count me in. Meet you outsie the school maingate. Its great if they are assuring health care.



Vasumathi 2010-03-24 16:44:33


Me too.. Cud meet u there tomorrow..,


Banday 2010-03-25 11:40:27


Hi Vijaykand, vasumathi, subhakiyer,

Can u please update the talks you had with the management today


shika 2010-03-25 13:07:28


When we asked the watchman how big is the new campus , he said around 1 Acre. He said they are going to cut down all the trees as part of rennovation work!!!



RMJ 2010-03-25 16:14:19


Yes Shika, the watchman said so to us too.. that they will cut down the trees for the playground.We requested the school office not to cut down too many trees since the only respite from all the pollution is the trees. They said "we understand ur concern, we will definitely take this up with the management, we are also against cutting down tree, the watchman was wrong" etc.

But I am not sure if this concern will actually reach the management. Wonder whom to contact to strongly voice this..


Banday 2010-03-25 16:24:17


has anyone paid the fees


ManjuPrasanna 2010-03-26 12:51:52


Yes Banday...we paid the fees yday. 

We did meet the Principal in person and expressed our concerns abt the ambience.  He said they'd done some air and water testing before choosing this location and also checked with inhabitants there on any health hazards. 

Other info that we had from him:

- This building would have Pre-kg to class V.  They are looking at acquiring another building near Classic farms further down on OMR for higher classes which will open next year.

- A senior HOD from BVM Adyar is taking incharge (Principal) of the Perungudi branch.  Principals from all the branches will report to the BVM Adyar management.

- They'll have the same syllabus, curriculum, teaching pattern, holidays across all of their branches.

- They're also planning to open schools in other major cities in India.  So, children will have the option of transferring to these branches in case of relocation.

- Classes will commence in the first week of July.

Three more months to go...Lets wait and hope for the best!


Banday 2010-03-26 14:52:01


thanks manuprasanna for the updates.  I will be admitting my son to lkg on monday.  Let us hope for the best.  classic farms is nearby aavin dairy farm at omr. 


rabhatta 2010-03-27 23:25:19


I have been living in Perungudi area for the last 4 yrs and within a KM range from the garbage dump/sewage treatement plant.  Infact, i have attended some public hearings on the pollution in this area and has more clarity. I visited the school campus and it is right adjacent to the treatment plant and very close to the dumping yard and vehicles are moving continuously. In fact, the lorries carrying the sewage are off loading it on the road through the chambers that are installed outside the plant and close to the road.

As some of you mentioned, garbage burning has reduced significantly, but the dumping is happening continuously and it will happen till Govt finds an alternative. As far as the smell is concerned, it depends on the wind direction. currently there are quite a few organzations opposing the dump yard as most of the dump yard is part of the Pallikarani Marsh Land and it is home to lot of birds.

Regarding the sewage treatement plant, this is one of the biggest plant in Chennai and i recently heard that , it got an approval for expansion.  Even if Perungudi becomes part of the city and gets the under ground drainage, this plant is for treatement of Sweage, which is collected in areas where the drainage facility is not available apart from the sewarage that comes from under drainage.If the plant runs as per the norms, then you won't really get the smell, however due to more capacity, some times, they will not treat it properly and release the sewerage outside. That's when you get a lot of smell and that is a health hazard.   People have to understand the difference between Sewage treatment plant and Sewage pumping station. You can see lot of pumping stations in various parts of the city and they are needed because with Gravity it can not reach the final destination and you need pumps to push it. In that case, you don't have health hazard, as it is just acting as an intermediate station only.

The current building identified for the school seems to be big enough and they should be able to start it with minor modifications. I would suggest people to visit the place, before taking a final call.

You can find more details at,+perungudi,+chennai&SectionName=cxWvYpmNp4fBHAeKn3LcnQ==


mommy4twins 2010-03-29 06:46:55



       we are working on securing admissions for the Pre-KG in the BVM Perungudi.

Do you know when the pre-kg classes start? Is it around the Vijayadasami (oct 17th)? 



NNN 2010-03-29 13:38:11



We wanted to seek admission in BVM Perungudi, got the call letter last saturday.  Of course, this garbage issue did not bother us much.... Can a city be without sewage / garbage etc ?  When we visited the place, our thought process totally changed.  We entered the corporation road and crossed building after building expecting one of them to be our school. Then we reached almost the dead-end with a mountain of garbage.  How can a school be so close ? So we turned back.  When we enquired a small shop, he guided us to go till the end, the very spot from where we came.  We went there again and saw a small banner on the right - BVM  Global....

With the fowl smell emanating from the pile and quite prominent in the vicinity, we were engulfed with mixed feelings and questions...

1. Why would a renowned school like BVM, choose such a bad location.
2. If not for the brand 'BVM', would anyone even visit the place.  The school should not misuse the brand.
3. And most importantly, if this is the situation on a summer day, cannot imagine what will happen during rainy days.

Our conclusion, we are not sending our kid here.



VijinVijay 2010-03-29 16:06:22


Good..decision..No wonder ..why they are inviting all parents and just like that issuing admission card ...

Parents, Pls wake up and dont get into the brand name ...they are not cared for your kids..only YOU SHOULD!..

Primary classes next to sewage treatment plant?..Pls go and visit the place...the entire underground is filled with CHENNAI' sewawge..Do you want your kids to breathe and live in that dumpyard for 5-6 hours a day?

I have decided not to put my kid the moment I visited my place!..How can a school take parents and kids for granted??


bhagwat 2010-03-30 07:58:16



You had mentioned that you have been part of public hearings. Do you have any facts from NGOs (not the government.. we know what it would be..) about the pollution levels?


You had mentioned that the school management did Air & Water testing. Did you get to see a copy of the test report?

I am not going to put the kid in this school. I am just trying to understand whether those who are going for it are going by the gut or have they done any fact finding.

This is what I look for my beloved kid's school

- School that is oriented about the Hindu heritage, School that doesn't tax kids, CBSE, school management and staff showing passion for their work and not just selling, a school that is fair on fees (not a question of affordability but a question of rationale)

I came across one recently when I was looking for alternatives. For a week's time, I have been talking to people, have been hearing a lot of positives with a couple of negative points. I would share details by this weekend after securing admission.. Just wanted to provide a heads-up for the benefit those who are still looking for alternatives...



sumab 2010-03-30 10:50:57


The BVM has lost its reputation by choosing the location and they just want to run it like business...I guess they would have got the land @ cheap rate  and has not cared for the little kids....Health is wealth and I have decided not to put my kids there


Med 2010-03-30 15:12:17


hi new here and got to know more abt this branch now....      i have got admit ltr for my child and am gonna pay the fee in the next couple of days...since you have already enrolled here, would you mind to share more details...let me know and I would share my contact with you....


sanjup 2010-03-30 17:16:35


Hi, I am new to this.....i am also trying to gather information about BVM seevaram, perungudi branch.

I have the following queries.

1. I guess this belongs to the same board as BVM Adyar

2. Though i have not visited the location, any possibility that the place would get better by July by when the school would reopen.

3. Any idea what would be the strength of the class and student teacher ratio.

4. Other than the 1 L do we need to pay separately for the books and uniform ?

5. How about transportation ? i reside at Vijayanagar, Velachery.

Awaiting your inputs on the above...



sai19 2010-03-30 18:01:15


First you visit the site, Then you won't need answers for the rest of the questions



Med 2010-03-30 18:15:48


Hi SanjuP, yes, this branch belongs to the same board as BVM Adyar, they are also opening a branch at Bollineni hillside township at perumbakkam.  They have confirmed school bus of info, i think, you could check directly with school at adyar. On location, again, i dont think anyone could answer that, you need to visit the place & take a call...


rabhatta 2010-03-31 00:51:27


You can search in the internet for Perungudi - Dumpyard/Swwerage plant and you can get lot of information about the condition and it might have some information from NGOs as well.


sanjup 2010-03-31 15:16:51


i visited the school and the site and i find them (the team ) to be promising and they have major plans.  Though the site location is deplorable. I guess they will settle down in a years time. 


BVM2010 2010-04-01 09:09:14



I am one of the anxious parents, not sure about putting my kid in BVM Perungudi. Has any of you been around the school site during the rainy Seasons? I was told that the dump yard becomes worse during the rains, the garbage stink more and the sewage over running on the streets.   Having said that, does the Smell mean really mean air pollution? I can understand burning releases Carbon and Sulphur and it’s a health hazard.

lakvis 2010-04-01 11:52:18


 I am also an anxious parent (got admission for Pre-KG) ,who had visited the site at perungudi. Eventhough i believe in the reputation of BVM, i am still not able to decide whether to admit my child or not. Also the last day to pay the fees is on 5th April, this monday.

Can any one of decided to admit ? if many people had enrolled for Pre-KG?



Med 2010-04-01 12:15:11


hi, im most likely to have my kid enrolled here, have asked for an extension to pay the fee by sat this week for personal reasons....V need to take a call on the location, im going for this since i live close by and hope bvm will live upto the expectation, no point debating why and how bvm can choose this place and what happens to their reputation....there are residences close by that includes me, and new flats also seem to be coming up very close to this school...newly built doshi flats are getting filled up now.....these are also in the vicinity only......guess its a option u need to evaluate considering the pros & cons ...whether it is worth the money we to wait and c fingers crossed....if there was an option to wait till july till they renovate and inaugurate and then enroll, i wud have preferred that!! 


sanjup 2010-04-01 12:20:09


As rightly said by Med there is no point debating as to why and how BVM chose such a location.  I have got the admission for my ward for UKG and i need to pay the fees by Monday 05th.  Anyways my gut feel... getting an admission to BVM, Seevaram wouldn't be a cakewalk next year this time. So with all the location issues i plan to pay the fee.



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