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sweety89 2018-03-14 09:59:54


School is good but not worth the fees we are paying. This year alone they increased nearly 50 percent. And also while getting the application form they will not mention the age criteria after gettig application form for 1000 rs they will tell like age is less for this class. This happened to two of our neighbours

Divsarun 2018-03-15 11:43:11


Thank you so much ur detailed reply was helpful. I subsequently contacted them again n the person who spoke was very polite n answered all my question patiently. Not sure who spoke the first time when I called. My husband is visiting this Saturday to school n have booked an appointment with Ms. Priya. My kids r studying in IB here in Pune n I looking for similar school in Chennai. Glad v came across this school in web search. Once again thanks for ur input.

Divsarun 2018-03-15 12:13:34


GHi Naveena, 
have u found a house near the school. Can u suggest any good apartments near by. Thank you.
Divya Arun

tnav 2018-03-15 15:33:44


You are most welcome Divya. We are still house hunting :) Email me at naveena1981@yahoo.com. We can exchange numbers and that will be easier to communicate. Glad I was able to help. The school is still under construction so don€™t expect a finished school when your husband visits. And it is a very small school in terms of number of students at the moment. 


tnav 2018-04-03 00:58:45



Hi Divya 

I am planning to move my son to the injambakkam campus this year for grade 3. We are moving our house to put our son in this school. So you can imagine how convinced we are about the school and the ppl behind it :) I do inderstand it'"s a chance we are taking because each child is unique and we all wish for the best fit for our child.

That being said, I'"ve done my fair amount of research before taking this decision. So let me give you an insight. It'"s up to you decide what you want from your child'"s future school. 

They hAve 3 campuses. One in tnagar - from preschool till grade 5 -IB. It'"s a multistoryed building with very little, non existent outdoor space. They use the govt playground opposite the school for sports I think 

Another in Mambalam. Grade 6-10 .. Cambridge syllabus and grade 11,12 is Cambridge board as well as IB .. you can choose. That is also a multistoryed building.

the third is the upcoming campus at injambakkam. One building is fully constructed. Another is coming up and the playgrounds are also coming up. It'"s a very thoughtfully done campus and you can see the thought process that'"s gone into everything there

coming to what I found when I asked around, I'"ve spoken to a few moms who'"s kids go there and they and their kids are extremely, I must emphasize, extremely happy with the school and the teachers. They have a strict student teacher ratio and very personalised attention. The teachers are constantly updated and have a weekly training session kind of thing. Many schools days these days offer IB but the teachers leave a lot to be desired. This might surprise you, they were one of the first school toget IB certification ( the injambakkam one is still a candidate one I think, I€™m not sure) coz the building is still upcoming. Inspite of this they are a small school because they don'"t believe in advertisements. Their work speaks for themselves and they grow by referrals by happy parents.

the injambakkam campus is very small in numbers coz it'"s new and they are not pushy or aggressive

You do have to understand they can'"t explain about their school to everyone who calls. Maybe because they don'"t have an aggressive marketing team. I'"ve not faced rudeness from them till now. They'"ve been extremely accommodative when I wanted to meet the coordinators to clarify doubts I had. 

Oh coming to their fees, I find them quite reasonable when compared to the kind of education and the board they offer.  A teacher student ratio of 1:15 can'"t be cheap obviously.  Most children these days go for tuitions too paying additional money. I'"ve heard in akshar tutitions are completely unnecessary coz the teachers are so good. 

So far I'"ve only heard positives about this school. The only negative review I'"ve read is from another parent here. Again we all have different expectations so it'"s totally understandable. 

But I'"m still giving only an outsiders opinion. Will know better when my son starts school in June and I hope and pray what I researched is true :)  

msg me if you want any more info.


tnav 2018-04-03 01:06:14


Is your kid studying here sweety? Yes i am aware of the fees hike this year. Maybe that is because their fees before this was one of the lowest for an IB board in the city. Some schools charge 1lakh plus with AC n big Campuses n the teaching leaves a lot to be desired . So, I don'"t paying slightly more as long as I am happy with what i get in return. 

I see it like this, if you want a school with 15 -20 children in a class with a trained teacher you need to pay for them to keep it at that level I guess. They also need to retain high quality trained teachers in this time and age where most of them move to other schools for better pay. Trained teachers are in short supply nowadays and need to be paid well.  these might be few reasons for increase in fees, I'"m guessing. 

But fees is subjective. What is cheap to one might seem costly to another. For me when I enquired about other international schools, there were other schools with fees of 3+ lakhs per year which seemed too much for me. But I know parents who are very happy there even with the high fees

To each their own. Hope we all find schools for our kids that lets them stay happy and inquisitive and not pressurize them for marks and teach them to learn and not study .. a very big difference


Mommyoncall 2018-06-13 16:17:39


In the same boat like you. Even since moving back from abroad, I was on the search for a good international school. Only a handful of schools qualified my criteria and either they were too expensive or way off from where I live. I am really happy that I have finally found the right one and really wanna support them in every way. Only a few schools have the right motive when it comes to education. I wish my child an enjoyable and enriching learning experience without any addons. (typical pressure experienced in conventional schools in the name of competitions and stuff that doesn't support the learning they deserve). Looking forward to hos school days. My son is also start 3 rd grade in ECR campus.

tnav 2018-06-13 21:16:42


Yay .. isn€™t that nice .. lookin you forward to meeting you mommyoncall :)

Hansimom 2018-08-02 19:37:50


Hi Am priya from chennai. My kid is studying in an international school near manimangalam. Am shortly moving to t nagar. I want to talk to you personally regarding akshar arbor school. Can u help me pls?

tnav 2018-08-06 10:42:42


kindly mail me at naveena1981@yahoo.com. Will send u my number over email

Saffza1995 2018-08-13 22:23:02


Hey myself safiya , I'm intrested in akshar arbol but I have few doubts , can you please send ur contact to my mail , Saffza1995@gmail.com  
I really need to hear it out with moms whose kids already go to akshar arbol . 
Please .

dush1610 2019-03-28 09:30:11


Hi Mommyoncall,

can u give me some inputs email me at rshanthikrishnan@gmail.com .


Nuttynanny 2019-04-24 09:23:12


Hi Naveena, I read your review on AAIS is your son still studying there i am planning to reallocate to chennai from Dubai.My son attends a British school here. Priya

tnav 2019-04-29 13:40:44


I€™ve replied to ur email Priya 

Vaish83 2019-04-30 23:17:15


Hi I am also relocating from Dubai and looking for a suitable IB school. Kindly mail me the details about Akshar Arbol pl. Thanks Naveena

Nuttynanny 2019-05-09 20:39:10


Hi Vaish, Akshar Arbol school is good

3Rahul 2019-12-02 00:40:54


Hi Everyone, My son is studying his 6th year in Akshar Arbol, we are quite comfortable , even if we find anything not so, the moment we Inform , actions taken appropriately.. the response is good. Curriculum & teaching is attractive to the children. More than that I can vouch for the values these children carries to name a few, Sharing , Affectionate & confident with each other. Hope Vaish,Priya , Saffza got all the necessary inputs as of now, incase anything more, PL don't hesitate to write to email : ram_rahul@hotmail.com, can share everything . Lovely to know about & grateful to the decision. Cheers Rahul

Vainu 2020-02-25 12:02:31


Hi all am.new to this group can anyone tell me the exact annual fee structure for prekg in akshar arbol

Shravimom 2021-01-20 16:11:04


is the ecr  campus well equipped ? i havee almost finalised on the shool for my kids.. are there any cons u have come across .. ?

papabear 2021-01-23 15:47:20


Hi shravimom,

 There are very few schools which deliver proper IB teaching in Chennai. I have compiled a short list of schools that may be of interest to you, you must take the effort to visit each school and evaluate for yourself -

1. International Village School - Expat & Indian teachers with foreign teaching license, Complete IB school, this school was my favorite when I reviewed International schools in Chennai. The fee charged and quality of teachers as well as infrastructure all met my expectations including teaching of Indian languages.

2. American International school - Expat teachers and Indian teaching assistants, part AP curriculum and IB in high school as an option. Too expensive for me and did not like the snobbish culture, but infrastructure is decent. 

3. TIPS - All Indian teachers without foreign license, with very poor methodology of teaching IB. If you are looking for proper IB this may not work

4. Kids Central - Expat head but Indian teachers without foreign license, they offer a mix of UK Cambridge and IB. Was too far for me and also the teacher's quality is only average. For the fee charged I felt teaching quality can be better.

I heard British international is for sale, Good luck on your search. 

1992shr 2021-03-11 23:29:30


Hello , Can you tell me how did you evaluate the teaching methodology ? How did you find out about languages at school ? Do your children study in any of the schools mentioned ? Thank you

Shravimom 2021-03-12 01:24:41


Do u have any  reviews for akshar arbol. school in ecr ? how did u come to know about the teaching quality of all the above mentioned schools >>??

papabear 2021-03-15 12:25:14


Shravimom & 1992sr,

Aksharbol is an IB school with all Indian set of teachers and students, some time ago was looking to transfer my children into IB / International schooling system and I had visited all the schools in person and evaluated options. I found that IB has a home country language policy and permits schools to teach local languages (Tamil / Hindi in Chennai). 
I would strongly urge both of you also to make personal visits and evaluate options.

Good luck


1992shr 2021-03-15 17:04:15


Thank you for replying. Did you personally ask them about their teaching license in the schools that you have mentioned ?

Harshu2021 2021-04-08 02:41:42


We are planning to move from USA this June, Will they open for admission in June Do the injambakkam branch has extra curricular lab and outdoor facilities What about the test or assessments , will we get any in the middle of the year or only at the end of the year How much is the admission fees and turion fees this year for 3 rd grade?


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