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sweety89 2018-03-14 09:59:54


School is good but not worth the fees we are paying. This year alone they increased nearly 50 percent. And also while getting the application form they will not mention the age criteria after gettig application form for 1000 rs they will tell like age is less for this class. This happened to two of our neighbours

tnav 2018-03-14 11:45:40


Is your kid studying here sweety? Yes i am aware of the fees hike this year. That is because their fees before this was one of the lowest for an IB board in the city. When I first came to know of their last year fees I was quite shocked coz I paid more for my son for a regular board. I know of schools that charge 1lakh plus with AC n big Campuses n still the teaching is pathetic. My son studied in one such school. So Like I said, I don€™t paying slightly more as long as I am happy with what i get in return. 
I see it like this, if you want a school with 15 -20 children in a class with a trained teacher you need to pay for them to keep it at that level I guess. They also meed to retain high quality trained teachers in this time and age where most of them move to other schools for better pay. Trained teachers are in short supply nowadays and need to
be paid wrll.  these might be few reasons for increase in fees, I€™m guessing. 
But fees is subjective. What is cheap to one might seem costly to another. For me when I enquired about other international schools, there were other schools with fees of 3+ lakhs per year which seemed too much for me. But I know parents who are very happy there. 
To each their own. Hope we all find a school that lets the kids stay happy and inquisitive and not pressurize them for marks and teach them to
learn and not study .. a very big difference 


Divsarun 2018-03-15 11:43:11


Thank you so much ur detailed reply was helpful. I subsequently contacted them again n the person who spoke was very polite n answered all my question patiently. Not sure who spoke the first time when I called. My husband is visiting this Saturday to school n have booked an appointment with Ms. Priya. My kids r studying in IB here in Pune n I looking for similar school in Chennai. Glad v came across this school in web search. Once again thanks for ur input.

Divsarun 2018-03-15 12:13:34


GHi Naveena, 
have u found a house near the school. Can u suggest any good apartments near by. Thank you.
Divya Arun

tnav 2018-03-15 15:33:44


You are most welcome Divya. We are still house hunting :) Email me at naveena1981@yahoo.com. We can exchange numbers and that will be easier to communicate. Glad I was able to help. The school is still under construction so don€™t expect a finished school when your husband visits. And it is a very small school in terms of number of students at the moment. 



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