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tamanna12 2010-03-13 14:16:08


Dear All,

My son got  LKG admission  in St.john besant nagar and Ashram(Anandavanam) saidapet,

Could you plz give me some suggestion/thoughts/comments, which will help me to decide either one.

Thanks in advance,


saigee 2010-03-13 20:59:54



It basically depends on what you're looking for your child.

This is based on the info what I got from my neighbors.Many like it coz of the discipline.Most of them like it coz of the affordability and convenience.St.John's seems to put lot of pressure on the children.Several of them like the French that the school provides as one of the options.




aksh 2010-03-13 21:28:34


Hi Tamanna

My kid is studying in Ashram(Anandavana) and I am very unhappy with this school. My friends kids are in higher classes in the same school and she tells me that there are no teachers for 3 subjects in class 4 for this acad year .Higher classes have a very poor strength and if u notice, admissions will be happening even after a month or so of school reopening as against other schools which close admissions much earlier.  Last year they took a long time to issue books to hier classes and I have seen parents coming and shouting at the office people.

Also they keep changing the venue of the nursery section between the srinagar colony branch and velachery branch during the academic year as and how they like without being bothered about the kids and parents.

Last year I had paid the fees for the anandhavana branch(inside Srinagar Colony) and afterwards they sent  a letter saying that the venue is changed to Maduvankarai. When I ran to the office, they answered irresponsibly. They said they had decided the change in venue after the first phase of admissions got over. Then they said ICSE is coming to Srinagar Colony and Matric in Maduvankarai. To change to ICSE , we had to pay an extra amount of Rs.8000. After 4 months of school reopening, they coolly brought the matric to another campus inside Srinagar Colony much to the agony of the matric parents.

From the acads point of view, a number of failures in class 10th last year.
Moreover they keep changing the teachers several times during the acad year and the children find it really difficult. Teaching again is not good.

I have decided to pull out my child due to all the above reasons. Mainly the venue changes that happen during the acad year as I dont want the trouble the little one so much.

if u r looking for some serious schooling for ur kid, then this should not be ur choice.

And about St.John's , I have heard that they pressurise kids and make them write lots in LKG.  But I am not sure of this. But Ashram is a personal experience and I am quite unhappy with it.

Hope my comments would be of some help to u.

Good Luck.




ars 2010-04-01 14:00:37


 Sunshine school is very good which is at velachery.They have till the 7th std which is going to come next year.I have personally met the principal and staffs there.They seem to very friendly and nice.they clear all our doduts.The correspondent is Senthamari....and the principal name is Ezhilarasi .You can go diectly to the office and meet a lady called Padma.She will clear ur doudts and they are very friendly.




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