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Bubbly123 2014-06-10 13:15:33


Am in chennai. My daughter was born on march 22 2012. today she is 2 years and 2 months old. when can i join her in prekg.

 Former member 2014-06-11 10:32:38


even i have the same case.My daughter is March 4th 2012 born...Itz would be reslly hepful f or us if someone can share us the  age critera for PREKAG AND lkg...we are bit worried as some of our friends says this academic year itself they are eligile and questioining y dont u get admission for 2014-2015?
Please reply

preethasankar 2014-06-11 13:09:06



Most of the schools ask 2.6 yrs for prekg n 3.6yrs for lkg. But there r schools which accept 2 yrs as on march like chettinad vidyashram, vala Vidya mandir etc.so as per this ur child s eligible for these types of schools. But getting admission in these schools r v tough wat I can suggest u s put ur child in a prekg in any of ur playschools which r nearby. Then for Lkg apply in many schools like sankara vidyalaya n many more schools in adyar. The schools in adyar, Mylapore, mandaveli, veperi accept children of age 3yrs as on marchall these above mentioned schools start from Lkg. So my advice is dont waste a year of ur child. Hope this helps


rubi 2014-06-11 14:54:11


i too have same problm. my  son born feb 2012. we discussed the isuues with the schools. thay hav said reputed cbse schools r demanding the age criteria. for prekg 2.6 yrs should be completed by june. so finally we hav decided to put him in prekg in applekids. when you consider the age better to put in nearby  playschool. otherwise go ahead with your view.

preethasankar 2014-06-11 15:59:55


Bala Vidya mandir, sankara vidyalaya, SSK, jain vidyalaya r all reputed n top CBSE schools including chettinad. All r asking 3 yrs as on march for Lkg.so better join a prekg nearby playschool now n try for Lkg in all these schools for Lkg. Its upto u bcz I don know in which area u r staying n whether u r flexible to shift ur house

 Former member 2014-06-13 10:37:16


Thank u so much preetha for ur reply......

I have put my kid in prekg in nearby play school(Jordans International school,chrompet whcih has lkg and UKG till this year)..

Can anyone suggest CBSE/ICSE schools around Tambaram/Chrompet who take Direct LKG. Upto our knowledge, we know Vivekananda vidyalaya,Chrompet will LKG admissions.but Getting a seat over there is bit difficult it seems.
1.Any other schools,whom u know around TAMBARAM/cHROMPET/pallavaram, plz suggest.
2. How to get admissions in Kendriya vidyalaya for non-Government employees? Heard of Single Baby Child quota!!!!!!!! can anyone please throw limeitght on the same

Raghav03 2017-02-16 23:04:47


hi sakthi27,
Please share your feedback about jordan school.
After the kid completes prekg/lkg, can we get the admision in other school using the tc they give.
Also share your inputs on their way of teaching on English communication.


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