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dhashwin 2014-12-12 20:47:28


If any body tell whether
 psbb is best r kendra vidyala is best school

dhashwin 2014-12-12 20:50:15


I plan to put my son cbse school, now i am in urapakkam. Tell me thé best school, on march we r plan to shift our house near guindy, so let me know which school I may select.

 Former member 2014-12-16 09:49:56


For PSBB KK Nagar PRE-KG admission 2015-2016, please start checking the website below on daily basis at least once a day, there will be news on admission soon.

Inside the site,

there is a link named  News, where you can find details about admission.


1mk2014 2014-12-16 10:03:32


Thank You for the alert Mr.Akash...

veepee 2014-12-23 17:35:41


Hi All,
My kid is studying in PSBB Pre KG. Got admission last year. Thought will give a heads up on their process. This is a compilation from previous year's thread. Please browse through the thread for extensive information.

Application form was put up on Feb 21st and an announcement was made 5 days prior in school gate as well as the website.

 Forms opened at 5 AM first day and was open till the end of the third date. You can fill them and submit them anytime in the specified duration. The date and time of submitting application form holds no weightage.
Once you fill the application form, you ll be asked to take a print out of track sheet and a registration form. Former is very important and latter is optional.
You ll be given a date to submit your track sheet. Be early, get a token and then wait for your turn to submit your track sheet.

Pls carry the following documents with you:
1. Track Sheet Copy with Photo (Do not write anything on the Track Sheet) - If you would like to, you've to write infront of them2. Birth Certificate Xerox Copy  - Also, carry the original (print out from chennai corporation would suffice) for verification - Write kid's Registration # on birth certificate top right hand side 3. Carry Address Proof - Passport, Ration Card, License, Aadhar, Voters Id (Original only to be shown - no xerox copy needed here)4. Rs 150/- as processing Fee5. If anyone else outside of kid's parents going to submit - Pls take Signed Authorization letter from parents - This is must
Once it is done, after few months you ll get rejection letters first and then selection letters. You ll be asked to bring your child for interaction on a mentioned date. 
Interview process:There were 5 counters A,B,C,D,E. It will be on first come first served basis, though there are different timing mentioned in the call letter. 
Before the interview started, they will ask to fill a form with details of parents educational qualification, kids interests, how much time do you spend with the kid? What do you want the school to do for his improvement? They will check all the details & give you a receipt/ACK for your payment n application.
Interaction with kid:Identification of toy colors Identification of different objects in a book - included fruits, alphabets, animals, gadgets, kitchen appliances, bathroom products etc....Finally kid will be asked to do some of these:  to sing some nursery song - clap your hand clap your hand... He was asked to jump up & down.... then play cricket with bat n ball.... Teacher will say you're selected & give chocolate!!
You ll have to pay the fees on the same date. 

They will then issue a form which  you have to fill and submit on a specified date along with medical certificate and vaccination chart. Both are mandatory.
Submission of forms:We had to submit the 3 application forms along with:
2 Black & White Passport size photo; 1 color photo in the application form2 xerox copies of Birth CertificateCommunity certificate, if applicableMedical certificate xerox and Vaccination Chart xerox1 address proof xerox copy
They will allot section and the date of orientation program and reopening date.
Hope this helps.

priyabalu 2014-12-24 18:25:43


      I am new to parentree.My son is 2.5 yrs(21.5.2012).Thnx for sharing the info veepee.I ve read all your discussions in the 2014-15 group.
I have big doubt.What if there are  different addresses in the BC and other address proofs?We have changed only now to ashok nagar...pls help...


work 2014-12-25 10:22:34


Thanks for such a detailed info. But what about the fee structure and donation part? Do they actually demand donation? Please let me know whether u r satisfied with the academics and overall development of ur kid bcoz with so many sections and so many kids in each one of them...isn't it an area of concern?

veepee 2014-12-25 10:31:53


@priyabalu, Different address in bc n other address proof is not a concern. @work, The fee structure is very nominal compared to other new age schools. Initial fees + first term fees came to somewhere around 44-46k.. Apram u ve to pay 9k during second term n third term. I am very much satisfied with the overall development of the kid. There are 2 teachers n one helper in each section with 30 kids. They have monthly meetings where they discuss syllabus and discuss the child's feedback for that month. I am very happy so far.

work 2014-12-25 10:59:11


Thank u so much@veepee

 Former member 2014-12-25 11:10:25


Thank u so much veepee

Yuvara 2014-12-25 12:18:16


Good vee pee.. detailed info

krithikas 2014-12-25 13:06:09


Can anyone let me know when application is given for XI standard in CBSE Schools in Chennai


Ranjani27 2014-12-25 13:22:06


Thanks veepee. Is ur kid studying in k k nagar or t nagar school. I m residing in the same distance between both the schools. I m really confused about which branch to choose. Can v choose only one branch while applying

veepee 2014-12-25 13:24:17


@ranjani27, Mine studies in kk nagar. T nagar has only 4 sections. Kk nagar has 10 sections. So decide accordingly. Also, yes you can apply in only one branch.

priyabalu 2014-12-25 19:21:24


thnx veepee.I applied for my kid in psbb millineum with old address(mogappair).I didnt know abt the distance factor at that time.Now i am planning to apply with new address(ashok nagar).Will they cross check with millineum???

banuatm 2014-12-25 20:15:05


Hello there, my daughter is soon going to be 2 yrs old, I.e., she was born jan 17 2013. She has a short fall of 17 days to enter psbb this 2015-2016 academic year. IM keen abt admitting her in psbb kkn as we reside I, alwarthirunagar, n also mainly looking gor over all development. So I need ur seggeations whether to wait for one more year n try next qcademic year or admit her with any other decent school as probability of getting onto s ver less ( IM anyway planning to put her in plat



we don wish to go in for aby discounts based on our community certificate! plz enlighten us. TIAand also wish yo know whether not willing yo mention/ disclose caste/ community ll be an issue in psbb ?! schhol for now) she s so smart.


Mahead 2014-12-25 22:13:02


Do you know if anyone got admission from Ekkatuthangal area. I reside at balaji nagar, Ekkatuthangal. I am not sure that meets their criteria for both millennium and KKR psbb.

 Former member 2014-12-26 09:34:29


Thank you Veepee its really useful..

srek21 2014-12-31 00:01:44


Following the thread..

 Former member 2015-01-01 20:40:50


thanks veepee for the detalied kind of you to share :) I heard 80% of pre-kg seats would get filled for parents who are alumni of psbb and kids whose siblings studies there already. only very few seats left out for other kids. is this true. any idea about what are the important criterias to be selected other than distance ?

work 2015-01-02 11:50:23


Sometimes i have seen that info about main branch and k.k.nagar branch only is put up on the website of psbb. Example the holiday homework. Is there a difference between the academic standards amongst the branches?


gkarthick 2015-01-05 16:28:06


Thanks Veepee for your good work. Its very useful for us to prepare everything on time.


gkarthick 2015-01-05 16:31:45


Thank you verymuch

rajesh05 2015-01-06 08:54:13


I am new to chennai , I don't have any of the address proof mentioned by you can i use rent agreement 

vansa 2015-01-20 13:32:38


Hello everyone. I am new to parentree. Any news regarding admission? I heard in psbb they choose auspicious date for issuing online application... So jus looking fwd to see the link soon.. Any info?

Yuvara 2015-01-21 09:32:12


Any updates on prekg admission... tnagar... when i called last week, they asked me to check on 15th jan 2015.. but there is no news abt admission for pre kg.. Can anybody sharee your views?

SatishNarayanan 2015-01-22 21:25:44


There is information about when the admissions are likely to happen but can someone tell us when will we be called for the kid interview?
approximately how many days after submitting the admission form?

popey 2015-01-23 09:19:31


Hi , Plz let me know when the admission are open an is there any criteria that parents have to own a car.I'm looking for ur answers.

Yuvara 2015-01-23 12:53:24


Hi sathishnarayan I could not see any updates in the website... can you share some link to the same information regarding admission thanks in advance Yuvaraj


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