Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar - Admission 2015-16

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 Former member 2015-04-16 18:30:53


Hii Ajitesh my daughter in k sec..this is joguma deleted my old logged in using fb

PBA12 2015-04-16 19:02:52


9444013814 fro PSBB T Nagar School 

niveditadk 2015-04-17 12:33:36 son is in h section kk nagar branch..pls add me to the google Id is thanks

skan83 2015-04-17 14:02:04


@PBA12 : Done.

Others, kindly send your phone numbers to get yourself added to the psbb_tnagar_2015 whatsapp group. You can mail me @ or paste your number directly here.

SA8907 2015-04-17 15:28:27


Thanks prethy24 

shankarkem 2015-04-18 22:18:34


My son in r section of psbb kk Nagar add me. .my id is

saranyahari 2015-04-21 13:40:59


hi al am a silent reader of this forum.. today i got selection letter for my daughter in psbb kk nagar branch.. interview on april 29th.. anyone got letter ??

abila 2015-04-21 13:57:41


Hi I'm a silent reader of this forum. I'm happy tat my daughter got admitted in PSBB KK NAGAR today! We went for interview on 25th march but got wait listed. So v wre asked to come today and finally she got selected. I've to submit the application on 27th and orientation on 5th June! Pls add me in Google group my I'd is Thanks in advance

work 2015-04-21 15:14:04


Congrats to the waiting parents. Any idea whether recommendation works in psbb?

GeetaBasker 2015-04-21 16:47:31


Hi work,
Recommendation works in PSBB.. In this forum itself, one of the member mentioned that someone got admission through a celebrity recommendation.
But I'm not sure about the way.

 Former member 2015-04-21 16:52:11


@work n Geeta
recommendation works everywhere in India and PSBB is in India. so try your luck no harm.

work 2015-04-21 16:53:28


Hahaha..that's true...but if anyone has got any idea or anyone has ever heard about a similar situation?

 Former member 2015-04-21 16:56:47


you have taken admission or still looking for it? Jawahar will make its online application active from 26th april

123ajaysam 2015-04-21 19:25:43


Hi...Admission done in PSBB KKN....Add me in GG...My email contact is

koushick 2015-04-21 22:49:10


Hi All,

I am a silent member of this forum too.  Got my son admitted to KK Nagar.  

Vansa, could you please add me too to the parents' group -

Looking forward to meeting many of you at school.

subashan 2015-04-22 11:08:48


congrats saranyahari , did anybody received letter from psbb kk nagar

GeetaBasker 2015-04-22 12:07:02


My son got admission in VV very late and today finished his 10-days session at school.

gkarthick 2015-04-22 13:17:46


any Whatsapp Group for KK Nagar?

gkarthick 2015-04-22 13:20:35


123v ?

 Former member 2015-04-22 13:26:36


ok All the very best

subashan 2015-04-22 14:21:00


@saranya hari   in which quota you belongs to

shokar 2015-04-22 15:48:29


Hi gKarthik,,I have created whats App group for KK nagar long back.Share ur mob no.Will add you.

gkarthick 2015-04-22 16:18:06


@Shokar, please check your inbox


abila 2015-04-23 21:08:16


Hi shokar pls add my number in what's app KK NAGAR group 9677606097

koushick 2015-04-23 23:33:09


Hi Vansa,

please add my id


vansa 2015-04-23 23:59:29


Hello all
Sry dint login for a few days. Will add ur id's tom :-)

gkarthick 2015-04-24 10:33:12


Hi Vansa,
Please add me too. My email id:


tgmom 2015-04-24 15:54:28


Hi my mail I'd is sowjanya.gandrajupalli@,got my twins admitted in OK Nagar

Polestar 2015-04-24 16:32:07


 Hello Dear All
             Have been a silent observer for the past 2 months. Thanx a bunch to this forum, for it is from here that we gained many a tips to get our Son's admission at PSBB KKN school. @ Vansa....Pls add my wife's id - & mine - @ Shokar...pls add our numbers in what's app KK NAGAR group - 7299090681 & 9444045339.
   Thanx in Advance.



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