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AkashVP 2014-04-20 14:55:08


Dear all,

Asan education trust pioneers in education are starting AKG Public School @ Pallikkarani from 2014 June in the Asan memorial college campus, Jalladampet, Pallikkaranai. This year they have planned for play group and KG. The infrastructure and ambeince looks great when compared to all the new CBSE schools in an around Pallikkarani / Medavakkam.

Admission fund : 50000
School fee 50000
Books 4000
Initial payment 82300 + 4000
17700 in Nov 2014

Please share your views and any experience, to help the parents who are looking for other options in the area.

Akash Viswam

AkashVP 2014-04-20 14:56:32


For both Play group & KG, the fee is 1 lakh, including the admission fee of 50K.

PK2412 2014-05-07 12:00:14


Dear all,
                After many frantic search for CBSE schools in chennai, I finally admitted my son at AKG Pubilc school. Campus and Infrastructure is the best among several schools i have seen. They are the first school in Chennai to get CBSE affiliation. For me the fees is inline with many other schools near by. 
Parents who are still looking for Pre KG and LKG please visit the campus. FYI the School opens on June 20th.


Padma Kumar 

rakesh1984 2014-05-07 16:17:27


Hi Padma,

Not sure what you mean when yo say 'They are the first school in Chennai to get CBSE affiliation' ? Also can you please let me know what other schools have you visited before concluding that this has the best infrastructure ? 

Bejeetha 2014-05-12 18:40:30


Hi Rakesh, I am wife of Padma kumar.What he meant is Asan group started the first CBSE school in Chennai. And AKG is their group's second cbse school. And also we saw many schools nearby Pallikaranai and medavakkam. The campus is really superb compared to all other schools nearby. Regards Bejeetha

susrija 2014-06-17 09:53:06


I have also admitted my child in AKG Public. The infrastructure and ambience is really good. Since they are the pioneers in CBSE in Chennai, I am sure they will do the best for the children.

yathmi 2014-10-08 11:04:56


Hi, I am seeking admission for my son in akg...review abt the school please...

yathmi 2014-10-08 13:59:42


Hi beejitha, We r also planning to put r kid in AKG as a existing parent ur suggestions please....

alwaysenthil 2014-10-10 18:53:44


Hi Aakash,

Do they expect us to Pay 1,04,000/- (One Year fees + Donation) in 8 months advance before admission (Assuming school starts at Jun'15) ?!?!

BR// Senthil Sekar.

AkashVP 2014-10-11 03:22:22


Dear Senthil, The fee structure mentioned above was for d current academic year. And I don't think you would need to pay the fee that in advance of 8 months for next year. Anyways pls check directly with the school. @Yathmi : I do not have any experience with other schools in d locality, but so far we are very happy with d school. Please visit d premises to have a self assessment, before u consider any other school s . Cheers Akash

deepuk 2014-10-11 06:44:03


Hello all I am new to this parenttree. I am looking for ukg admission near pallikaranai in cbse. I visited this AKG facility in person. This is actually a ready made facility and is good. The campus looks good anf well maintained. Met principal also. He is simple and good person and clarified all our doubts. Only concern from my side is a) they have started this school @ pallikaranai 4 months back but no reach and info available. So currently very less students are there and also the 4 teachers as of now. So they are going to recruit new teachers, which is going to decide the growth of this school.

yathmi 2014-10-11 07:35:32


Hi deepak, Any school should have started in the same manner since the principle is well experienxed and the group has many sucessfull schools lets hope for the best. I am also seeking admision for my son in ukg.I even visited san academy and not satisfied with the response provided by them. Have u visited any other schools.

yathmi 2014-10-11 07:38:52


Hi akash, I hope its the same procedure in all schools the capitation fees must be paid to confirm the seat and the first term has to be paid before june...I am yet to visit the school my hubby has visited and has given a positive response ..i am gna visit today...

AkashVP 2014-10-11 09:18:13


Yes, but this year they announced about d school very late and hence we had to pay d first 2 in a single go

AkashVP 2014-10-11 09:21:01


There is a positive side for less students. Ur kid gets enough attention in all areas and it helped my kid to get adjusted to his first school experience so far

yathmi 2014-10-11 12:25:17


Akash,u have joined ur kid in akg? Hwz ur expernce...

deepuk 2014-10-11 13:31:02


Thanks yathmi... Of Course all the schools start in similar way .But my feeling is these people being pioneers in this field they should have started in more aggressive way , so the school will develop faster . I know little more about this asan group , since i also studied in ASAN Memorial CBSE School when i was a kid till 3rd std. So i have some experience with this group. 
With all these hope i am also planning to join my kid in AKG and going to pay fees soon.
I visited many other schools, and here is my comments on those schools
a)Bharathi Vidyalaya---Very Average school, But very old school. too many attritions of teachers in shorter period.
b)Maharishi Vidyamandir--- My friend's daughter is studying there . School is good , But the Only option to stay is DABC Mithilam, No other facilities near by as of now.
c)NPS-Embassy road , Behind Global hospital --- School is good , having good reputation . But age criteria for my son is problem , they admit in ukg only if age is 5 years.
d)RBS(Medavakkam,Keelkattalai)- Too much money minded and when comparing to the experience i had with RBS, AKG is far better i think.
e)San Academy -Pallikaranai--- I just saw and came to know it is part of SUN group . School looks ok . But have not met anyone , bcos i just saw the facility.
f)Sai Ram vidyalaya -Puzhuthivakkam--- again here my wife's friend's son is studying and she was saying they are very strict and very academic. Load the children too much.
@Yathmi, Have you already paid the capitation and confirmed the seat.

Can any one help as i am looking to shift my residence there near to school?


deepuk 2014-10-11 13:37:37


That's true akash, I do accept , but when i visited the facility there were only 2 students in UKG is very less and kids really enjoy to have many friends in school. for LKG only 5 students
But i can understand that this school started very late and announced admission very late , so hoping this year there will be more people joining .

Any way we will be happy to hear your experience more on the quality of teaching .Pls help to share .

yathmi 2014-10-11 16:11:24


Sun group?

deepuk 2014-10-11 16:24:13


San Academy is sister concern of Sunshine School . I hope you know that sunshine is MK Stalin's school
SAN is his son's school. 

yathmi 2014-10-11 17:45:43


I never knew this....its a new info for me..no wonder then....

thanis 2014-10-11 17:53:47


Hi I m new to this discussion... Admission fee 50k is only for this year na... From next year( ie ukg) onwards shall we 50k+ books fee only? Am I right?

deepuk 2014-10-11 19:53:08


Hello thanis. Welcome. I am also planning to admit my son @ukg @akg. fees shuld be 60k +books

thanis 2014-10-11 21:30:37


@deepuk.... thank u...

deepuk 2014-10-11 21:51:09


Welcome thanis. Wat have u decided finally. Have u already paid the capitation of 50k.

deepuk 2014-10-11 21:53:26


Hello yathmi Have you seen akg facility. Wat is ur finding and taught on joining in akg. I have almost decided to put my son @ukg@akg public.

thanis 2014-10-11 22:34:05


No deepuk...not yet decided.. We shortlisted some of schools...and do u have any idea about modern senior secondary school and Hindu colony chellamal senior secondary school at nanganallur....

yathmi 2014-10-11 23:00:34


Hi deepuk. Almost confirm...mmight pay the fees next week.Even i find gud feedback abt AKG..in a days time we will confirm...

yathmi 2014-10-12 06:37:36


Hi deepuk...wr r u put up...r u gnaa use school transport facility....

deepuk 2014-10-12 06:45:53


Great yathmi. .... I am right now staying@perungudi. But looking to shift near to school. So mostly will not be using school bus.


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