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umabala 2010-04-17 09:10:54


Hey Shwetha, this is news to me!! Never knew that they have a place in Dhandeeswaram as well. Are they gonna build a school there as well?


shwetzsuraj 2010-04-19 12:37:32


thts wat I hrd Uma....if not today...thy will defi get it done n the coming years....I wish tht happens...cos tht location is just meters away from my house:-)


umabala 2010-04-28 12:27:23


Got a call from Sunshine today. The school opens up on June 16th. We were asked to report to school at 9.20AM. How about others? Did you get any update?


VijinVijay 2010-04-28 18:35:21


I have admitted my daughter in 3rd Std today. They have informed me that June 14th is the repopening date. They have given the books as well.

Any 3rd Std Parent in the forum?


srisanju 2010-04-30 15:10:13


Hi,Today we joined our son in 5th grade,they told us that JUNE14th is the reopeningdate.We have to goto ADYAR for the uniform.


ahi 2010-04-30 20:30:54


Hi Sri Sanju,We have also joined our daughter in 5th grade today....BTW what option you have selected for second lang.?Also we didn't get book for secong lang.

what abt you?When I called the office they told to refer their website ..but it isn't working.

They told French is a must as third lang.

Please reply....


srisanju 2010-05-03 12:50:29


Hi ahi,

We have selected Hindi as second language &we too didn't get hindibooks and for computerscience.Yes, French is third language ,i think it is good for the kids to learn French at this age,Actually my son knows SPANISH  as he studied in U.S. but here  we took Hindi.  we will meet in school on 14th.


vishali 2010-05-06 18:10:10


Hi uma,

iam living in jain sasvat too,now my kid is studying in dav  adambakkam,but the school doesnt have good construction and poor spoken language,i need to change her in some good school can u let me know how the standard of sunshine is?.


umabala 2010-05-07 09:20:56


Hi Vishali,

Sunshine is a new school. It was started in 2006 and was functioing only till KG. They have come up with a new campus which will inhouse grade 1 to grade 7 this year. Hence, it would be difficult to judge the standard as they have started only now. Moreover the feedback till UKG was good as they are already 3 years experienced. The infrastructure for the KG environment was impressive and the teachers were polite. Which grade is your daughter studying? I am hearing lot of negative feedback on DAV these days!! Have you decided to switch schools? Did you try out different schools in and around Velachery?


jeshna 2010-05-07 17:18:41


can i know a good prekg school in abt kidzee



shwetzsuraj 2010-05-11 17:08:49


@ Uma - School reopens on the 16th for LKG/Pre kg students??. Any idea about the toddler class?


umabala 2010-05-12 15:07:56


Yes Shwetha. That was the intimation we got from the school. I am not sure about toddlers. Why don;t you try calling them?


VijinVijay 2010-05-18 13:10:55


I checked with Deepaks..he said the uniform will not be available before Jun 28th.. any parents know alternate tailor..Also, the shirt material ( blue cheked ) provided by the tailor was too bad....anyone has any alternate tailor who can sticth the uniform?

I called up the school and complained about the same....they asked me call tomorrow for alternates....

Me too didnt get all books..they said it will be given after school reopening...



satyas 2010-06-01 11:52:43


Hi Viji, I hv also put my son in 3rd Class in Sunshine.


satyas 2010-06-08 10:33:05


Did any of you enroll for the transport for your kids in Sunshine? Heard that the school transport will drop / pickup only at main roads. Any contact info on the private transport operator who provides service at doorstep for sunshine kids?



shwetzsuraj 2010-06-09 12:27:37


@ Uma - has your kid started going for pre kg?? Monday was the first day for my child for his toddler class :-)...He was quiet ok the first day...dunno wat happ...sterday and 2day he cried a lot :-(...

There are lotto moms who come n the morning @ 9 30am. I chcked if u were n tht crowd :-)...guess u drop and leave?? rgt??




umabala 2010-06-10 20:17:52


Hi Shweta,

How are you? Pre-KG classes commence by 16th June and hence no schooling for my daughter as of now. Moreover I have delivered my second baby last week and am not sure whether I would be turning up regularly to the school. My inlaws or parents or my husband would pick up and drop her. I might be coming to the school on the first day alone, i.e, 16th. Let me know if you would be coming.

It will take time for kids to adjust to the environment. My daughter kept crying for more than a month in her Toddler school. Hope she settles down soon here. We moms cannot tolerate to see our kids crying and hence it is better for us to leave the place.

But other than that, how are the staff and the school management? Do they respond to our queries? Are you happy with the school?

Take Care



shwetzsuraj 2010-06-11 11:57:32


@ Uma - First of all Congratulations on the birth of your 2nd one :-))

You are rgt...its very hard to see them cry :-((

And schools for prekg has already reopend. Did the mgmt tell u if it was on the 16th!!!

Schools for the toddler class had already reopend on the Wednesday(2nd June) and I never got any intimation from the mgmt..tht was a little dissapntg. I knew this when I rang them up last week to enquire on the same.

They thn asked me 2 bring my child from Monday (7th June)...When I went on Monday, I got to know from few other moms that Pre Kg had also commenced. And the second batch for Pre Kg students was on the 9th(Wednesday).

The school was really crowded with lotto parents and little kids :-) .

Please ring up and enquire if it is on the 16th. Probably your child is the 3rd batch(as thy are inviting ppl n batches) chk out with them.

The nursery section is not working today & on Monday as the school is reopening for the LKG kids in their new location (the new location s not near tcs as we thought.....its sumwhr near the Vijaya Nagar - MRTS).

And I like the school. Teachers seem to be v.friendly. And to my surprise, one of my school mates happen to be a teacher for the LKG batch. I was over thirlled seeing her thr :-)

And yes..I will b thr on the 16th. The whole of this was just for an hour( 9 30am - 10 30 am) stayed thr @ school...picked my child ...dropped him home and then I started for work..But from nxt week...its for 2 hours...So...I will drop him at 9 30 and my mom will pick him up at 11 30 .

Well...keep n tuch...dnt strain ur eyes sitting n 4rnt  of the pc for long...

Tkc r buddy



umabala 2010-06-11 17:40:15



Thanks for the info. I will definitely call up the school on Monday and check with them.

The new location is near MRTS only. Din't you know that before? The surprise is that they have shifted the LKG classes to the new location! I was told that it would be only from 1st std. Mebbe there was not much crowd for higher classes and hence this decision. Anyways, as long as things run smooth, there is no issue!!

I would try to catch up with you this week when I come to the school. The only thing is that I will not have the heart to see my child cry. Hope she doesnt this time around!!

Take Care



ramsi95050 2010-06-11 18:20:25


 Shweta and umabala - I thought everyone knew that the new school is near MRTS. Also my kid just joined LKG (Junior Env) and today was the first day. I think the plan was from UKG onwards it will be new campus. That was communicated to me from the beginning. In fact you can see their website with construction progress of their campus near MRTS. Its news to me that LKG is getting shifted. Are you absolutely sure on that or is it a typo error????!!


umabala 2010-06-11 20:33:30


Yes ramsi, I know that it is near the MRTS. I was just wondering about the LKG classes being shifted to the new location as I was told that it will inhouse classes from 1st std.

How was the day for your kid? Did he/she manage without crying?

Shwetha and Ramsi - Do we have to bring the payment receipt on the first day of school? Or is it enough if we just bring our kid with her school things? What exactly is the procedure? I thought of calling the school on Monday to check on the same but it would be helpful if you could share your inputs as your kids have already started their schooling.


ramsi95050 2010-06-11 21:37:47


 I just dropped the kid to school with her books in her backpack. Sent an extra pair of clothes just in case, handkerchief and snack box with water. Thats it. Did not cry and was fine.  This is for LKG but they went to small school only. I was not informed that they will move to new campus etc. Who else was informed? I am assuming that they will be in old campus only. 


SasiNapa 2010-06-12 12:12:48


Hello Everyone,

It is so nice to see moms chatting and sharing experience on kids and school. we recently moved to India and we have joined our kids - Son 4th Grade and Daughter - LKG (Junior Env) at Sunshine last week. I dropped my daughter yesterday and she seemed comfortable. My son is eager to set his foot in the new building this monday....!

Is anyone in Junior Env - Section 2? Also we are looking for a transportation since we are in Adambakkam and it is becoming a challenge. Any pointers for private drivers?

Take care!



tamanna12 2010-06-14 15:53:15


hi sasi,

iam sofia reyan's mom do remember me. my son ur daughter are in same class. it really nice to in parentree website.

keep in touch



shwetzsuraj 2010-06-16 16:05:39


Hi Uma/Ramsi/Sasi and Tamanna...

Classes for LKG is in the old building. And from UKG thy hv moved it to the plaz near MRTS.

@Uma - Hope u wud hv dropped ur child to the school as 2day being the first day 4 her...Was she comfortable??:-)

Am wondering... it wud b really tough for u to manage between ur new born and new school goer :-)...

Sorry abt the payment receipt thing...I cudnt chk ths site sterday....

@ Ramsi/Sasi & u guys wait near the school to pick ur child bk?? or u drop thm and leave?







srisanju 2010-06-16 16:41:09


hi friends,

we are staying near by 100feet road,velachery iam looking for transportation.School pickup points are little far and even rainy season starting.Today i called VELMURUGAN TRAVELS they told that pick up &drop at doorstep for Rs.750 per month  and my autoguy is asking for Rs.3000 per month.My doubt is is this private van travels are reliable or not?they told that  for DAV also they are running a van.Please give me reply .



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