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shwetzsuraj 2010-03-25 17:39:11


Dear ramsi- umabala & tamku...thanks all for your wonderful inputs...May I know the fee structure @ Sunshine ?Is it monthly/term wise/per yr...and wats the exact fee? Are thy giving applications for Prekg now?

And whr xactly s the location..Are u all referring to the one situated @ seethapathy ngr...

Pls lemme knw at the earliest...

thanks once agn



Tamku 2010-03-25 17:55:34


Hi, the new building will b opposite to MRTS. the admision fee is 35K. you need to chk with scholl as i do not infor for kg sections. My child will be in 7 std next year.


ramsi95050 2010-03-25 21:33:52


 Till LKG it will be the one @Seethapathy Nagar. The new campus starts from UKG and currently till 7th STD. Admission fees is 35K and one term fee is 10K (for LKG ) and this needs to be paid as well. Not sure abt term fees for pre-kg. So basically the fees is term wise with a one time admission fee. Pls. call up school regarding vacancies for pre-KG and LKG. I was told that LKG is the one that will be in demand. So do call at the earliest. 


umabala 2010-03-26 11:02:20


Hi Ramsi,

If am not mistaken, the term fee for LKG is 8K or 8.5K. Stationery fee is for a year and it comes to around 2K. Their website is not opening up and hence not able to confirm.




ramsi95050 2010-03-26 15:41:02


 uma - yes thats correct. total = 10K


tamanna12 2010-03-26 15:55:07


hi all,

iam tamanna, iam staying in velachery. i have admitted my son for LKG in sunshine montessery  i have paid fees rs 45000. early waiting for school performance.




umabala 2010-03-26 18:54:56


Welcome to the club Sofi!! Where are you put up?? Please post any updates that you hear and also after the school commences.

Like you, we are also eagerly waiting for our kids to grow along with the school in a nice way.

Hope everything turns out well.


VijinVijay 2010-03-27 22:04:53


Hei Friends..Today I went to see the campus..Its just opposite to Navdisha school...School campus is good...classromms are spacious and very well ventilated...not sure of play area and other facilities..they told that there will be a auditorium adjacent to the school and one mini splash pool at the basement..Monday Im planning to go and meet them for admission procedures...


umabala 2010-03-29 12:16:29


Thanks for the update Vijin!! Which grade are you going to enroll your kid? Where are you put up? I never knew Navadisha was also in the same lane as that of Sunshine. I would look around the next time I visit the place. Is the brickwork completed in the Sunshine cuz last time around, there were some spaces yet to be built.Regarding playground, Ramsi had already given a heads up.


shwetzsuraj 2010-03-29 12:24:34


Thanks all of you for ur valuable inputs...BTW...hv thy got the affiliation...?


ramsi95050 2010-03-29 18:02:34


 From what I heard, they are expecting thier affiliation in June. All new schools will get it only slowly. Example, I was told that the new Sishya on OMR will get their ICSE affiliation only after it gets 7th or 8th. Sunshine already has till 7th now, so as long as the criteria is met, they should be able to get it. 


VijinVijay 2010-03-29 21:56:38


HI Uma..Today I went and collected admission form..Im looking for PreKG & 3rd Std admissions for my kids...Paid 200 for admn.form...The fee structure is 35k non refundable fee +9000 term fee+2500 stationary +1650 timings 8.30-2.30..I live in velachery near the terminus..


umabala 2010-03-30 10:41:32


My kid is also going in for Pre-KG and I guess it would be helpful for us to be in constant touch, if at all you have decided on this school

By the way, when is the last date for getting the application forms and paying the fee thereafter? Any idea folks?


srisanju 2010-04-04 00:16:59



iam looking for 5th grade admission for my son,is there any entrance test?Iam  following ur discussions  &i took applicationform from SUNSHINE,next week we r going for an interview.


ramsi95050 2010-04-04 00:39:42


 srisanju - I went for 4th grade and they did ask few questions but there was no written test. It was very informal and my son was at ease


srisanju 2010-04-04 22:39:17


Hi Ramsi,

Thank you for your reply.Hope we will meet in school.


shwetzsuraj 2010-04-05 14:18:36


Hi Uma & others...Am also looking out for Pre Kg...Hv collected the Application form this morning. Planning to pay the fee on Wednesday.

Hoping everything goes fine:)





umabala 2010-04-05 14:52:09


Hi Shwetz

I have also enrolled my kid in Pre-KG and It will definitely be of help if we keep in touch. When you pay the fee, just check with them as to when is the last date for getting application and to pay the fee thereafter. One of my friend will be back from US shortly and wanted to know these details. By the way, where are you put up? I guess almost everyone in this thread reside in Velachery.


shwetzsuraj 2010-04-05 15:20:07


oh Sure Uma :-). I reside @ Dhandeeswar Nagar...thts the very reason...I opted for ths school and so far from the comments rcvd from all the parents...the school seems to sound gud.

Whr doya reside Uma?

EarlierI had a doubt if thy wud hv Hindi as thr second lang. I clarified tht as well..Thy do hv Hindi...I hrd from a parent of Sunshine tht thy teach Shlokas to the Prekg and Lkg goers. I liked tht part the most:)






umabala 2010-04-05 15:26:56


I reside in Venkateshwara Nagar[Byepass Road]. Oh, they teach slokas as well??!! That is news to me.

I need to agree that the infra was very good. Hope the academics and extra curricular is also as good as infrastructure. Moreover I also heard that the children have already started to participate in some interschool competitions as well. Seems good to me.

Like other new schools, this school is also yet to get the CBSE affiliation. Guess only after 10th grade comes into picture, would they pitch in for this affiliation.

Let us wait and watch!!


umabala 2010-04-09 14:39:21


Hi Shweta

Have you paid the fee? Did you enquire on the last date for application and paying the fee?

The other update that I was told when I went to pay the fee is that the kids will learn Tamil and Hindi till 5th std. From 6th onwards, they will have to opt one among Tamil, Hindi and French as their second language.





shwetzsuraj 2010-04-09 14:58:25


Hi Uma,

Yes I did go thr. Thy admitted my kid in toddlers section as thy said he hasn't crossed 2yrs and 6months...He is 2yrs and 2months. I am a little worried about this..When he gets into LKG he will be 4yrs and 4months if I go as per thr procedure. (They are not prepared to get him to LKG when he will turn 3.4 by June 2011). They say its fine...but dnt u feel 3.6yrs is the rgt age for LKg!!!

For the next one year...I dnt mind if he is gonna get nto toddlers class. Thts the reason I got him n as of now.  But gotta decide whn it comes to LKG and the age factor. School reopens on the 2nd June for toddlers.

I checked with Sishya and thr criteria is...the child should hv completed 3 by March for the academic year.

I like Sunshine very much xcpt for this rule....Not sure...if I shud continue here for LKG. A little confused on this. He would complete 3 by Feb 2011.

So ..gotta decide on tht...

BTW..I chked on the App form thingy...They are issuing the forms until the 16th of April. Fee has to be paid before 16rh as well.



umabala 2010-04-09 15:27:15


CBSE schools keep different age criteria based on the crowd that apply and based on their convenience to shortlist. Some schools like Hindu keep the age criteria as 3 years as on July 31st, for AVM it is 3 years as on June 1st etc etc. I agree 3.5 would be the right age for CBSE standards but again 4 years is also no harm as the kids will be able to easily grasp and outshine. The stress would not be much on them as they can understand easily than the kids who are 6 months younger.

I got these inputs from some CBSE school teachers as I am also sailing on the same boat like u. My kid would be in Pre-KG and she would complete 3 years only by June and hence she would also be 4 when steps into LKG. I don't mind she loosing one year cuz I feel she will be comfortable and she need not bang walls to study!! But then opinions differ!!

You always have an option to change over next year as your kid is only 2.2 years now :) There is a good amount of discussion going on Sishya as well in Parentree and am sure you would be closely watching it. See the inputs on the school and then decide what you need to do for the next academic year.

Thanks a million for getting the info on application distribution.


shwetzsuraj 2010-04-09 16:06:39


Thanks for the wonderful inputs Uma:-) . Yes..I am watching the Sishya discussion and am a regular participant out thr. I hv registered n Sishya too. I am holding the chance list seat  for 2011. Fingers crossed...

Well..u r equally rgt too n a way...Parents @hm wants our child to continue n the one a little fussy on the same;)

Well...hv 1yr to think thr:-) no issues...




umabala 2010-04-13 10:45:57


Hey folks, any idea as to when is the school starting up for the academic year? I was told that it might be on June 9th.


ramsi95050 2010-04-13 14:57:27


 I was told June 14th. I am little confused if I should join my kids in Sishya or Sunshine. shwetzsuraj, what have you decided? If I get Sishya, should I go for it? Any inputs?


shwetzsuraj 2010-04-15 14:25:38


Ramsi....I prefer Suhshine as it is very close to plaz...but the only disadvantage is thy hv admitted my child n toddlers this year as he is 2yrs and 2 months(wheras I wanted him to get nto prekg ths yr)...he will be 3yrs and 4month by June seems the child shud hv completed 3yrs and 6months to get admitted in LKG for 2011. I am a little taken bak on ths..

Whn I enquired on the same with Sishya...thy are okay even if the child is 3yrs and 1 month on or before March 2011..and my child wud turn 3 by thn as he is Feb 2008 born.

I am okay with Sishya on tht note...but the disadvantage is..dropping him n school...and picking him bak will definitely b a problem if its Sishya.

And infrastructure is also not gr8 thr...and the staffs are gonna b newly recrted...these many disadvntgs n Sishya...xcpt for tht it will get the ICSE sylbs.

Wheras n Sunshine....infra s gud...very important thing..its vry cloz to my plaz.... the other building for the senior classes thts been constructed near TCS s also cloz by 4 me....

As far the toddler class is concerned....I hv admitted my child n Sunshine....gotta decide abt LKG only by 2011 June. Will see if Sishya improves on infra by thn....

As far your case s concerned...if u reside @ Velachery....dnt ever hesitate...go for Sunshine. Seems mgmt has bought another plaz - ground @ Dhandeeswaran ngr...rem...once thr was a school by name Rajalakshmi constructed thr...tht plaz is owned by Sunshine now...Thy may come up with thr school thr as well..nvr knw....thts wat I hrd from few of my knwn ones....

So....taking all tht nto mind...think well...decide for Sunshine if u reside @ Velachery..

If its Velachery....we can get our children for others classes n the evenings as it shudnt tk time for thm to get back hm from school...

If its far off....thts agn a problm...think thr on these lines and decide...

Gud luck Ramsi...





ramsi95050 2010-04-15 17:09:24


 thanks shwetz. My son 4th grade is already studying in ICSE good school (we are moving to Velachery - thats why the change). However Sishya said they will admit my son in 3rd grade only since he is short by 2 1/2 mos. Since Sishya standareds are high, they say it may look ok now but later on in 6th, 7th etc the kids will have a tough time coping. My son is May 2002 born. He will be 8 yrs next month and moving from 3rd grade to 4th grade. if he joins Sunshine he can go to 4th but concept of new teachers is there to deal both in Sishya or Sunshine. 


Pros of Sishya - Great school, mgt is good. ICSE - so no change in board for my son 

Cons - have to go to 3rd grade. Since cut off is March 2nd and he is May born. School is 15 mins by car. Have to use own car etc, so depend on driver. 


Sunshine - new school, just 5 mins from my place and also CBSE and my son can continue on to 4th grade. 

But I have to decide soon. Gosh, why is it so difficult to take decisons!!






shwetzsuraj 2010-04-15 17:57:48


:-) @ happens boss...Am sailing n the same  both with lot many confusions n mind..Hoping for the best 4 all the parents:-))



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