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Riotena 2012-07-08 08:46:19


Hi Friends,

                     Can someone update me with certain info abt the Sunshine school. We are currently residing in US and are planning to return. I would like to know some current information on the school as some of your children would be studying in that school. If possible, update me with

      Performance of the school, fee structure, extra-curricular activities......

My daughter would be in 1st std for the next academic year.




Thaj 2012-09-18 19:06:03


 Hi Friends,  Good Day!!!

Pls advice if anybody knows when does application forms given away for new admission (Std 1) at Sunshine Secondary School.Also pls advice briefly the admission formalities,their standard (compare to previous year results)faculty and any good information you like to share.We are residents of Puzhuthivakkam so Sunshine schools is pretty close to us but didn't had chance parents of children studying currently their.Do they advertise in news paper on new admission?Can't find any info on their web site neither in front of school premises. If anybody know Pls shout...Thanks folks.



abikrishna 2012-10-25 12:18:35



Its better you call them up ASAP. When I called them regarding LKG admission for my kid, they said admission is only for Pre K.G. and LKG admission might open up in Feb end if there are any vacancies due to transfers.

Please keep posting with any information that you might have.




Santhakumar 2012-11-16 17:52:45


Please tell us when sunshine school will give  the LKG Admission form for the next academic year 2013-14. How will be the fees structure there. THanks in advance for your great reply.


Sundarcin 2012-11-24 09:03:02




We called the Sunshine a week before for Pre-KG Admission of our boy, They have informed us to contact around April

Are the Pre-KG seats for Sunshine is over or they have not yet started?

Can anyone please guide us on this please?





ashumom 2012-11-28 16:57:00



cud u pls give me some feedback on sunshine school..?My son is 3.4 yrs and iam looking for lkg admission in and around adambakkam.....also cud u suggest any other cbse schools


mrrrrm 2012-11-30 20:36:01


i am  planning join my kidd in this school for next academic yr in third std kindly let me know about the admission and its process if any one know regarding that. he has already been a student for 6 months when he was going lkg . now we r coming back from abroad.


Lnt 2013-01-01 19:14:16



By reading the blog I understand that your child is studying in sunshine.

Iam new to chennai and I would like to know if the admission for 2013 has started or not. I am seeking admission for my son to UKG. Are the children introduced to hindi in LKG?

What is the process for admission. 

Could you kindly let me know. Waiting for your valuable inputs. Thanks in advance.


Devimanick 2013-01-12 20:28:47


 Hi all,

I am looking for Pre KG admission for my Son  in Sunshine, Can Any one advice the fees structure


Spiders 2013-01-29 11:43:51


Hi all, Planning for Pre-Kg admission for my kid at Sunshine, Baby Nagar branch for 2013-14. Heard about the quality which is good. Any idea about fee structure?


ramsvalli 2013-10-23 02:03:33



Can you please share your review on Sunshine Montessorri School in Velachery. I am looking for LKG admission for year 2014-15.


Sarush 2013-11-19 17:36:37


Hi friends,
I would like to know about the Pre KG 2014-15 admission details, quality of teaching and faculty, extra-curricular activities and fee structure of Sunshine School at velachery. We live near Velachery MRTS station.
Please give your valuable feedback as it will help me in deciding the school for my son for his Pre-KG admission.

design 2013-11-26 10:20:15


looking for 1st std admission for my son,I would like to know about the Pre KG 2014-15 admission details

Shruz08 2013-11-26 11:11:31


Hi All,

Need some information about Sunshine school ans also its location details as I am planning to join my kid who is completing his 3 years by Jan month. Is Sunshine is suggestable and hou abt the environment and kids and teachers ratio and also some details about the teaching and more considered about Communicating skills.
Appreciate for your quick response.


bhasen1980 2013-12-07 01:18:50


Can somebody tell me if school bus of sunshine comes to medavakkam?

maitri 2013-12-09 13:18:17


whether Sunshine takes kids only for pre-KG or they give form for LKG/UKG also. Please give the feed back.

Shruz08 2013-12-09 14:41:42


Only Pre-kg they will take their PKG students forwarded to LKG / UKG .This is the information I got when I called the school for LKG admissions

Sarush 2013-12-09 16:30:35


Hi Shruz,

Can you pl tell me when they are going to give applications for PRE-KG?


Shruz08 2013-12-09 17:41:50


you can call them n check am not sure abt the dates...

Sarush 2013-12-10 09:47:50


Ok Thanks.

design 2013-12-11 09:37:44


i hav checked they said jan1 admission going to start...pre kg n lkg...


Shruz08 2013-12-11 10:43:47


R u sure...Coz they told me strictly that they are not admitting for LKG/UKG

bhasen1980 2013-12-20 02:09:20


Can someone share your views on sunshine montessori and the sunshine senior secondary school, in terms of academics, extra curricular, ambience, attention to kids

coolsharmi 2013-12-30 10:08:14


Can anyone please tellme the fee structure for PREKG  in  sun shine school

deep26 2014-01-27 12:30:09


Hi ,called the school today. They told they may update in February

design 2014-01-27 12:33:57


Is there 1std admission?

deep26 2014-01-27 12:34:26


Kindly inform when anyone comes to know of more details

deep26 2014-01-27 12:43:48


Was telling of pre-Kg admission.............Also wanted to clarify if I will have to go thru the admission procedure like this(application.........) for his LKG???

design 2014-02-03 10:24:11


pls anyone share fees structure 2014-2015?
admission fees?


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