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smeta 2014-03-28 11:29:01


i moved to chennai in 2014 and enrolled my 3 year old daughter in Alphabet school in alwarpet. Perhaps i was in too much hurry and dint do enough research before putting my child in Alphabet. The school has a nice glass /fancy building. thats it,Thats the only thing good about the school rest is crap. The teacher, the kind of assignments given, the small play pit..everything.The thing that annoyed me the most was withinh 3-4 days my daughter started saying incorrect English. Her every sentence would end with the word 'only'. For eg : This toy is not starting only. My bag is in the car only.
i and my husband were shocked.We tried discussing it with the director of Alphabet to which she shouted and insulted us. She infact put the entire blame on us.We then decided to pull our child out of alphabet. Director refused to refund the fee of 44k.She is very money minded, she's running the school just to mint money and is least interested in child's development.


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