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sandeepchennai 2014-03-18 11:57:19



a) Do schools in chennai enroll students for U.K.G?

b) Is it OK to join a new CBSE school without affiliation and only till 6th Std (but belonging to a strong educational group)?

Kindly share your thoughts.

Last week we came back from Singapore and I had been searching admissions for my daughter in UKG. Even the CBSE school (don't want to name it) in which I studied till 12th turned down my request (they wanted me to join her again in LKG but since she was in KG1 in Singapore and is 4.5 years old now, I did not want to waste one year)

I approached a new school (starting this year only) in Porur - Alpha CBSE School (inside Alpha Arts and Science College campus). After interview etc they had given admissions.

But since the school is not affiliated - I am slightly worried. When enquired with the management .. they are telling me the school is only for LKG to 6th and after years they will add 7th to 10th and in the due process with get affiliation from CBSE.

They also say affiliation can be obtained only from CBSE if it is a till 10th / 12th school.

They already have 2 schools in chennai (1 cbse and 1 matric); engg college; arts and science college etc; so is it wise to take this risk considering our situation (UKG admissions).

Dev fees is 25k + 12k for notebooks / uniform etc; terms fees in 9k / 8k / 8k for 3 terms spread over a year.


robins 2014-03-21 11:16:53


hi sandeep,
am also going to take the same risk for my kid. One branch at CIT nagar is CBSE but i think that is also not affiliated when checked under the cbse affiliation site.
As far as the group is concerned we can join to this school safely i believe. 
It is not that if the school is having till 10th std cbse affiliation will be provided. There is a school in Selaiyur tambaram - Shree Gugans which is quite small and has only till VII th Std but affiliated to cbse.
In confused state but having no other option in hand for my kid for LKG as we have started searching schools only this month.


sandeepchennai 2014-03-21 14:34:42


Hi Robins,
Thank you for replying back.
I enquired with a few sources and this is the info I got.

To start a CBSE school you don't need affiliation. You need to get permission from the respective start government Only. You can apply for affiliation from CBSE later on when students reach class 8 or 9. The affiliation will help the students to take part in board exams conducted by CBSE. Even students from nonaffiliated schools can take part in board exams, there is provision for that also.

I had already enrolled my daughter. I felt these small schools are better compared to the so-called "International" schools. I will see till 5th Std, if they don't get affiliation then in 6th std I will put her in new school.



robins 2014-03-21 15:50:53


Many thanks for the info Sandeep...


India123 2014-03-21 16:12:53



You can enroll your kid in non-affiliated school. They def do a good job. But, what will you do after she finishes 5th or 6th.
It will be really difficult to get admission in a good school if the current one does not get affiliation.

Personally, I feel its better to get enrolled in a school with affiliation from the beginning

BTW, which area are you looking at?

sandeepchennai 2014-03-22 17:06:43


Hi India123,

The school management is telling me that in the next couple of years they will be adding 7th, 8th and after a few years they will adding classes 9th and 10th and finally they will apply for affiliation.

I know I am taking a risk but what else to do? It is already March end and admissions are mostly over in all schools; moreover I am looking to get admissions for UKG which normally schools don't offer. So, considering my situation I am taking this risk of joining in a new school.

On the other side, knowing my situation - schools are offering me a raw deal .. some schools (so called international and top schools) which I approached offered UKG seat but wanted me to pay 2 times the donation which they would normally take. (With these type of schools around - Do you really believe getting admissions for 5th / 6th is going to be that difficult, in case if such a situation arises? The only thing is I must be ready to spent a few lakhs).

They are already running 2 schools; engg. college, arts and science college etc; so getting affiliation shouldn't be problem (I hope!)
Some 20+ students have already joined the school, so I went ahead and paid donation as well. 

Thank you for your concerns, I appreciate it, just pray that everything should go as per our plan. We are also hoping for that.

I am residing at Nombal (near Iyyapanthangal)

Thanks Sandeep.

heston 2014-03-23 13:00:37


You approach Loyola international school in dmi campus in palanchur poonamalee.

lilbitloud 2014-03-23 14:36:16


Hi Sandeep,
it is true. I have enrolled my kid for pre kg in achariya valasaravakkam. They are a huge school plus ccollege set up in pondicherry. But here though they have till 2nd, just this year they procured a huge land in vanagaram. They are yet to get affiliation, but if I dint get admission elsewhere I will go ahead and pay the fees here. I am happy with their way of teaching. Fees comes up to 33k inclusive of uniform books etc for prekg. I am sure they will do a good job. It night take some years before the school runs Ina similar fashion like their pondi branch, but I would still join her here. I w as considering alpha too, but with the distance factor, I thought this was better. They will move kids to new campus only after 3 years. So I thought the would be better.


sandeepchennai 2014-03-23 17:54:50



Yes, I know about Achariya Pondi, my cousin studied there - it is a big school in Pondi.
Sure, they will get affiliation and add new classes in chennai, don't worry! My best wishes for your kid's future.

sandeepchennai 2014-03-23 18:01:07


Hi Heston,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Few of my friends also advised me some international school in gerugambakkam (sorry forgot the name, I think Philip International .. something); they said it is a new school and hence they will give admissions for U.K.G at affordable donation. But I did not prefer it because of the distance, it would take at least 30 min from Iyyapanthangal to Gerumbakkam.

The School that I had selected is hardly 5 to 10 min drive in bike from my residence, so I preferred it.

Thanks Sandeep

heston 2014-03-23 19:17:23


OK.wish u all the best

lilbitloud 2014-03-30 15:25:38


 sandeepchennai Can you tell me more about the school infrastructure? Co curricular activities they are planning? Also the fee structure?

lilbitloud 2014-03-31 11:47:56


Just saw your first msg which carried info on fees but can u tell me abt their facikities

sandeepchennai 2014-03-31 15:53:18




Are you talking about Acharya or Alpha? I assume it is Alpha.

I don't know much about Acharya; I know it is big school in pondi and they have Arts and Science inside the same campus; I had been their once for my cousin's annual day celebrations. No idea about Acharya Vanagaram, I came to know about it only from you.

About Alpha Porur: It is a new school opening only this year; they told me about 25 to 30 students / class; pre KG to 6th std; construction is going on in their Arts and Science campus (almost 95% completed); don't have any idea about the co curricular activities they are planning. I am expecting about 25 LKG and 25 UKG students max. It might take some 1 to 2 years for them to properly put up a schedule. School timings is from 8.00 to 12.30. They said they will be providing transport facilities.

Fees: 25k donation; 12k for development which includes school uniform, shoes, books etc; term fees: 9k / 8k / 8k every 3 months once starting from June. No receipt will be provided for 25k. 

I liked the way, the teachers interacted with my kid on the day of interview. So I hope my kid will like this school.

saved 2014-07-30 10:25:40


Hi Sandeepchennai
want to discuss about this school. kindly add my name and send me an email.


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