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roopsun 2014-03-14 19:21:30


My son is also studying in this school. He improved a lot in his performance. He was so adamant in nature at home but this school has brought him to a correct way. what a wonderful change in his attitude! I did recommend to a couple of parents to go to this school.

joeamma 2014-06-17 11:39:24


Hi how old is ur son?

VeerappanP 2014-11-15 13:29:06


I am kind of surprised by all the five star ratings for the school - wondering if there is a management hand behind this positive reviews ; just went there for an enquiry ; there is no place for a playground - I cannot imagine a 6 year old playing in that ground. the toilets were not clean. Location is another constraint - is very poor with inaccessible roads. The language and approach of the staff was also a concern , I went with lots of expectations after these reviews but was disappointed.

Archsr 2014-11-17 12:33:54


Hi VeerappanP,
   I agree with u the school is not having a big playground, which might be a concern for few. But the quality of education they provide is better, from my personal experience. My daughter is going there for the past 6 months and she has some good qualities to boast of. she is turning to be independent day by day. 
I have interacted with the management and staff and do not see much concern. Please share if you any specific issues, so that existing parents of the children can also know about it.

I have also checked the toilets and reported the same to management. 

And one more info. If you really want to have ur kid in montessori based education till 12 yrs, this school is better among the lot is my opinion. Management/principal/staff listen to us when we have concern, we can talk/mail them/write in kids dairy and they take action/reply promptly, which I don't think other schools are openly doing.

Other montessori schools don't even allow you inside the school to talk to management unless you are selected by their priliminary filtering, leave alone check the infrastructure/toilets.



VeerappanP 2014-11-17 13:26:07


Archsr - good for you. I agree that they have the most nominal fee though. Probably its a matter of personal preferences : for me - unclean toilets for 2.5 year olds and a small playground was a strict no. And I think all schools take you around to show their infrastructure when you go for enquiry. Good to know that you have had a positive experience.

Arp17 2014-11-17 14:40:38


hi, i too agree, the school not having a big playground is real concern for me. I stay in vinayagapuram am not much concerned abt road since i can walk to school, but the accessibility could be better.
when i went to enquire, approch of the staffs was good i didnt have any concern with that. They said for the next academic yr admissions will start  in november and they ll contact us, but I have not heared from them yet.

For me I like the methodology, but i dont want my kid  travel to navadisha or abacus, leave alone getting admissions there!  I totaly agree with Archsr regarding this. i did not see the toilets and it concerns me too.

Pros : near and montessori method
Cons : small ground, n dont have place to expand either

Am not convinced about other nearby schools either:(

@ Archsr: could you please share your email id. I would like to know somemore details.

Archsr 2014-11-17 15:01:42


@veerappanP: As u said, it boils down to matter of personal preference. I studied in traditional high profile school with all facilities. I feel that such schools open their doors to only top achievers (after few yrs they identify). Normal students tend to go unnoticed. I din want my kid to go through such scenario and loose the individuality.

Also regarding toilets I want to share one more point. After one month after admission, we were called for parents workshop to explain about montessori teaching. That time I made it a point to visit all the toilets in all floors and they seem to be fine. They are not new. But they were clean. That made my mind rest in peace.

@arp17, pls ping me in the inbox here. I am not sure if its ok to post the email address publicly.


magii1982 2014-12-09 16:53:16


Hi Arch,

nice to read your positive comments. I came recently from USA to india and I will get my house in kovilambakkam soon. my only question on Montessori education in india is how can kids cope up when they move to normal school. will they be on par with the education system in normal school after say 6 years or so. my son is almost 4 now.

Vijith8283 2014-12-09 22:11:45


    I enrolled my 3.5 years daughter last week here in Srujana and attended the Parent's workshop last saturday. In 2 days after joining my daughter I saw huge difference in her behavior. She used to be very adamant before. But now she is very co-operative and paying attention in what we say . I am not exaggerating. May be she is too receptive, she got adapted by seeing other kids. 
      @Magii :   I reside at Kovilambakkam too.  From the ground work, previous data and from the parent workshop we decipher that student in Montessori will understand the basics very strongly, start writing at  age of 6, but start reading at the age of 4.5 years, all that they learn are for sure used in their life time like workplace or at home.
But compared to students in conventional method Montessori kids will be far behind with respect to dumps like rhymes, stories, lot of datas just in text books ( which according to me are not too useful as those are to be forgotten in future as it was learnt without understanding)   So until the age of 12 you will feel as if they are slow in learning compared to conventional method, but the fruit of Montessori is evidently visible after the age of 12 which will be in an exponential ratio far ahead of conventional method.
  To answer your question - upto the age of 6 is not enough in Montessori. If you are in the plan to go for conventional mode after 6, its better you don't opt for Montessori.

Archsr 2014-12-10 12:10:42


@magii if you are planning montessori education, then you have to put till 12yrs. 6 yrs will be half way, after that if you put in normal system it will be difficult for the kids to adjust and meet expectations of traditional system.
Regarding after 12yrs, I am planning to continue in srujana itself, as they have mentioned they are planning to get cambridge affiliation soon. for parents who want to look into other means like stateboard/cbse i am not sure how the adjustments are done by kids. i honestly do not believe in traditional streams/marks. Only till the age of 20 or 22 that is useful, after which no one asks for marksheets except for age proof :) i personally prefer a average scoring perceptive kid, than a topper with no idea of what is the use of stuff he/she learnt.


rum6 2014-12-10 16:37:46


Arch, Iam planning for UkG admission for my daughter but yet to decide in School. I have a few queries regarding this School. 1. Is this School recognised by govt and do they have affiliation number? 2. Admission procedure for this School. 3. What is the fees and do they ask for donation. Thanks in advance Ramya

Archsr 2014-12-10 18:16:25


hi Ramya,
Please check this thread for more info
School is recognised by montessori association. They are planning to get accredited to cambridge affiliation, which can happen this yr or next so that they can expand till 10th class.
This information Principal told us in the children's day function.
For Admission, it is mostly first come and first served basis. I am not sure if that changes next yr though.
this is not a traditional school with all classes, till 12 yrs they have only 2 classes, montessori senior and junior, few sections in each class.
Regarding other info which I posted earlier for choosing this school, you can read below.
Main Reasons for choosing the school
1) We were looking for Montessori school only.
2) Approach of the staff and Principal
3) Location (We stay in pallikaranai)
4) Fees is also nominal 20k admission fees, 5.5 annual fees, 9k per term (4 terms)
5) Nice classrooms, ventilated and kids are made to sit in mat in floor which is hardly done in any class except montessori school.
6) They have plans to expand till 10th in few years.
7) Transport facility is also there. 
8) Its better to visit the school, to know more as it is totally different from general education system.


rum6 2014-12-10 21:32:32


Hi Arch, Thank u so much for info. Any idea if they have started giving application for next academic. I am also put at kamakoti nagar only. My mail id drop me your contact#

Archsr 2014-12-11 07:46:27


i heard they were giving sometime back. best is to go to school personally and ask in office. they are transparent in that aspect.

rum6 2014-12-11 08:07:04


Thank you so much Arch. Appreciate your patience in answering all questions. I will visit the School by Wednesday. :) Nice meeting u in this forum. Ramya

 Former member 2016-02-09 16:51:29



Can anyone tel about the quality of education, fees structure in Srujuana?



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