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vrukesh 2009-03-13 19:57:29


Has anyone heard about Chennai public school? Would like any inputs on this school in Anna Nagar. Thanks.

vijibala 2009-11-10 16:55:32


I also want to have inputs about this Chennai public School.

What is the fee structure etc??


NirmalaRamana 2009-12-16 18:01:03


Please let me also know the feedbacks and inputs of this school.  I came to know that its newly started, and am unsure how well its established


jaya79 2009-12-17 14:27:40



Even I was interested to know about Chennai Public school. 

Though I heard from my friend's friend that the school is good and  also heard that even the ayammas and peon have to be educated to some level and talk in english( not sure how true it is). But the school premises/ground is small.

The fees structure is more, somewhere around 55K to 60K in a year.

They are giving forms on Jan18th&19th.

Awaiting more feedback on CPS. Thanks



jaya79 2009-12-25 10:27:04


Check out this link in indusladies for CPS review:



citzen 2010-01-06 16:27:44



Please  don't judge a school by its outlook.This school is not even a year old and teachers are fresh to adopt the teaching skill set by the school.I heard  teachers are inexperience and how can we expect a newcomer to analyze  the child and teach especially at KG level.Couple of weeks back I  have been to the school regarding application form, I asked people about playground they said its behind the school.Later I found its very small area used for school vans parking area and for KG class play area is the space between corridors.As mentioned class room with international facilities can provide the comfort of learning with add-ons and teaching is the primary. The foundation is very important rather compromise and  then keeping changing the school.The best part is issuing of application form its Jan 18th &19th I have time to see the admission status with other schools and finally decide because school fee is Rs.60,000 + / year excluding transport sure it will be another Rs.20,000/year . For KG have to shell out Rs.80,000 / year.

Hope the information will help to us.




sugar123 2010-01-07 14:06:30


My daughter is in this school, The teachers are good and management is accessable, all teachers are trained in whatever is it that they are doing or teaching. she is happy in the school and keeps talking big about her teachers and her performance also has been improved over her previous school. They also have phonetics training in the school which i think is good for speaking english. Ground is small but i think its ok... my kid goes to karate in the school on fridays and saturdays and also learning chess. I am happy about the school. fee i guess is also resasonable compared to the facilities they provide so that is a big no worry for me...  they have two play areas inside and big sand pit outside for the kg kids. transport fee is not 20,000 its a 12000 some thing i beleive.


jaya79 2010-01-07 15:09:13


Which class does your kid study? Do they have day care attached to the school as written in website. Also I have heard that they provide food to the student?? I have got positive and negative feedback on the school, hence confused.

As I am working, I am eager to know about the day care.



citzen 2010-01-08 02:15:36


I appreciate your sincere response and we were expecting such information about the school to make conclusive on our decision. As mentioned don't you think playground is very important part of the school?  Our kids are already struck with TV sets and don't go for outdoor activities and we ourselves restrict them because of space constraint and security concern. The doctors’ advice day to day physical activities is equally important along with the education. Hope you have already compromised by sending karate, chess class etc on Friday and Saturday. Its sounds like starve for first 4 days of the week and providing feast on weekend at a price. Sport day and game period are part of the curriculum and pleasant memories for kids rather all these are outsourced to different skilled entities like Karate, Chess etc.. We would be eager to know all these classes are inclusive in annual fee structure or additional investment. The amount mentioned Rs.12,000 for transport fee is the initial slab and it vary according to the child put up and route number it seems. Lets our kids inhale some fresh natural air in the name physical activity instead the entire day in air-conditioned incubators by labeling additional facilities. Sometime critic views help in betterment of the institution. My review is purely individual basis and this shouldn't affect all your decision, please have a broader perspective and decided. Once again thanks for the feedback.        


sugar123 2010-01-08 13:50:01


my daughter is in 4th std.. I heard they are planning to attach day care next year because lot of parents were asking for it.. they dont provide food this yr..


sugar123 2010-01-08 14:11:17


im not saying they dont have physical training classes at all..they have 2 classes per week apart from yoga, chess karate,etc..  all these classes also are free ..for karate whoever is interested can is for all the students.. ya critic views are important for betterment but i'm happy that they are providing all these in the first yr of inception compared to other schools.. which class you want to join your kid in?


jaya79 2010-01-08 17:03:16


Thanks a lot, Sugar123 and Citzen for your inputs. I am looking for LKG admission for my son.


citzen 2010-01-08 21:54:04


Want to admit my son in LKG.



nivas 2010-02-05 09:42:40



We are planning to relocate to chennai in apr 2010.  We have completed the admission formalities for my daughter lkg.

My personal opinion abt the school , after a thourough understanding of schools [ vidyamandir, dav, sri sankara, psbb, ps sr sec] CBS has a fair combination of academics, extracurricular and good peer gp background.]

school choice to a great extent depends  on the kind of focus the parents have. If one is merely looking at academics, thrusting children into a cut throat competition environment , then probably some of the sbove mentioned may be fine.

Probably with CBSE scrapping off the class10 qnd 12 [ o be soon] what we need is an environment which opens new methodology of teaching and make children more street smat ratherthan stick to 100 sums and objective questions and narrow the young innovative minds.innovative


CPS definitely seems to be on a path of innovative teaching.!!!



sahhas 2010-02-12 00:04:48


Hi nivas

Have you completed the admission prodecure with CPS. i have an interview with them for my son for pre kg. Can i know more reviews abt CPS if you have seeked admission at CPS.


Hi Citizen

is there any grudge against CPS. You have too many negative opinions abt the school. May i know the reason.


sahhas 2010-02-13 13:46:09



this is jyothi.Went for an interaction to Cps for my son(prekg).Can you tell me more abt the school.In which class does your child study at CPS


nivas 2010-02-13 14:45:02


Hi sahas

We have completed the admission formalities for my son for class3  and for my daughter for UKG.

We were outstation candidates.

My daughter had to take a written test: A-Z and numbers from 1-10. She had written them in cursive and i guess had missed out 2-3 alphabets. She was also asked a couple of q's on general things like her name, parents etc. She was taken to a ukg class room and made to take the test. She passed it.

My son  had to take a 1 hr written test in maths, eng, GK and EVS.

The questions were based on class 2 syllabas for class3.  Basic which a child  ofclass 2 would have an idea about.

Maths: adition, subtraction multi and div.

He scored a 23/25 in maths and 23/25 in others.

We paid up the fees the next day . I believe the school doesnot have the typical notebook methodology of teaching from class3. More of the note pad system and filing. This is a methodology which willimprove the concenteration and memory of the students.


hope this helps.

do let me know abt any new opinions of the school.



sahhas 2010-02-24 13:58:49


Hi Nivas

Thanks for your inputs abt cps.My daughter has taken up her written test on 21st feb, i am awaiting  the results. I have no new inputs abt the school. I shall keep in touch if i hear any.



Krishna9802 2010-03-24 18:41:46


Hi ,

We plan go relocate to chennai from abroad .will be coming next week for kids admissions.Wanted to know the following details about chennai public school annanager:

Are the admissions still going on?i have two kids to be admitted to 3rd and 8th grade respectively.

Do they have french 2nd language?

What would be the approx fee structure?

Do they ask for donation?If so how much can i expect.

I can see that some parents have recently got admissions for their kids.

Inputs will be highly useful.


Awaiting to hear from some of you.

Thanks and regards


sahhas 2010-03-24 19:40:16


Hi Krishna

I have put both my children at CPS anna nagar. Pre-kg and Vii std, I have few answers for your questions

1. yes , they have french as 2nd lang

2. Fees : admission fee 15000 aprox , 55000 aprox is the annual fee which includes books and uniform.The entire school in air conditioned

3. They do not ask for donation.

4.Not sure if the admissions are still on. But since you are from abroad , they may consider admissions for your children. Many schools admit children who come from abroad even if the admissions are formally closed. And CPs is  a new school, so i guess you can seek admission.

5. Yet to know how the school is . As of now, parents give a positive picture of the school.



Krishna9802 2010-03-24 20:22:09


Hi Sahhas,

Thanks a ton for your prompt reply and all the valuable information you have given.

did you get the admission of your children very recently?

Even i have heard positive reviews about the school.Let's hope for the best.


sasha 2010-03-26 12:25:12


Hi All,

Yestreday i got a msg from CPS to pay the books fee for LKG and get the books on April13, 2010. Does anybody got the msg ?. But they haven't mentioned about the uniform. shd call them and confirm the book fee.


SriniK 2010-03-26 14:31:57


 Hi All,

From the website it looks like CPS have school in Annanagar west and Thirumazhisai. Are we all talking about AnnaNagar campus ?




sasha 2010-03-26 15:44:42


You are correct. They have two campuses. In thirumazhisai, they have matric as well as cbse . They campus is big compared to anna nagar campus and boarding is also availab;e there.

Here we are discussing Anna nagar campus.


sahhas 2010-03-26 21:07:39


Hi Krishna

Most Welcome. Yes, i have got the admission recently ( in the 2nd week of feb). Have your children got the admission at CPS.






sahhas 2010-03-26 21:11:54


Hi Sasha

I too got a Sms stating the date of issuing the books. But even before the sms , i had called the school to enquire abt the books and the uniform. They had mentioned that it would be on the same day. And if you had two children , you could come to school on one the days mentioned and buy the books and give the measurements.

In any case, just chk with the school.


Krishna9802 2010-03-26 22:55:44


hi jyothi,

i am coming only on 2nd april.I hope i get through.I have asked my parents to go the school for more info.

keeping fingers crossed.



sasha 2010-03-29 14:11:30


Thanks for the information sahhas


sasha 2010-03-30 14:58:14


Here is an information. LKG classes starts from June 14th 2010.


sahhas 2010-04-01 14:41:44


Hi sasha

I heard that too. The pre kg and mont 1 starts on 17th june and the rest of the classes from 14th june. I also heard that the 1st day is half a day. It starts at 9 am and they close at 12.30 pm(i guess). For the mont 1 and pre kg it starts at 10 am and closes at 12.30 pm.


sasha 2010-04-05 15:20:24


Hi, Got an information again from the school mentioning that books will be issued on 5,6 & 7 april and uniform measurements will be taken on the same day . This info is for LKG.



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