SBOA CBSE admission 2014-15

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Daffodill 2014-03-05 18:54:35


@ deepakshit
i was in for the 2 o clock batch. came out by 3.50. parents were speculating abt the donation amt. some said they quoted 1 lakh. some said around 80000. i asked the principal if there was any standard fee or minimum amount tht i shud quote for which she said its completely based on ur affordability. 

VenkatR 2014-03-05 19:02:06


All parents are competing to get their child admitted to SBOA. So, no discussions were happening while waiting. I guess no one will be willing to disclose the actual amount that they quoted... atleast not now. School admin is also careful to ensure that no one records their conversation with principal, so they ask to keep our mobiles outside before entering the principal room.

Pls keep some water & snacks with you, because it takes 1.5 to 2 hours for entire process and most of the time, you are seated in the verandah (ya, no waiting room, no fan) and heat takes its toll. If adults are feeling tired, then consider our kids.

deepakshit 2014-03-05 19:23:12


Thank you daffoddill and venkat.

 Former member 2014-03-05 19:49:39


All the best for alll the kids attending the interview.

subhajai 2014-03-06 01:52:09


@daffodil- may i know whether u had mentioned any donation in the application form while at the time of submission.. i ve not quoted the amt in the application form...r they calling people only those who are quoted... and  have they send the call letter by post or courier....
actually some staffs said tat some forrmalities for the fund will be undertaken at the time of interaction,so i dint mention,, R they calling everyone for interaction?.. if anyone knows kindly share the information...

Daffodill 2014-03-06 10:43:32


@ subhajai
i did not mention any donation in the application form. i submitted it on 20th. they sent the call letter thru post i think. they r calling everyone who applied. at the time of interaction, they will ask u regarding the donation so dont worry. they r calling in batches so it may take time but they r calling everyone.

manjub 2014-03-06 11:17:50


Hi daffodil r they calling in the application order number. If u dint mind could u tell me ur application number series. Thanks

subhajai 2014-03-06 11:34:01


@daffodil- thank u, i was worried tat they r calling by the persons who enrolled quotation,,,now its not so... okay let me wait for the call letter..

vgviji 2014-03-06 13:43:16


ya they r calling in the order of application number, today im having interaction at 5pm, my application number is around 1200. Dont worry they r calling everyone

manjub 2014-03-06 14:01:57


Thank u viji.... All the best. My application number is in 1900 series. Waiting curiously for the call letter. I think it will take few more days for me..

akashkaru 2014-03-06 14:40:05


Daffodill & VenkatR,

I have not received my call letter yet. 

I think you people have visited the school and interacted with the staff. Now, if you are asked to choose between SBOA & Other premium school in the vicinity, which one would you choose??

I'm sorry for posting this question in this thread but.
I'm asking this because of the total number of students per class in SBOA. Can students shine in that kind of crowded classes? I have experienced such crowded classes during my school days, Now, I'm feeling bad that my daughter has to go through the same thing in SBOA if selected. I don't have other options but. I'm hopping that I could secure a seat in SBOA for my daughter.


Daffodill 2014-03-06 14:46:36


@ akashkaru
as parents we dont hv much choice, its the schools tht select us. ofcourse if i get in other premium schools i wud go for it rather than SBOA. i applied to b on the safer side. 

Daffodill 2014-03-06 14:48:18


my appln number falls within 1050. dont worry they r gonna call everyone. 

Tsraa 2014-03-06 14:51:18


Mine is 2700 + ... I think I ll have to wait much longer

Tsraa 2014-03-06 14:54:37


Hope they call all just as u guys told...

AMMUDINESH 2014-03-06 19:38:31


can anyone tell how was the interview  in SBOA and the what is the minimum donation amount to be quoted.

manjub 2014-03-07 09:47:35


@ daffodil, Thank u. I was worried thinking that they r calling the people only who have quoted

vijibaski 2014-03-07 09:55:44


hi manju 
  iam viji 
i also didint get the call letter until now 


vgviji 2014-03-07 09:57:06


interview was very cool. They asked kids name, mom's name,dad's name, pre school name. Asked him to tell johny johny s papa, sing a song and asked him wat u ate? Teacher interviewed my kid in a veryyyy friendly manner my son felt very comfortable and started to speak all blaw blaw stories to her she was hearing all the stories with a smiling face then they asked to wait to meet a principal we waited for nearly 1 hr and met principal. She again asked my son's name and his school name, they asked how much  u r willing to pay for our trust we told certain amt and they note it down. She told result will be released only at the end of the march through mail/sms.

We went there at 5 and came out of the school at 7

vgviji 2014-03-07 09:59:31


The r calling everyone based upon application number 200 per day per batch

harshas 2014-03-07 10:07:33



Dont worry about the strength. Kids will not affected because of strength. My nephew and my relative kids are studied there. They got a good potential. Now my kid is doing LKG this year. But the teacher's expect our kids react  fast to cope up with them. As of my opinion teacher monitor and absorb the kids well.

Who are all did nt get the call letter dont worry. They will send call letter to all. You daily check the school and if possible go and visit directly. Last two days they will conduct interaction section who are all not got the letter.

manjub 2014-03-07 12:10:31


Viji lets wait hopefully....

meera1983 2014-03-07 12:16:10


my Appl no is around 1950 ..wen can i expect the call...

Tsraa 2014-03-08 13:16:46


Update parents?

vgviji 2014-03-08 13:28:08


Most probably monday r tuesday u ll have interview

TSKN 2014-03-08 14:25:38


I just received the call letter by ordinary post. Interview on 12th March. Application series 2000+. I have attended interviews for Chinmaya, Maharishi &Bhavans . However, SBOA is going to be different as I will be asked to quote the donation directly.I can see from the reviews , the process is like competitive bidding where higher quotes will have better chances. Can those who attended share the indicative going rate?    


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