SBOA CBSE admission 2014-15

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kaleem 2014-02-25 11:47:30


Anyone kid studied in Tiny Troy of SBOA, and got selected in SBOA LKG.Thanks in advance

FutureKid20 2014-02-25 12:14:42


Hello Kaleem,

Did they have any interaction with the kid, can you please say how much was the donation?

kaleem 2014-02-25 14:37:29


FutureKid20 - No i didn't get admission,Sorry my question was did anybody's kid studied in TinyTroy and do they got selected in SBOA for LKGIs it worth to join in TinyTroy?

senthil7213 2014-02-25 14:47:52



 Did anybody receive call letter from SBOA for 2014-15  and call letter from sindhi model CBSE 2014-2015?



 Former member 2014-02-26 10:10:53


I did not receive sboa call letter yet...

senthil7213 2014-02-26 11:15:33


Thanks for update.
Do you have idea about what will be the donation for SBOA admission?

vgviji 2014-02-26 11:20:34


Amt starts from 1L onwards, from one of my source i got this information

varshamom 2014-02-26 12:03:34


Even I didn't receive it have Any one of u got please inform

akashkarun 2014-02-26 13:52:49


If anyone has got interview call, please inform me too. Also, what is the school fees (not the donation) the current students are paying for LKG/UKG? can anyone help me with this info?

harshas 2014-02-26 14:32:39



 Former member 2014-02-27 10:20:24


@Harshas - last year, what was the lead time between the date when you got the intimation for interaction and the actual interaction date?

senthil7213 2014-02-27 19:31:01


Do you have idea about when MVM  display Personal meeting list?

varshamom 2014-02-27 21:58:16


Hi everyone is there anyone from perambur who have applied for sboa lkg admisson

harshas 2014-02-28 10:05:41



Last year the procees goes upto 6 months. Because last year is the first batch that govt. announced that all CBSE admission should start in the month of FEB. Last year they issue the application form in online in the mid month of December and interaction with the kids scheduled in the mid month of Jan and they start announced the result in april but it has three lists. 

suganiya 2014-02-28 10:16:10



hi.. u ve mentioned below as last yr there was 3 lists released by SBOA..

can  u pls brief on tat.. bcz vr gettin v.tensed day by day since the admission is gettin delayed..

Much hopes on SBOA only!!!

harshas 2014-02-28 10:48:55


@SUGANIYA - I can well understand your situation because last yeat i was also in the same situation. I dont have idea on what basis they preparing the list.  But 1st list they sent in the month of april after a weeks time they sent second list and third list. All the best.

TSKN 2014-03-01 08:34:59


I went to the school yesterday to check the status of call letters.  I was told that whoever applied would receive the letter next week. I heard from someone there that the going rate for donation is around Rs. 1 lac which may be discussed during the personal meeting. 

Tsraa 2014-03-02 21:34:28


@TSKN, do u mean to say all those who applied will b called?

vgviji 2014-03-02 22:05:14


ya they will call everyone for the interaction session

TSKN 2014-03-02 23:57:30


Tsraa  A staff member confirmed that all would be called for the personal interaction.

 Former member 2014-03-03 12:05:17


Did anyone receive SBOA interaction call letter?

VenkatR 2014-03-03 15:41:14


Yes, received it now through courier. They called us on Mar 5th for interaction & doc. verification.

RevShan 2014-03-03 16:27:39


Hi senthil, me to waiting for the sindhi model result.  if you get the call letter, please let me know also. Thanks.RevShan

senthil7213 2014-03-03 18:20:15


Sure RevShan , i will update you. I need to know whether sindhi education is good or bad when we compare to CV,MVM?

senthil7213 2014-03-03 18:25:13


Hi venkatR,

Oh Great.  I am looking for the same. if you don't mind once your interview done,please update us that would be appreciated.:-)

Hrushikesh 2014-03-03 23:03:37


@VenkatR could you tell through which courier u got for SBOA call letter? Did u get email or sms also?

akashkaru 2014-03-04 07:49:01


Hi VenkatR, Did u get email or sms also?? On Which date did you submit the online form and dropped the application form?? any documents did they requested for interaction??

senthil7213 2014-03-04 11:26:56


Hi  VenkatR, we also applied SBOA, but we didn't received either email or sms.  I would like to know date of submission and date of interaction




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