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velumanir 2011-02-07 10:30:53


Hi All

I got admission for my kid for LKG.

Have any one of you received SMS or Mail communication from school regarding yokibu or any thing else...Pl let me know if you have received any.

Thanks, Velu


Meeravi 2011-02-10 11:49:06


Got mail from BVM school regarding bus facility,People who are interested please contact,

 Parents interested in school bus facilities for their ward are requested to contact ** immediately and fill the form on or before Monday 14th February 2011.

 Also in case of any other query, you can reach us at

Mr. Prakash ** Ms. Revathi                   Office Manager Office Assistant Tel: 80560 15268   /     044-64500705  

Office hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ( 2nd Saturday Holiday)



RakshaMom 2011-02-17 11:46:46


I got my daughter admitted to 2nd std. I am from madambakkam, Selaiyur area and looking for some car pool from this place.


mbalaji 2011-02-17 15:57:59


Hi Rakshamom

Is your daughter in 2nd std now or going to be from june. As my daughter will also start BVM global from june for 2nd std. We will be placed in perengudi.


RakshaMom 2011-02-17 17:47:51


Hi Balaji,

My daughter will be into 2nd std starting june. I am frm madambakkam, East tambaram. Nice to know that ur kid also will join along with her. Have u paid the full fees? Please give name of ur kid.


amsy 2011-02-17 21:20:44



 Does anyone know the reopening date in June?



NEP 2011-02-20 11:38:23



I am trying for admission for my kids for standard 4 and 7.  Is it possible to get admission in BVM Bollineni for 2011-2012? What would be the fees for these classes? 


chitra15 2011-02-21 10:06:01


 hi NEP,


did u try calling this numbersTel: 80560 15268   /     044-64500705 .when i checked for admission for my friends kids they said there are seats available for classes 3,6 and 7.if they hve vacancy they will call the kids for a written test .once the test is cleared the admission is through.the first year fees will around a lakh of which 40,000 is refundable at the time of TC.hope this helps u.



Annupiya 2011-03-14 21:55:15


 Hi Meeravi 

CAn u email the 3rd std entrance test details like what subjects was she asked to take the test ....what is general CBSE syllabus for 2nd std i.e what will be asked in th test I guess.My email is ur hepl



Meenamuthu 2011-03-15 13:01:35



Has anyone got update from the school regarding the transport.The school starts on 4th Apr for LKG and I'm waiting for this info.



helloanu 2011-03-24 01:07:59



    Got circular from BVM reg Bus transportation 23rd march.  Yokibu site is active now.

What 2nd , 3rd language options do they have in BVM? Do they have French?

From which class the 3rd language (French or Hindi) starts?? Please reply...





karthiaemu 2011-04-02 12:01:41



Our child Ashwin has got the admission (Pre KG) at BVM GLOBAL @ Bollineni Hill side for the year 2011-12. We reside at Iswarya Gardens ( Near RWD Palm) Medavakkam. We missed the oppurtunity to get the school bus facility. Yesterday we enquired with K.A travels at medavakkam for pickup and drop (for school). It is understood that they have done this kind of school pickup and drop service before. If sufficient strength (atleast 10 students) is available, they are ready to start the service again. if any body interested/required, pls mail me to : 





priyaselvaraj 2011-04-09 21:43:58



My kid will be into 2nd std and I am looking for a suitable transport option for him.Pls mail your contacts to



Ragra 2011-04-28 20:34:11


Hello everyone,

My kids have got admission in BVM Bollineni hillside for 3rd and 6th std. I am looking for private vehicle pickup and drop from selaiyur, madambakkam. I see a couple of them are already looking for private vehicles from this area. It would be helpful, if we can share the information about any transport facility from this area.

Please mail me  at




chitra15 2011-05-04 18:50:01


 hi nathan,


pls mail me u r contact number to even i am looking for private transport for my 2 kids





SGS 2011-05-04 20:03:16



Our child Shrdha has got the admission (Pre KG) at BVM GLOBAL @ Bollineni Hill side for the year 2011-12.  We missed the oppurtunity to get the school bus facility.

We reside Near to Navalur, OMR Road. If any one know about any private arrangements for pickup and drop kindly let us know. My mail id is

Thanks in advance, -Sooraj


srav 2011-06-15 10:32:25


This school is overcrowded and each class (even KG sections) are having more than 35 kids. With the infrastructure they have it is difficult to support this kind of strength. Parents, please consider this while seek admission to this school.

I just got upset with them compromising this basic need of maintaining the healthy student teacher ratio.





suva 2011-07-11 12:39:26


 Hi all , joining this discussion thread after a long how has life been for the BVM kids and their parents so far??

Would love to get in touch with parents who have moved into bollineni hillside or planning to do so in near future..seriously considering buying / renting some property there..any opinion/ advice is most welcome.



Devi20 2011-07-19 12:01:40


Hi All,

   Parents of BVM Bollineni, pls confirm, wheher BVM Global got CBSE affliation and do anyone know the affliation code of BVM Global

I read the below news in one site :

Information is,

"I had checked on the school - but i dislike the fact that there are 2 schools -one is operational for small classes but has only 3 grounds or thereabouts of land and no play ground or a shread of grass or a tree but fees is very high including admission fee of 24000 and deposit of 40000 and so on.Not value for money.I was told that there will be another school for higher classes somewhere else . But all should understand that BVM Global is different from BVM.BVM Global does not have the soul and character of the original bvm.I think nathan is trying to make bcm global into a money spinning machine.See the advts coming out inviting franchisees for bvm global.

I heard that bvm global in bollineini has not yet received cbse certification though they have applied for the same . Some one can confirm this but i thought that as per revised regulations a cbse school should occupy 1 acre of land . Here that seems to be not the case because 2 schools are in 2 locations etc . I am unsure on this aspect .

See a school should have "character" and a "soul " . this comes with some sort of value system and with years and years of service to students and to society.It can not be money money money .And charging 5000 Rs more than BVM does not make it better school ! "

 I am shocked after reading this and please confirm me whether BVM global also belongs to the same management BVM Adyar and confirm whether it is affliated or not.



suva 2011-07-19 17:34:34


 Thanks for your post Devi..the question is how do we find out if the school has affiliation or not??If it doesn't really have affiliation,its a serious issue since most of the parents were told last year at the time of admission that the CBSE affiliation is already in place.


Devi20 2011-07-20 10:22:14


Hi Suva,

 I called the school and when I asked abt the affliation, they are not giving proper response. Please clarify whether BVM Global is same as BVM and BVM Global also belongs to the same management BVM Adyar.

 I am very much scared after reading that post since I have a passion towards BVM Adyar school and I did lot of reviews before joining my son into BVM Global. After reading this, I am very much disappointed since in my family no one agreed to pay this hefty sum of fees for PreKG. As ur kid is studying in BVM Global, Please provide me the abt the standard of that school.




ravipreethi 2011-07-20 10:31:46


hi all

          BVM Global and BVM Adyar both under the same management , because

last year they were closed their BVM marg swarnaboomi and the student of that school were transfered to BVM adyar.




suva 2011-07-20 12:09:55


 Hi Devi,

trying to get the issue clarified thru Yokibu. Hope what Ravipreeti says is right.



sels 2011-07-20 12:54:43



My son is BVM @ UKG in Boolinani BVM.This his 2nd year there.

We had KG open house a couple of week before.The principal confirmed that there is another building coming up at 500 m from this school for classes 4 and above this year end.

The present building is completely for KG to 3rd std kids and the max kids in a class will not be more then 32 at any cost. They have 2 teachers (Senior and an assistant teacher) to manage the KG kids.

The management BVM -Adyar and BVM Globe seems to be same. We enquired for transfering my son to their Banglore Branch this year due to our plan of relocation. They readily accepted and mentioned that within BVM Globe the transfer is possible but this doesn't hold good for BVM- adyar branch. Kids in BVM _Adyar doesn't have the option of transfer to their BVM Globe branches across the country and vice-versa.This statement has something for us parents to think. The management is same but may be BVM-Globe has some partnership involved.

But as far as the BVM management is concern,its trustworthy , reliable and very professional in their approch. I have hardly seen any school of this standard with my experiance with my 8th grade daughter.

I honestly feel,the children learning and enviroment till the age of 7 plays a very major role in his overall personality in his future.I trust BVM quality in this regard though their fees are slightly on the higher end.

I am happy for my son and am seeing lot of overall development in his knowledge and personality due to the School.The teachers are the best and are well trained from BVM-adyar. I wish,BVM could maintain the same standard till the end and get the CBSE affliation done at the earliest if they haven't done before.




suva 2011-07-20 13:08:43


 Hi Sels, I share your thoughts on BVM being a really good school when it comes to the way they handle children..I have not had  a single complain from my daughter in her 2nd year there but I do hope the school will clarify this issue of affiliation.


div 2011-07-20 15:18:11



I completely agree with Sels and Suva, BVM is really doing well in handling the kids and other activities for children.  My son is in V std & I have seen a good overall  development from his previous school last year at BVM Bollineni. This  year I have transferred him to BVM Bangalore, withouth much hassels and the teachers here including the principal are very friendly and good.  Eventhough they have started this branch this year, their coaching & teaching is in par with BVM bollineni.  The management of BVM Global and BVM adyar are same and BVM global is not a franchisee, because this was the first clarification we asked when we put our son at BVM.  Regarding affiliatation I'll also check at BVM Bangalaore.


Deepa Arul



ravipreethi 2011-07-20 19:35:15


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, January 19, 2010 /India PRwire/ -- BSCPL Chairman, Mr. B. Krishnaiah said that company has signed an MOU and lease agreement with Bala Vidya Mandir to lease out 2 acres of land and construct about 70,000 sq ft. building to accommodate a full fledged CBSE school upto 12th standard. The School will have all modern facilities like state of the art audio - video lab, Science and Mathematics lab, etc., for students. A world class air - conditioned infrastructure and modern facilities to provide for exceptional learning atmosphere.

According to Mr. Ramana Prasad, Managing Trustee, Bala Vidya Mandir and BVM Global Trust, the admission process for classes, Pre KG to sixth standard will commence from 20th January'2010 and admission forms will be available at the site of Bollineni Hillside and Bala Vidya Mandir, Adyar. Parents of students seeking admission can contact Bollineni Hillside at toll free number 1800 425 7979 or 22775555, or Bala Vidya Mandir, Adyar, at 24424445/6/7.

Mr.Rajendra Joshi, GM-Sales and Marketing, informed that the company has achieved a sales of more than 500 units totaling about 750,000 sq feet at Bollineni Hillside in last nine months. The sale value has crossed Rs. 225 crores. The township has received very encouraging response from the middle and upper middle class segment of the society.

The company had launched the apartments at a very special price of Rs 2500 per sq feet in March 2009 and has now increased it marginally to Rs 2600 per sq feet from December'2009. The villas and row houses have also received very good response from the buyers he said.

Notes to Editor


BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd, (Formerly B. Seenaiah & Co Projects Ltd.) is a Hyderabad based conglomerate, which has business interests in various infrastructure areas like roads, ports, bridges, irrigation projects and airports. Besides infrastructure, the group is into steel, stone crushing and education, and has prestigious KIMS hospital in its fold It is promoted by professionals with over three decades of experience and backed by a competent, highly motivated team of experts. BSCPL's use of state-of-the-art technologies combined with high degree of mechanization has enabled it to set new benchmarks in industry. BSCPL is known for its excellence in project management and timely execution.

  • For more information, please contact:
  • Prism Public Relations India Pvt. Ltd.
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ravipreethi 2011-07-20 19:42:25



Chennai, Jan. 19

The Hyderabad-based BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd (formerly B. Seenaiah & Co Projects Ltd.), which is putting up an integrated township complex over 92 acres on the Old Mahabalipuram Road on the outskirts of Chennai, has tied-up with Bala Vidya Mandir School to set up a CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) school within the complex named Bollineni Hillside Township.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr B. Krishnaiah, Chairman of BSCPL, said that the company had signed an agreement with Bala Vidya Mandir to lease out two acres and construct about 70,000 sq. ft. of space to accommodate a full-fledged CBSE school up to the 12th standard.

In the first phase, the school would have classes from pre-KG to the sixth standard. The school is expected to have facilities such as an audio-video lab, science and maths lab as well as other air-conditioned facilities.

Mr Manmohan Varma, CEO, said the project had been planned in two phases. The first phase is coming up on 50 acres. The total constructed area would be seven million sq. ft. The company is constructing over 1,300 apartments in the first phase.

Mr Varma said most of the apartments in the first phase had been completed and were ready to be handed over by July. With the completion of the two phases there would be 4,500 units across six million sq ft.

Mr Ramana Prasad, Managing Trustee, Bala Vidya Mandir and BVM Global Trust, said the admission process for classes, Pre-KG to sixth standard, would commence from January 20. The fees would be Rs 36,000 a year for a child.

Mr Prasad said Bollineni Hillside would be BVM's third school in Chennai, after its original school in Adyar and BVM Global at the Marg Swarnabhoomi SEZ. It also plans to open schools under the BVM tag in Tiruchi, Coimbatore and Salem. It had also tied-up with the Sri City SEZ at Tada in AP, for setting up its school.










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