Admission for BVM Global Bollineni hill side

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mathuviswa 2010-02-18 10:20:21


Have anyone sought admission in BVM global-Bollineni? How is it?

Pasu 2010-02-19 14:01:09


We got the letter but yet to decide


vevinbabu 2010-02-22 17:39:54



Have you decided? Any pros or cons you see?



sharz 2010-02-23 10:54:44



I joined recently to this informative blog...i was also planning to get my son enrolled for the bvm global in bollineni..i am currently in usa and my son is 1 and half years  nw.we are planning to be there late 2011 .So..can you pls let me knw the procedure for admissions there and their fee wud be really great if u cud give any additional info on this school..And also if u cud let me knw any other schools in and around bollineni within 4-5kms radius ( other than psbb millenium)


sujasri 2010-02-23 19:44:02


hi pasu,ve recently joined this site,saw ur post

since 2morrow is the last date for the fees payment, what ve u decided

let me know soon

ive 2 daughters,my elder one has got thru the entrance for 4th std and the younger one for prekg in bvm, bollineni

i want to know what is the deciding factor for other parents in choosing this school

the total outlay for me is doubly high so i want to make an informed decision, pls help


radansha 2010-02-24 11:39:18



many of my friends have paid fees for bvm omr .  As far as I know, they are also in dark, like, they have no clue on the system so far.  But they believe that this school will never fail.  They will come up with decent building and all soon and bec's of the history of their schools(in adyar ), this would be equally good too.  Kids from velachery and thiruvanmyur too have registered and paid the fees. 

In my knowledge, my friends only went for the "brand name" BVM and nothing else.

Btw, I am not looking for any admissions as my son is already in sankara adyar.


sujasri 2010-02-24 11:51:27


 hi radansha,

thanx for ur re, i guess ive no option but to go with the brand name myself though i wd not have preferred that

actually getting into bvm, adyar is like scaling mt everest, so its the next best thing for us,so ive decided to go in for it

if possible connect me with ur frnds , so i can have some known f`aces when going into the school

we will be putting up at madipakkam,im worrd abt the younger one travelling such a dist,

thanx bye


sujasri 2010-02-24 11:52:40


 hi again, can anyone let me know the exact dist from the vijaynagar overbridge, velachery to bvm,bollineni



radansha 2010-02-24 12:03:18



sure .. which class your ward is  going for? i can connect to my friends accordingly. few of my friends have paid for , i think, one KG, 2-3 1st grade, 3rd graders etc.  I believe many come from velachery too!!.. some will be shifting shortly to that area itself.  Madipakkam is way too far for ur kid!!.. how old is ur child?  Its not a good idea to make kid travel this far at this young age.  You guys can think about shifting to bvm area :-) as many of my friends are doing.  Infact, y'day my distant relative said she is shifting to omr area and seeking admission to bvm from kodambakkam!!.. From velachery, it may be 40-45min travel by van or something.  Most of my friends are near the school area , like just 15min, tambaram or something... any help u need, pls mail me.


sujasri 2010-02-24 12:58:26


 hi thanx for the offer

actually we ve our own flat at madipakkam, very close to velachery, not interior

thats why i was searching for schools thats side so we could shift there(presently at kodambakkam)

no luck till bvm happened

my elder daughter going to the 4th grade and younger one is just starting prekg

there is also no guarantee she will get thru sibling quota next year for lkg

actually we r considering the move to omr ourselves for the sake of the younger one

i also ve no idea abt the travel arrangements to be made by the school, so getting in touch with ur frnds frm velachery would be a help





sels 2010-02-24 13:29:55


I have admitted my son in LKG in Pre-KG in Bollinani Hill side. I am at Pallikarni which is 6 KM from this school. They have ensured for transport.

Initially as the school is just starting, we will definitely have problem with the infrastructures and teacher. Most of the teachers will be new recruiters trained by BVM adyar. So it’s going to be a trail period for both the teachers and the kids. But I am sure that BVM management will get good professional teachers as they will not like to forgo their reputation that they have in Adyar to the upcoming schools like A school and PSBB in that area which is growing fast now.

Its one of the best school covering in Chennai covering all curriculum and with most of the VIP kids in their Adyar School. The management being same, I expect the best from them for my kid.

But the first year of the school may not be a good experience but in a couple of year, I wish they have the scenario as of adyar.  It is duty of us parents too to make this school the best place for our kid by having patience with the initial inconvenience. I would also expect the administration and management staffs in the new school to be as humble to receive our feedbacks as in Adyar School.




sujasri 2010-02-24 14:35:14


 hi i do very much agree with u, as with any newborn, teething troubles are bound to be there

we as parents ve to be patient and tolerating

a school is not only made by the teachers and management but also by the students and their parents

all the confusion that i had was only till the decision was pending, now come what may we have to stand by the school

1-2 years of inconvenience is nothing compared to the lifelong security of our kids

my hopes join urs in thinking that this nu school also achieves the same excellence as adyar branch

lets hope so


CampDJ 2010-02-24 16:24:20



I have paid the fees for my kids who will be studying in Class IV and UKG respectively. The school is still under construction and the management is hopeful that the structure will be ready in the next couple of months. Hope to see a total strength of 350+ in the first year of operation.


sujasri 2010-02-24 19:41:19


 hi camp dj,

where are u put up, how far from ur house the school is

do u have any more info as to no. of sections, student teacher ratio, and other essentials

pls do share with me



sharz 2010-02-24 21:25:04



Can any one share the fee structure  and timings of bmv global (bollineni)for lkg..and also hwz the area in terms of water clogging during rains and mosquitoes..just keen to knw as we r planning to shift to bollineni from kodambakkam..



CampDJ 2010-02-25 11:47:13


Hi Sujasri,

I am put up at Selaiyur (9.5 kms from this school). I guess you are put up at Vijayanagar overbridge which is approx 8.5 kms from this school. As far as my knowlege goes, for class IV, approximately 24 candidates wrote the writen test and I estimate the class strength to be around 20 atlteast. Assuming this strength, one class teacher should be sufficient. For PreKG, the teacher student ration could be 1:15 (but not sure). The first year of operation will pose a lot of challenge, but the management of BVM Global is experienced enough to handle these challenges. As you have rightly mentioned, parents need to play an equal role along with the teachers.

The total fees per year (which includes a one time refundable deposit of Rs.40,000/-) is Rs. 105200/-.  Infrastructure around this area is developing very fast.


srininalini 2010-02-25 12:16:39


Congratulation, for your wards admissions on BVM Global. Hope for the best quality from BVM Management.


I have enrolled my kid into LKG and good to here that you are from selaiyur. My residence is at madambakkam(near yeshwanth nagar).


Do you have any transport plan for you kid? Yet to decide for my kid.


Share you thoughts…………




srininalini 2010-02-25 12:18:32


Please ignore my previous message,

Hi CampDJ,

Congratulation, for your wards admissions on BVM Global. Hope for the best quality from BVM Management.


I have enrolled my kid into LKG and good to here that you are from selaiyur. My residence is at madambakkam(near yeshwanth nagar).


Do you have any transport plan for you kid? Yet to decide for my kid.


Share you thoughts…………




CampDJ 2010-02-25 12:55:13


Hi srininalini,

I was given to understand that BVM Global would be operating a Shuttle Service from Medavakkam. More clarify is expected only when the school starts functionning from June'10.

Maybe in the initial days after school opens, the parents will accompany their wards. Car pooling is one option that I am looking into with like minded parents.





srininalini 2010-02-25 13:38:06


Hi CampDj,


Appreciate your earliest response.

Me too having the car pooling idea, I am open to this option. Let’s try for it.




 Former member 2010-02-25 22:36:03


Is the LKG admission over or still in progress ? I am planning to put my child next year in UKG in the BVM global school, by that time most of the operational issues will be closed. How difficult it will be getting admission into UKG next year ?


sharz 2010-02-26 03:38:07



Any one have any idea about the fees for the lkg in bvm global bollineni..and how is it with the admission  into  lkg or preschool for a child born in usa..It wud of great helf if anybody could provide me with the info...



sujasri 2010-03-04 14:58:23


 hi campdj, have been out of the loop for sometime

but u seem to have better info about the school, thanx for sharing

i still have other questions like classroom size, timings specially for prekg,playground and other infrastructure

do u guys know anything abt orientation program or a detailed prospectus so we can clear our doubts

there's nothing on the net till now

i visited the school site yesterday, theres nothing much to see,

very very initial stages, only the foundation has been laid

but the guys there say will be completed in 2 months, we just have to hope so

all around, the construction for bollineni hillside township going on in full swing, 

as far as i could see, the initial building does not have any ground or open space, can maximum house 300 kids, in 2-3 storeys 

since i ve no idea whats the proposed building going to be like, i cant comment more

the approach roads were very rough, progress was difficult

my spirits slightly dampened a bit

pls keep posting here on any nu developments or info u get


sujasri 2010-03-04 15:05:43


 hi radansha how r u doing, 

u did say initially some kids frm velachery, tiruvanmiyur had taken admission here

if u can put me in touch with their parents, maybe we can work out something abt the travel(the biggest worry for me as of now)

i made the trek myself and measured it, its scary as i ve a prekg kid

i was advised the shortest route would be from the omr side

frm velachery main road, take left to omr(abt 3km)

straight down omr towards sholinganallur (8km)

take a right just before satyabhama university (4km)

u reach the bollineni hillside township,inside which uve to travel another km to reach the school site

15-16 km is daunting to me even though max stretch on the omr, so it will move fast

if there r any parents, who r planning to commute frm velachery,madipakkam, pls post here, i would like to know ur plans

im seriously thinking of shifting near the school, so need some help to decide

thanx in advance



div 2010-03-04 15:51:18


Hi sujasri,


Iam a new member to parent tree..I became  a member only  to read reviews regarding BVM bollineni..happy to see many disscussions..I have also joined my son in Class IV..We stay at pallikaranai around 7 kms from school.  So is your daughter also joining in IV.  Regarding the school i have one of my friend's son studying in BVM adyar and she has a very good opinion about the school.  The student teacher ratio is 1:30 or max 35 in a class.  Iam sure there will be little hiccups in the 1st year but iam sure BVM will come to its adyar standard within a year or two.  and that time it might be more difficult to get admission here also.. Nice to know your daughter is also going to IV, pl mail me your ph no to we can be touch..


sujasri 2010-03-04 16:19:02


 hi div

welcme to parentree

i think majority ve taken this decision based on feedback abt bvm adyar. my husband's boss has really high regards for this school.both her daughters r bvm students

her take is that not only r the academics gr8, allround holistic development into confident individuals is a given

anyway i will try to be optimistic and hope for the same here and as u rightly said, once the school picks up, admission will be so difficult v

wil be happy to share my number with u, pls do the same my id is

ive 2 daughters, elder one going to fourth and the younger one starting prekg, nice to know ur son would be her classmate



mathuviswa 2010-03-04 17:34:02


Hi friends,

saw many responses abt BVM frm you all. Thanks. I got admission for LKG for my son at Bollineni and I paid the fees too. Hope it would be best school. I'm in Medavakkam and they assured for transportation.... 


radansha 2010-03-04 21:40:11


hi sujasri

reg. commute from velacherry, heard few friends(friends of a friend) are shifting to the BVM school side shortly.  I will still try to find out if any one is really from Velachery.  But as far as I know, my friends children has got admission for class 2-3. no one for PREKG.  Will surely let you know if anyone from PREkg will be travelling from velacherry side.




mathuviswa 2010-03-04 23:20:33




Pls let me know abt the parents shifting the house near the i am looking for a rented house near the school.


sujasri 2010-03-05 12:33:34


HI ALL, please let me know abt the parents who r shifting near the school

which areas are preferable,availability of flats, rent rates, other facilities etc

have been in chennai only since last 4 years

entire time lived in wesr mambalam/kodambakkam

this would be a huge change, so pls enlighten



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