LKG Admission for CBSE schools around Kilpaulk / Kellys / Purasaiwalkam

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Happy12Mommy 2014-03-09 20:27:55


i have done with bhavans , CV kilpauk ,SBOA and Don bosco  school of Excellence....The CV Kilpauk interaction was very short. It lasted for just 2 minutes. We went to SbOA last Friday. It took an hour. As mentioned by Elve our mobile phones were not allowed inside the principal office. She asked us that they were running a trust and do we wish to donate anything.. Obviously it was an indirect question for donation. We  said "yes".. Next question was how much??? We really did'nt knw how much to quote. So we said how much does the school usually ask??. She said "We do not demand any particular amount.. Its all ur wish".. So we quoted 70000/-. She noted down. And thats all. But we really liked the school.. good infrastructure, sports activities and all..

At Don bosco school of Excellence they are asking 2 cheques. One for 80000/- for annual fees and 2nd cheque for a minimum of 100000/-  as donation.  Konjam kooda vekkame illama thay are asking.

shivasankaran 2014-03-09 20:48:49


@ everyone

When bhavan's will update the result? any idea?

@ everyone.

Please don't quote donation openly or it will become like a trend setter!.. as if it is the norm of the day.
Good school will not demand huge sum as donation! I am damn firm about this and convinced!

shivasankaran 2014-03-09 20:58:20


@ everyone.

I came to know some of the parents who are residing far away from the schools are willing to pay huge / hefty some as donation and get the seat, there are so many middleman who are making so much money, many of the parents getting cheated by these middleman or agents.

I know few of the people paying Rs.1.7lak to get the seat through middleman, and 2 of them were cheated for 2 different schools!.

Please don't get carried away or cheated by middlemen or agents for getting the seat, if you satisfy the criteria for the school, you will get the seat, if not you try in next school!.

Happy12Mommy 2014-03-10 09:16:36


Yes perfect Sivasankaran !!!
Bhavans results will be announced on 19 March 2014.

Elve 2014-03-11 13:26:48


@shivasankaran kindly excuse, I want the discussions about the donations to flow in this thread.
It creates awareness and information sharing, I would leave it to everyone to have their own intellect to sense which one is trusted and untrusted, If you notice i clearly mention in my emails about the source of info is trusted (info from people who are directly involved, who I know personally) or untrusted (gossips, romours or over heard).
I completely agree about your statement on the middlemen.  Parents need to be cautious and better to stay away from them.
The kind of donation we have been talking in the previous discussion was all about the school's exceptions mostly its flat except a few like SBOA.

However there are certain seats called Management Quota, anyone able to share info on how we can get these seats?  Refer my post in MVM 50seats assigned to Mangement Quota....
Yes obviously most of the schools are associated with some trust (which is mostly owned by the schools board of directors etc...) each person will have a share in these management quota seats.  They may choose to offer it to the deserving candidates or offer it to maintain high level relationship or if no such requirement then they may choose to give it away for some $$$.
How do you get to know these top ranking people.  No way, unless you have the right contact.  So, that's the catch!

I came to know that these practices are mostly real from trusted sources.

Because I talk this, don't think I have such a contact and hence I have a confirmed seat at my preferred school.  If so i wouldn't be blogging here...

(I am thinking too many times if i should post this or not, but just let it go...)


Happy12Mommy 2014-03-11 20:28:58



Does anyone have any idea about the fees structure @ Chinmaya, MVM , bhavans and SBOA ??
Please share.

shivasankaran 2014-03-11 21:38:35


@ elve

Please don't take it personally, I did not say anything personally against anyone. I just shared my thoughts/feelings/anguish at people who have so much money and muscle power some how try to get seat, nothing personal against you or anyone. Please forgive me if I hurt you in anyway. I am really happy that you are sharing your experience, its really good thing, for others to read, say next year when parents like us search for information.

I am really happy about for being honest and open in sharing your experience.


Elve 2014-03-13 11:51:32


It's ok Shiva, no regrets.  I just wanted to ensure the discussions are fruitful and don't limit us and don't let us still live in imaginations.


Elve 2014-03-13 11:52:12


@Everyone - I have got a confirmation from Sindhi offering a seat, they asked to pay 55k by tomorrow! so now I am in a soup situation.
However, I will be paying the fees, as I don't seem to have a choice at the moment and I have distance advantage in Sindhi, but will be waiting for other results still.


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