narayana e techno school (cbse) in arumbakkam

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dhivu 2014-02-03 10:17:19


Pls everyone here sharre your feedback it wil be very useful mutually.

srilalithay 2014-02-03 14:17:08


As is chennai, this is the first time they are launching Narayana... By checking the below review...I was in a dilema

best555 2014-02-04 12:39:53


Hi srilalithay,

Thanks for providing the very valuable link..

Harinath 2014-03-26 09:35:48


Do you have any new updates from narayana?

Harinath 2014-03-27 11:13:11


School timing is 8.30 to 12.30pm for LKG and UKG. From 1st to 5th std it is up to 3.30pm. So i don't agree 'they are pressuring' as said in this forum.

thri 2014-04-04 14:44:57


Hi All,

I am new to this group,
we also joined my younger kid in prekg arumbakkam br.
my sister's son studying in HYD ameerpet br.
feed back is good


catchnary 2014-04-04 18:02:20


Has the admissions at ramapuram and arumbakkam over?

catchnary 2014-04-04 18:04:09


thri, can you give some insiders on fees/facility/transportation, or with what ever you have come across

thri 2014-04-05 13:23:39



it's a new building with KG play area.
we found 3 school buses.
fee is 10k admission for prekg 42k tution fee and 10 k for uniform and books

academic wise they have  good track record.
will see how it will be in Chennai
as per sister's exp up to 5t std there will not any pressure and from 6th they will start integrated syllabus which will slowly increase pressure up to 10th. obviously student will come in to the track. my sister's son is enjoying the system. definitely their students are 2 classes forward in studies i.e in maths, physics and chemistry.


Sanju18 2014-04-05 21:21:55


Any idea, when is school academic starting, i got the admission for 1st in arumbakkam branch. they told, parent meet will have some time around april month. not sure when it will be.


thri 2014-04-09 12:09:03


@sanju we also not received any communication from school regrading parent meet


thri 2014-04-19 12:01:04


today received courier regarding fee payment and uniform transport details

uniform measurement will  be taken up to 22nd in Arubakkam branch 

sweety84 2014-05-17 21:02:36


Hi All,Im new to this group.I just want to know if Narayana is still having admissions for LKG .We have been trying to reach the management.But no proper response from them.Pls let me know anybody if d admissions r still open.thanq

thri 2014-05-19 12:51:31



instead of calling go personally to the branch and meet the principal

large 2014-11-06 15:47:52


Those who admiited the child in narayana etechno - Could yo please give us a brief about the school???
1) Curriculum
2) Total Strength.
3) Till which stand they are running for 2014-2015
4) Management Approach ( friendly/Professional/rude)
5) School Campus  - is it till 5th or 12th?
6) Play ground
7) positives 
8) Negatives
Every parents - pls post your views..this will be very helpful for all of us...


jagan1983 2014-12-02 11:58:46


Hi ,

Now they have 4 branches in Chennai.

1. Pallavaram

Please share us your feed backs about these branches?



saapri 2014-12-20 15:42:26


hi friends, now they have opened a branch in ambattur also, i am planning to put my kid there for lkg pls share ur views on the education, they are going to contruct the building now

sweetyprathi 2014-12-20 17:37:28


Is it cbse???

sweetyprathi 2014-12-20 17:38:21


Please share d fee structure of arumbakkam branch n reviews pls

sridevilingashiva 2014-12-20 23:36:09


Anybody can explain the pros and cons of narayana school in arumbakkam? pls guide the new parents?


Naffy 2014-12-24 00:53:20


My two cents- They are academic they wont give much importance to extra curricular activities. One cannot expect all round development of the kid as the focus is only on cracking the competitive entrance exams.  Chk for affiliation if the kid is to be admitted in higher class. This chain in bangalore has got poor review but hyderabad branch scores a good one. 

Daffodill 2015-03-09 17:15:54


Hello Parents,
                          My kid is studying in narayana etechno arumbakkam in LKG. i hv seen many parents here requesting info abt this school. I would like to give my review but please note that this is my opinion only. First of all i put my kid here only bcos i didnt get admission elsewhere(like mvm, chinmaya).initially, like fellow parents i had lots of doubts abt this school.i did my research and found tht they r giving extensive coaching for IIT. so i proceeded.
                        now that my kid has been studying for almost a year i have come to an understanding abt this school. 
1. there are 2 teachers per class for LKG and UKG. 
2. class strength is around 30 - 35 and there are 7 sections. its a good student teacher ratio.
3. they do conduct activities like playschools.
4. school has become famous even as a startup. 
5. they follow integrated syllabus and provide extensive coaching for IIT which starts from 6th std.
6. they conduct one on one parent teacher meeting where u r updated abt ur childs performance in the exams.

1. The school does not have a playground/play area. whatever area is available in the ground is being utilised for parking.
2. Collecting your kids after school is a pain. parents have to wait till the transport kids are escorted. if it rains, it is a nightmare since there is no roof.
3. since it was built as a commercial complex, the kids have to climb two stories to reach their classes and parents hv to pray for their safety. 
3. they said no homework. wrong ! as the year progresses, the homework increases. whatever the teachers r not able to cover, they r giving it as homework.
4. the english is really bad. the teachers do have an accent based on their nativity. mostly they r from andhra.
5. the bathrooms are ok kind. my kid always complaints of bathroom not being neat so she begs me to put diapers !
6. the school is definitely money minded. i dont want to reveal much details abt this since my kid is studying there.
7. the uniforms and books were issued very very late. books were issued in first come first serve basis. if u go a little late even on the issuing day, they get over and u have to constantly check with the teachers if they have arrived.
8. no parking for 4 wheelers.  
9. when i admitted my kid, they said cbse affiliation is pending but will get within four months. this is something to be questioned as they r following integrated syllabus. no proper information on this. they havent conducted any general meeting with the principal.
10. fees is high considering their affiliation status and infrastructure. they r planning to open more and more schools in chennai which shows their money making strategy. they shud better focus on maintaining and improvising the present branches.

Parents who are proceeding with this school pls dont get disappointed bcos of my review but the truth is always better. do try for other schools. if u didnt get admission elsewhere then u can proceed and convince urself that u hv put ur kid in a better school than matric schools.


4theParents 2015-03-30 18:06:38


Hi Daffodill,
your kid is studying in Narayana school (Arumbakkam branch). You are saying infrastructure and facilities are not good in Arumbakkam branch. But they won the award. As i heard compared to other branches this is good one and infrastructure and facilities are good.

Find the article below.

CHENNAI: Education Today and Leaders in Education, educational magazines, organised a Teachers̢۪ Day 2014 award function on September 14. It was a matter of great pride for Narayana E-Techno School, Arumbakkam to be adjudged the Best Infrastructured E-Techno School in the city at the function in Loyola College.

The award was presented by chief guest G Vishwanathan, founder and Chancellor, VIT University, Vellore; Xavier Alphonse, secretary, Loyola College of Education; Principal Narayana, E-Techno School; Sapna Sankhla and DGM Pushpalatha. It was phenomenal for a school in its nascent stage to bag this prestigious award.

The chief guest highlighted the role of a teacher in the lives of students citing various examples.

He stressed the importance of inculcating values in children from their formative years. Several other awards were presented on this occasion.


4theParents 2015-03-30 18:28:00



Dedicated to all Parents.................

In chennai, as i observed all schools following same tradition. Most of the schools dont have CBSE affiliation even though no compromise in fees. concept all most uniform in all schools. 
Admission/Donation fee : around 50000 to 65000 (most cases non refundable)
Normal Fee : 50000 to 75000 (for 1st std on words)
Books uniform etc : 10000 
Around 1.1 to 1.4 for this. and transport extra which we don't know how they arrange and what security is thr on this. 
As a parent we have to ready around 1.5 to 1.8 for 1st std on words.
These fees are ridiculous now a days and most are not able to bear it. Even Govt.. as well not interfering in this high fees and donations. 
parents are standing in queues (fortnight) to get the applications which is also a new trend here. For schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya....its ok....but why its required for other schools where we are paying the money in lacs. Now a days here our savings goes to school donations and fees.

 As a parents we don't have hopes on Govt. action. They are also simply enjoying the current education system. But finally parents are suffering by paying more getting less knowledge for kids.



PrasannaJaya 2015-04-25 11:35:51


  1. In Narayana, they are focusing 100% on academics alone and 0% on extra curricular activities.
  2. Teacher to Student ratio is 30:1 and no home work these are some of the positive points about the school
  3. Compared to other schools the fees is quite high. 
  • Both Academics and Extra Curricular activities are important to children.
  • From sports, they learn decision making, team work. leadership qualities, sportiness and concentration. 
  • These skills are needed at job, academics and day-to-day life too.
  • Sports, Music, Art etc. are better than sitting in front of T.V. and playing video games.
  • Physical activities are necessary for good health
  • Don't select school based on their brand, name tags and ranks
  • Don't ignore the extra curricular activities while choosing a school

sudhakarvenu 2015-05-29 15:15:30


I am already suffered after taking admission, its one of most third graded school, they r running with illiterate s ,low qualified teaching staff, unhygienic, lack of communication skills, all teaching staff from andhra knows only Telugu. It's completely fraud.

mrao7 2015-12-21 11:53:21


Hi, my son is studying in 3rd standard in narayana pallavaram. The school is good. This is a Hyderabad based school which is only into academics. No extra curricular activities. The school doesn't have a playground, when asked they said that the school concentrates only in academics and as more parents are enquiring on the extra curricular acitivites, the school is also planning to have it on Saturdays like art, music. The school authorities also said they are planning to have a ground for about 6 schools in a location. In a short span of 2 years they are opening about 12 schools in chennai.

mrao7 2015-12-21 12:43:43


My son studies in the school in 3rd standard. It is good. The school is Hyderabad based and have opened 6 branches and still opening few of them in a span of 2 years in chennai. The school says they concentrate only in academics and don't have much of extra curricular activites. Due to the demand from parents they have started few extracurricular activites on saturdays like art, music. There schools doesn't have playgrounds and are planning to have a ground hired for sports activites in one of the schools.
The school works on saturdays and 2nd and 4th saturday are off.



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