P.S. Senior Secondary School Admission 2014-15

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Tamill 2013-12-04 16:28:03


Hi All,

Lets discuss about Admission for AY 2014-15 in P.S Senior Secondary School here.

23karthik 2013-12-05 09:53:16


When they will issue  forms for LKG for 2014 admission?

Diyanshi 2013-12-11 21:31:34


Yest I phonned them. They told after 15th Jan

Tamill 2013-12-11 22:04:34


@Diyanshi Thank you

lavanyasasikumar 2013-12-12 08:58:17


       Is it for LKG they said or Pre-KG?

       When I enquired they said currently no plan for LKG.

       Can you please confirm.

Thanks in Advance,
Lavanya SR

fornikh 2013-12-20 18:03:53


Can anybody give the age criteria for pre kg AY 2014-15 in P S. my son DOB is 24 Dec 11.

gansgans 2014-01-21 12:13:30


@fornikh - Did you refered in the site, you can even call them and check. 
I believe the application is going to be distributed by around Feb 17th. 

RevShan 2014-01-22 14:31:36


Hi gansgans,
I too called the office regarding Age criteria.  They asked me to check when they release the application in Website.  One my friend told me the age cutoff for pre-KG is 1st Dec 2011 for AY 2014-15 admission.  Am also not sure about the age criteria. Could anyone help us with the age cutoff details. - RevShan

RevShan 2014-01-22 14:33:41


Hi, Tamill, please also let me know if here is any update regarding issuing of application form

lavanyasasikumar 2014-01-22 15:07:24



Age should be 2 years 5 Months as on June.

Last year I thought 2 years 6 Months and missed out to get application thinking my kid not eligible since her DOB is Dec 22 2010.

Before few months when I checked with one teacher she gave me this age.

fornikhThey didn't mention age criteria in website,better to confirm the age visit school once.

So you won't miss the application.

Lavanya Sasi Kumar

GowriKarthik 2014-01-22 15:10:39


I called the school yesterday and they asked me to check about the application by feb 01st!

gansgans 2014-01-22 21:49:22


Thats nice Gowri Karthik

rsp82 2014-02-22 16:22:27


Can someone tell me what will be the selection criteria?

What is the fee structure for pre-kg? Is there any donation demanded in PSS?

VijiChennai 2014-02-24 06:34:07


I heard the address should be within 4 km radius. That's their main criteria. Based on my exp it's an wonderful school.

rsp82 2014-02-24 17:57:23


Thanks Viji. Any information on fee structure for pre-kg? Is there any donation demanded in PSS? Any recommendations considered?

GowriKarthik 2014-02-25 13:45:30


I heard there is no donations in PS not sure how far it is true!Also heard that they do not accept recommendations as well..
Fees seems to be pretty normal!

swami1975 2014-02-26 16:38:29


Amongst P.S.Sniro/Vidya Mandir and PSBB which is better and what is the rating

GowriKarthik 2014-02-28 10:08:32


All 3 are really good!
But heard PS is bit oriented to mainly with acedmics and extra curricular are less...
PSBB kids seems to be all rounder
VM is also really good!

VijiChennai 2014-03-10 14:47:21


Today PS Senior is annoucing the results....IS someone going today to check the same?

Nidhan 2014-03-10 14:56:24


Hi vijichennai I also applied for ps my 782.. and yours..

GowriKarthik 2014-03-10 17:34:54


My husband checked the school and my kid was not selected :(

riyaas 2014-03-10 18:24:03


Even my girl was not selected, where i was within 2 kms of radius..

Krupa1 2014-03-10 19:15:46


Even My Child was not selected

VijiChennai 2014-03-10 19:18:05


Same here.... I stay in 100m from school :(( not sure on the criteria

swami1975 2014-03-10 19:37:32


The Present situation is too much demand is there for the top schools and management is under pressure to select few candidates from known references. Atleast this process could be steamlined by making online applications saving ppl's time and energy.

SO Pre KG admission are finalized...

Nidhan 2014-03-10 19:39:57


My kid is also not selected ...

gothai 2014-03-10 23:22:56


its very bad to accept with out knowing about kids individual differences how the people are doing selection like he/she is son/dau'r of so n so. i have applied in ps senior. one of my friend told me that they 'll post the list in late evening. so i planned to go tomorrow morning. my daughter already got rejected in three schools one is very near to our residence.. i'm not sure 'my daughter got accepted or not. even v both r post graduates i'm staying back to take care of my daughter. he is a practicing professional and not a transferable job... v couldn't make her eligible to get a good school.really it reducing the hope n hitting head. what is going on..?

lavanyasasikumar 2014-03-12 09:31:55


Did they publish all 175 seats result?

Krupa1 2014-03-12 11:40:28


yes they have published for 175 seats....

lavanyasasikumar 2014-03-12 12:06:24


Thanks Krupa1


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