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Luckymum 2013-10-31 11:29:10



I recently relocated here from the UK. Can someone parent who has their child in Primrose comment on the school and teaching please. 


vijayaero 2014-07-03 13:06:55


I am too Interested to know about this school. Anyone kids studying in this school can help? Thanks.

avisravi 2014-07-09 16:04:47


Yes my daughter is studying there for the last 2 years. She is enjoying her school. They give good individual attention. Less home work but still the progress made in academics is good. Over all I am happy with the school. 


vijayaero 2014-07-10 08:35:17


@avisravi  : Thanks for the info.


R1Ma 2015-01-30 19:14:40


Hi avisravi, I took admission in lkg in Primrose for my daughter. Wanted to know how is the school. Do they really follow the smart board religiously. How effective is it. The administrator was also talking about phonetics practiced in computer classes for pre-kg n lkg kids. does it really happen.

R1Ma 2015-02-07 16:09:30


@vijayaero. Any idea how is Primrose injambakkam

vijayaero 2015-02-08 19:06:12


@R1ma. I was told that it is good school. However I did not get chance to visit the school.

Poovin 2015-04-09 18:20:10


I had taken admission for my kid in LKG for my son.... I paid the 1st term fees...After that no more communication from the school...Did anyone get information regarding school uniform, class start date etc....

60kmph 2015-04-09 23:29:05


Not sure about LKG but the class start date for Class I was Apr 8 to Apr 24, then vacation till June 1. We were asked to give a leave letter since our son cannot attend from Apr 8 to 24 and will start classes from June.

sane 2015-04-13 09:46:57


Hi poovin, I too have put my son in primrose for lkg. I called them today reg parents orientation day. They told it would be in the month of may and the books, uniform etc..will be given only then...they will confirm the date by sms to our mom no.

60kmph 2015-04-15 12:32:08


Hi sane,
I collected the books from Primrose last week for both my kids. We have to provide the Term I fee receipt and collect the books.

For LKG uniform the staff member said it is a "free size" but for older kids they are taking the measurement I think. They said they will send an sms.

sane 2015-04-15 17:35:26


Hi 60kmph, in which class ur children are studying? When I asked about the book for lkg students, they said to collect during orientation day.

60kmph 2015-04-17 00:34:59


Hi sane,
LKG and 1st Std. Only 8 books are given for LKG Term I, maybe thats why they asked to collect later.

60kmph 2015-05-25 20:52:23


Hello Parents@Primrose,

Do any of you have information on the footwear specification Primrose has for its students? In most schools, the type of footwear is considered part of the school uniform. Is there a certain type/color of footwear we have to purchase for our kids?

malathip 2016-04-19 07:16:01


I'm interested to know what are the books/publications that are followed for all the subjects for 4th grade in Primrose school. Also would like to know the teaching standard.


jayaramang 2016-11-05 20:15:47


MY son is currently studying Prekg ..Have an idea to join primerose.
Please any one tell us how is the school coaching and importance to child development through communication and extracurricular...
Also Please tell us how is the primerose ICSE syllabus advantage than CBSE.

60kmph 2016-11-07 12:19:15


hi jayaramang,
Very nice school. Teachers are very caring and dedicated. We rejected lot of schools before coming here. Lot of activities for kids are there and studies are also taken care of.

jayaramang 2016-11-08 00:08:08


hi 60kmphAm also confused regarding the syllabus. can u please suggest me whether ISCE is harder for kids as it is tough syllabus then CBSE.So which is the better syllabus for a kid to opt for.Also i heard that homeworks and textbooks in primrose are heavy even for kids. Is that so...Do u have any idea regarding that??

jayaramang 2016-11-09 15:30:48


can anyone clarify my doubt above.. please..

Raghav03 2017-02-11 09:56:18


Hi All,
I am planning to join my kid here. Kindlly help us by providing your feedback.
When I visited the school, it seem lkg has more number of students, close to 40. Not sure they assembled in one close during leavig hours. please clarify the class strenght and student teacher ratio
How is the communication and writtting development for to ukg.

30Prathi 2017-04-01 17:47:53


Hi I have joined my son for UKG.. We are from Velachery any one in primary class coming from Velachery. Pls let me know


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