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luckylakshmi 2013-10-25 11:24:36


Dear Parents,

Starting this thread for Parents seeking LKG Admissions for their Children in Vidya Mandir, Mylapore for the Academic year 2014-15. Also friends whose children are already studying in VM-Mylapore can kindly come forward to guide the parents who is seeking admission now. Thanks..


indian2014 2013-10-25 11:56:59


Hi all,

Thanks for starting a fresh thread, it will be nice to stay connected here for the academic year 2014-2015 .


prayu 2013-10-25 12:27:33


Usually what is the date they provide application ?

sttk 2013-10-25 19:18:31


They will start in the month of feb...last yr they issued during feb.

indian2014 2013-10-28 10:16:09


Hi @ sttk, @ prayu,

Applications are usually given in January itself after pongal holidays...


manisarathi 2013-10-28 17:52:21


Hi All,

mostly every year application is given third week of Jan immediately after pongal holidays, last year they issued on Wednesday 23 Jan 13.

luckylakshmi 2013-10-29 10:45:43


@manisarathi- Thanks for the useful info...

luckylakshmi 2013-11-15 10:50:45


Came to know Annual project day is happening tomorrow in Vidya Mandir Mylapore from 9.30 Am to 5 Pm, planning to just go to school and take a look....

indian2014 2013-11-15 12:53:26


oh thats nice, thanks for the info... it will be a good chance to go around the school and may be meet some parents there... i will go too...

indian2014 2013-11-18 14:26:46


Annual Project Day @ Vidya Mandir Mylapore was fabulous, a very well organised event, even though it was raining it didn't dampen the spirits of the young ones in any way... really nice and I enjoyed going around... thanks to @luckylakshmi for sharing the info...

luckylakshmi 2013-11-18 16:30:13


Yes it was wonderful and was happy too for visiting the event , the vegetables fruit prog performed by children was too good, very well thought concept.... i was amazed by the display of projects done by LKG UKG children.... and i can see how confident the other higher students were presenting their projects... had a chance to interact with few parents too, they all have only nice things to say about the school... lets see if our children get to study there.... i gathered info that applications will be issued after second week of Jan... and admissions will close by March.... :-)


manisarathi 2013-11-18 17:40:41


@indian2014 / @luckylakshmi- Great to know you had visited the school on the project day, indeed it was a delight to see the students presenting their project and as mentioned it was well organized ... all the best to all who are looking forward to admit their kids in the coming academic year!!!

mithra64 2013-11-19 12:43:19


Thanks for starting a new thread for the year 2014-15

Balaji76 2013-11-19 15:56:06


Hi - I admitted my kid last year for LKG at VM Mylapore - getting admission is really really tough and once you get the admission you are really lucky. Each and everything is perfect in VM, Mylapore and wishing all of you all the very best for the forthcoming admissions.

lavanyasasikumar 2013-11-20 17:28:52


Hi Balaji,
You get seat in Alumini or Sibling Quota?

Since I could see people saying in parent tree they got in these quota only.

Interested to know if not this what criteria they selecting?

Thanks in Advance,
Lavanya S.R

luckylakshmi 2013-11-21 10:34:08


that's a interesting point by Lavanya, i also learnt that getting admission through sibling or alumni quota only possible easily and others quota only few seats are given. if Balaji & manisarathi can share their experience it would be helpful for rest of us who are going to apply only through common quota , even the few parents i met during the project day last week were alumini's of the school

manisarathi 2013-11-21 15:27:43


Hi All,
just wanted to share some info and about the process in VM -Mylapore , As mentioned in the earlier thread during admissions for last academic year I admitted my Son in VM through Alumni quota as my wife studied there.

1) Applications will be issued mostly on a Wednesday after the pongal holiday , so it may be on 22. Jan 2014 tentatively, need to check on this and confirm the school by 1st week of Jan 2014. Filled in applications cab be submitted on  the same day or the next day which will be the deadline. you will have to submit it along with the Birth certificate of the child and a self addressed stamped envelope.

2) There will be 3 Drop boxes 1) Sibling& Alumni 2) General or others 3) RTE

3) There are 5 Sections in LKG & UKG with a max of 30 Students in each section ie 150 seats

4) There wont be a selection list published or displayed in the Notice Board (so far), intimations will be sent only through the Self addressed envelops submitted along with Applications

4) First the Sibling & Alumni applications will be processed and admission for those children will be given by 1st week of Feb.

5) Then based on the balance available seats the management will decide on the rest of the admissions.

6) The process will be over by 3rd week of March and by now all those who have applied would be communicated on selection or otherwise by individual post hrough the Self addressed envelops submitted along with Application.

since there wont be any selection list published on a particular day most of the parents especially who applied in others quota will be anxious, but this is the process the school is following.

I guess the above info was useful,

@Balaji76- Kindly share your experience or any other info that may be useful

indian2014 2013-11-22 09:56:47


@manisarathi, thanks for explaining the process, i think it would be better if the school declares the result by display on notice board or in their website, otherwise it becomes very difficult for those who have applied to take a decision whether to wait or not... looks like its very difficult to get admission in general quota unless you have good recommendation, and I wonder what kind of recommendation they will consider

Balaji76 2013-11-23 12:39:31


Dear All,

The process explained by Manisarathi is perfect and i got admission thru some push and we are not alumni or its not a sibling.

and its a small suggestion to school that they can place the application in the website and those who are interested can download, fill it up and put it in the drop box on or before the due date mentioned by you and we can avoid parents forming a queue from one day before since the application is given free of cost.

lavanyasasikumar 2013-11-23 20:00:44


Thanks Manisarathi and Balaji for your informative reply.

In case if anyone of you have application format of last year please do share us.

@Balaji76: Could you please share your mail id?

My Id is

 Need some more information about selection process.

Thanks in Advance,
Lavanya S.R


kannankvs 2013-11-26 13:44:15


Can anyone confirm whether they have PreKG? Or, only LKG? What is the age criteria?

manisarathi 2013-11-26 15:40:25


No Pre-KG in VM- Mylapore, child must have completed 3 years by March 2014 for admissions for the academic year 2014-15.

kannankvs 2013-11-26 17:28:47


Thank you very much Manisarathi.

momuma 2013-12-01 00:37:16


Thanks manisarathi for ur valuable ideas abt VM , Mylapore. Do they consider the distance? pls let me know.



manisarathi 2013-12-02 07:27:47


Hi Uma,

unlike other schools, they dont have any such criteria on distance


23karthik 2013-12-02 19:16:15


Hi mani sarathi, your info are well & gud. Its very useful to every one. Just let me know can we try any recommendations. Are they considering the recomondation


manisarathi 2013-12-03 12:12:55


Hi @23karthik
yes you can try, but it depends on how the person recommending is connected to the school, i learn that political influence / recommendations are not entertained much as an acquaintance  of mine tried last year but in vain.


23karthik 2013-12-03 14:05:08


Thank u manisarathi. What is the meaning of RTE Quota?


lavanyasasikumar 2013-12-03 15:23:52


Hi Karthik,

RTE means Right to Education ACT which says:

1) if  you reside with in 1Km
2) if salary is less than 1 Lac/Per annum(not sure correct amount)
3) if there is no government school in that area where we can put our kid. 

Then we can apply in any school with in the 1KM and the school should verify and give you seat compulsorily.


23karthik 2013-12-04 11:16:33


Hi Lavanya sasikumar, Thank u so much for your explanation. Originally Im residing at Old washermenpet, and working at Mylapore. If I got seat in VM, plan to shift this area. Lets C . Thank u again


sensha 2013-12-04 11:45:14


please share whether they will provide online application? hw it is possible to get the issue date of application? will they issue application form for std 1 ?


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